Late night dy(e)ing.

newhairYep, I dyed my hair last night after my parents came home with my dye. My mother also told me that I’ll be working today because they have a lack of people so I’m just going to write this and then put on my work clothes and head out. profilI used Schwarzkopf Brilliance in Blue Black and left a strand of the washed out turquoise which got discolored when I washed out the black dye from my hair (so it an indigo color right now) and I really like it! Since I have naturally black hair, I don’t really want to dye it my natural color when I want to cover hair that I’ve bleached so I choose this jet/ink black instead. I’ve had it once before but my hair was much shorter then :3whiFrom February/Mars 2012 (with miss Anon)

Time flies, now I really have to get ready! See you tomorrow~
// Nancy


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