“Shine bright like a diamond”

Rihanna must’ve meant the moon because, daaamn, does it shine bright tonight Ö_Ö

A(nother) Friday done at work. Everyone was really nice today! All friendly and talkative.
Oh and I can’t wait until I get next month’s pay. This one won’t be juicy haha. But I haven’t planned any expensive purchases so I’ll be fine~ I’ve almost worked the maximum of 10 days this month (2 to go) :D And the month isn’t done yet so they might need me before October.

I picked up the Jbox package I had at the nearby store, didn’t get the notification for the preorder item yesterday so I just said “what the hell” and picked up the one that was there anyway. I can go to the store twice~

I got my Elvis comic too~ It’s all about sickness and waiting rooms ect. haha, which is funny since I’ve been sneezing and feeling a bit low lately.Elvis nr.6 2013It’s the last one for this year (:c) but I don’t have any of their comic albums and they are probably (somewhat) cheap on the book fair next week so I’ll get the newest one and probably a few others! :3 No lack of Elvis here haha. The creators are usually there signing so I might get my copy signed… if I’m there on the right day that is =w=

Ah well, I hope you’ll enjoy the weekend~ I’ll upload the candy I got sometime during the afternoon. It’s all Pucho goodness :D (Good night!)
// Nancy

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