PS3 funsies~

Today I finally bought a PS3! c:

Went to the nearest Elgiganten to buy it but apparently they didn’t have 500 GB PS3’s without a Little Big Planet bundle >_> The guy I asked if they had any in stock (which they didn’t) did give me the great advice to buy the bundle and not play the game.

“Thank you, I’d looove to buy an expensive bundle including a game I don’t want to play”  – What I wanted to say but you know…no need to be rude.

I told him that I’d seen the one I was looking for in the other store they have (but it’s further away) so I went there instead and found what I was looking for. The only one left too! QwQ Almost didn’t see it at first because it was hiding among some 12GB versions and LBP bundles.

PS3 I’m happy to finally have it! :D It’s so light and even though people think it looks ugly I think the design is fine. You just see a black box in my dark room anyway (I’d be a shame if it was super awesome-looking and no one could see it ;3)!

I thought I’d also show you the games I’ve got! (Especially for you Andy)
GAMES1These are my brother’s (he had a PS3 but it broke a few months ago). I’m not entirely sure if I get them (since he’s getting a PS4 and it isn’t backwards compatible) but right now I don’t see it as a huge loss if I just get to borrow them ^^mina spelAnd these are my games so far… the Eyepet thing was my first game. >_> My brother gave it to me a few Christmases ago (so hush)! xD
Prototype is technically my brother’s since I bought it to him in Edinburgh as a present but there wasn’t any room for it in the other box.

I’m planning on getting Alice Madness returns, Lollipop chainsaw, Beyond two souls and Batman Arkham Origins. If you have any tips on good & fun games, give it to me! :D I prefer RPG’s, platform and games with good stories.

And the controllers I have:
LRLRSANDSTARTANDBBABHere we have (from the left):
A Blu-ray Disc Remote
My brother’s Dualshock 3 controller (we should have another one + the one I got today)
An Afterglow Ap.2 controller
A Playstation Move Motion controller

Right now I’m updating the system and it was the first thing I did so I haven’t played anything yet Q_Q It has taken it about an hour to get to 40%… so sloooowww!

I’m going to watch Buffy while it loads, have a great day!
I’ll see you tomorrow with some stuff I’ve drawn. Don’t expect anything fancy (as usual), I was bored when I did them >wÖ
// Nancy


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