EVA&LOGOS EVA-0X Vacuum Double Structure Tumbler

evangelion tumblerNERV property of nerv cap insideSo this is what it looks like. As you can see, I chose the pink one c: And it’s Mari( Makinami Illustrious)’s, an original character from the You Can (Not) Advance movies!

MariMakinami weirdplugsuitlarge

I haven’t seen the movies… until today! :D I’m watching the first one right now and I plan to see all three in a row. It might be strange that I chose hers since I don’t know the character yet but she seems cool and her name is awesome.

I like the tumbler but it’s more of a thermos than anything. So if you’re looking for a tumbler this will be a bit disappointing. It’s a shame that it doesn’t come with one of these: NEOGDS-64170_4or one of those push mechanisms. It feels a little cheap of them to not include a “mouth piece”, especially since this one wasn’t cheap.

What I like about it:


  • is slim and tall.
  • keeps the beverage warm. (I’ve had hot chocolate in it for 4 hours now and it’s still warm)
  • seals tight so you won’t worry about it leaking. (I guess you sacrificed the “mouth piece” for the white rubber seal that really seals it tight.)
  • holds up to 320 ml. Or two Tassimo capsules of Suchard chocolate *oh yeah, I checked hehe* c:

A good thing to know if you’re considering to get one is that it has a white plastic line on the bottom. It’s really easy to scrape off and I did it because I thought it was residue from some foam that had been stuck to it, turns out it’s the plastic the letters are stuck to. No visible harm done though but keep that in mind.

That was the EVA&LOGOS EVA-05 Mari Vacuum Double Structure Tumbler, ladies and gents~ A good thing to have when it starts to get cold outside.
// Nancy

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