IT Luggage World’s Lightest 2 Wheel Soft Cabin Suitcase: Ryanair approved?


I bought this cabin bag earlier this year after I planned the trip to London with my friend and I have some thoughts I wanted to share. I got the suitcase because my previous one is 6ish years old and a few (precious) centimeters smaller. Clas Ohlsson had a sale at the time and I’ve wanted to upgrade my carry-on since last year when I got my lightweight check-in suitcase sorted.
I really am a fan of these lightweight suitcases! You can get the most out of those precious kilograms and especially if you prefer flying with budget airlines for short haul flights where you only get 10 kgs to work with.

The IT luggage World’s Lightest 2 Wheel Soft Cabin Suitcase is

  • Size H55, W40, D20cm.
  • 39 litre capacity.
  • Weight 1.56kg.

What made me interested in this bag was the pockets. I really love how unique and functional they are! I’m planning to keep my liquids bag and iPad air in the square bottom pocket, for easy access when it’s time to separate them at security, and the rectangular pocket beside it is keeping my luggage straps and scale. I’m keeping the top one empty for now but it can surely fit some snacks and other essentials!


The inside is very basic but I like the four pockets out of net that makes the inside a little more organised and it also has two straps on the bottom that will help hold everything in place.

Everything I’ve mentioned so far have been positives and now I want to mention two things that could be improved. The first thing is the handle, it’s not your standard 15-20 cm wide handle… it’s only a few cm short of being the same width as the suitcase. And in theory that may seem cool (even though I don’t understand the point since you usually pull it with one hand) but it makes it feel slightly flimsy and I’m afraid it’s going to break.
The second thing I want to mention is the wheels. As you can tell there’s only two of them but what might not be obvious is that they do not adjust to the direction you’re going. To me that feels weird and not as smooth as what I’m used to. It doesn’t bother me that it only has two wheels since the front legs keep the suitcase in place when you put it down but it also means that you can’t pull it anywhere beside behind you or I guess in front of you .

Overall I’m happy with my purchase and when I fly to London on December 1st we’ll see if it’s nice to carry around and if its exact measurements are allowed as a carry-on on Ryanair. To be honest, I’m worried since I’ve heard that Ryanair looks for any excuse to charge you extra for a bag that looks too big and I feel like I’m really pushing it by bringing a suitcase that is the maximum dimensions 😬


Am I trying this again?

I’m back? maybe haha

It’s been a few years and I’m here again, just in time for another trip to London.
I’ve actually been back two years ago but I didn’t upload it here, 4 years is quite some time so a lot has happened since I last uploaded. Not anything I want to rehash right now though.

I’m going in December this time again, with Louise. We’ve never gone on a trip together before so that’s exiting! It’s not even a month left anymore and I’m researching everything as usual. What I want to buy, airline regulations and how the public transit works haha.

The star of the show is a trip to The making of Harry Potter but we’ll try to visit Madam Tussauds and other, more spontaneous things too!