Animal Crossing: New Leaf DLC September!

It’s a new month and the beginning of Autumn. I’ve definitely seen some signs in-game anyway! The grass is lighter and the fruit trees too (don’t have any regular trees). Reality is another story though… it’s around 20-25°c and sunny outside :cHNI_0002Since I realized that it is September I went to the postoffice today to see if there’s something new to download this month… and there is!HNI_0003 HNI_0004So happy that they’ve been giving out new furniture every month so far! :D This vanity is really pretty and it fits perfectly in a room that is a bit chaotic right now but will be a gold room!

This is what the vanity looks like:HNI_0006The backHNI_0005The front.HNI_0007And from the side.

The vanity will be available throughout September!
If it’s to your liking or you want to sell it (you get 1090 Bells for it at Re-tail), go get it~ ^^
// Nancy


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