Back to business on Friday.

I am/was only needed at work on Monday and Friday this week so I’ve been chilling a bit (it’s needed because my hands are killing me). My friends seems busy so I have just been home and spent time with our mini-werewolf >w< It’s been nice. I don’t feel like going out either since I noticed that my public transportation-card ran out last week :c851557_144885162352417_697485609_n

I did get the nailpolish today though (and boy, did I get a surprise)! But mom took her phone with her before I could take the pictures so I’ll post it tomorrow~ Also got the notification that my Jbox order has arrived, but I’ll pick it up when the other package has arrived too.

It’s getting really cold now (love it ♥), really feeling the autumness~ Well, I’ll continue to watch The Big Bang Theory and I feel like making pancakes :3 See you tomorrow!yoyoyo

// Nancy

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