London Day 1

IMG_0570Pre-adventure, bare faced & exited!

IMG_0578We were really early at the airport, an hour before the bagage drop opened so we got some wintery goodness @ Espresso house. I got the Winter frapino cream and Ari had the “tomtelatte”. It was super delicious! 😊

IMG_0602The clouds were laying really thick over Gothenburg but as soon as we ascended this is what we saw, the blazing sun.

IMG_0603One of my favorite things: the sky 😍

IMG_0622Bam! We did our makeup on the plane, a two our flight is plenty of time 😁

IMG_0634The view of the sky while waiting for the bus at Stansted airport πŸ’™

IMG_0646First thing we had to do when we arrived at London Victoria: eat. The food tasted so good, the service… was creepy πŸ˜’ The guy behind the counter hit on us in a way that was beyond awkward 😩 We talked about it on the vlog we made so when I’ve uploaded it to YT I’m going to post it at the end!

IMG_0653Basically the only part of London we saw on day 1 but the buildings are very beautiful.

IMG_0658Incredibly boring picture but this was our hotel room, cheap and basic, just like us 😘✌🏽 I jokingly said “I call the big bed” and Ari thought I was serious so I rolled with it πŸ˜‚ #truebestfriends She complained about the smell of the walls so she got some payback by nagging me to sleep πŸ’ž

In pictures, this day doesn’t look very eventful but just wait for the vlog, it was a bit wilder that this haha THE VLOG IS HERE! Watch it by clicking here. It’s really long so don’t expect a professional, short vlog but MWAH thank you if you watch it!

// Nancy πŸ’–

How did I get here agaaain?

Hello! So… it’s been a while πŸ˜‚

Two years and 20 days is quite some time!

I can’t remember why I randomly wanted to log onto this page again (even though I just did haha) but I’m considering using this blog again!

I’m doing this because I really want to be able to look back to specific days and see what I did that day (aka as a diary). I don’t really use Facebook for that purpose anymore because it’s so dull and I’m more active on Instagram if anything and there you can’t see which dates you upload stuff, just how many weeks it’s been 😞

So since I stopped writing here, I’ve graduated from high school and I got accepted to university and is studying to become a pre-school teacher. I’m not very good at studying so it’s tough but I’m looking forward to my future profession. It’s almost been a year now (in January) since I started and it feels like less but at the same time like it’s been a very long time. I feel like that about a lot of stuff in life: being a kid seems like so long ago yet not and being in high school also feels like yesterday but still not 😡

Anyway more recent news! This summer we went on a roadtrip in Europe, we went through Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium+Luxemburg (on the way home only). Very exiting (but exhausting), I probably won’t upload those pictures because they feel like the past. I’ll start just to upload stuff when something exiting happens!



It’s a “weekend” trip but we’re going Wednesday-Friday. There’s no actual school so we took the chance. We were actually planning to go in the beginning of next year but when I booked the plane tickets I chose the December dates and Ari didn’t ask me about it so when we were in check out I noticed and she told me that she thought I meant to do it πŸ˜‚ I checked my schedule then and there and we went for it! I’m so exited and I’ve been planning like crazy haha, I get really obsessed when I put my mind into fun stuff.

Since we have a very limited time (only one whole day) and budget, we’ve only booked one tourist attraction and that is Shrek’s Adventure!


I didn’t even know about it until a Youtuber I’m subscribed to uploaded a video of her going there but now I’m so stoked πŸ˜­πŸ’– I don’t know much about the actual 4D ride but the different rooms with a lot of characters afterwards and gift shop looks like a dream! 😲

I’m so exited, I really don’t want to wait five more days but I have an essay due the day before we leave so it’s good that there’s time!

Time to wrap this thing up! But I’m just going to tell you about an idea I just got for uploading… I think I want to upload an weekly “what have I uploaded to Instagram” *w* It kinda sounds like a good idea but if I realize it’s stupid or something I’m just going to stop haha.

I don’t know if anyone’s gonna read this but if you did, thank youπŸ’• (and if “you” is me… then you get no price but that’s the least you can do!)

Well until next time, have a great time!

// Nancy πŸ’–

Biting of the bad side of the bun!

It’s been a good week so far. But I’ve had a pretty bad attitude, “I’m too lazy, I don’t want to study, this will probably be a bad week” but none of those have been true, I just haven’t made an effort to be positive. Well, screw that! Tomorrow I’ll go to the gym and I’ll study with a positive attitude!

Another thing that I should do, go to sleep when I say that I’ll go to sleep…

Kind of late going to sleep early today so, I’ll do it tomorrow~ ;3

//Β Nyancy

Why did I raise my hand again?

English teacher: You’re going to see a documentary next week called “How to boil a frog”. Anyone knows how you do it? How do you boil a frog?

I raised my hand after a few seconds of silence.

Me: You put the frog in cold water and then slowly heat the water.

English teacher: That’s right, Nancy. You know how to boil a frog.

Everyone starts laughing.

Me: *akward smile and a little laughter*

The only reason why I know this is because I think that Al Gore said how in “An inconvenient truth”. But I suspect that I might’ve gotten the freak-who-boils-frogs lable. Great.
Oh well~ Looking back on it now I actually don’t have any anxiety over it. Should’ve would’ve could’ve, right?
//Β NyancyΒ 

Early Morning

It was dark when I left the house. The rain fell like powder and the air was damp but still light and so easy to breathe in. As I walked in the darkness I reached the end of the forest and saw the pink stain in the sky behind the trees on the other side of the road.

When I saw the bus approaching, I was surprised to see that it was empty. It’s never empty. I sat down inside. Total silence. No one breathing, sniffling or coughing.

// Nyancy Β 

SUN??! Γ–AΓ–

I was very surprised this morning because I actually saw the sun~

Yeah feels good man. :3

I don’t believe that the water is warm but I don’t really mind. It’ll be fun no matter what!

I’m bringing the camera so I will take some pictures and maybe miss Anon can take some too when I can’t (she’s not going into the water) :D We’ll see~

Looks like a very promising day

// Nyancy ❀


I’m really exited for next week :D

Monday: I’ll be cleaning because I’ve postponed it for waaay to long. My room can now be compared to a battlefield without me exaggerating.

Tuesday: I’m actuallu hoping for sun because me and my friends are going to the sea :D Right now I’m a liiittle worried because it’s been grey all day and it’s raining right now… let’s hope for the best.

Oh and it’s also the 24th on Tuesday and you know what that meaaannss…

I was very sad to hear that James Holmes shot and killed/injured people inside the theater on the premiere in Colorado. But I’m not going to let one man destroy my exitment for the movie that I’ve been exited for monthes. Still my condolences to the victims loved ones.

Wednesday: I’ve ordered a Guns n’ Roses bag to my mother that will hopefully come on Wednesday. Free shipping and all β™‘ I’ve told herΒ but what she doesn’t know is that I also bought a cup to her :D It’s really awsome too so I thought: why not!

Okey so while looking up the pictures on the website I noticed that they have a 2 for 1 offer D: AND I DIDN’T NOTICED IT!!!! Now I’ve contacted them and either they will add another cup or I’ll cancel the order and reorder it. We’ll see tomorrow I hope ;_;

Thursday:Β Nothing special is happening I think but maybe I’ll make it special somehow! :D

Friday: That’s M-O-N-E-Y so sexy eyy *singing along to Lady Gaga’s Money honey”. P-p-payday~ Getting payed for two days -4 hours (because I was in school so I had to start later) so it’s not much buuuut…

Saturday: … enough to pay for my Nintendo 3DS XL! β™‘Β :3 And maybe a case + screen protectors. I refuse to use it before I get those two things! :c But the screens must be covered in plastic from the start right? so maybe I can test it out either way. Β°Γ–βˆ‡Γ–Β° Btw I read this post:Β Review: Nintendo 3DS XL and I think that his thoughts on the console are very nice! ^^ It’s strange that in the US everybody that get the console also gets a charger but not in Europe. I know that it’s because they protested so much but the reason Nintendo doesn’t include the charger from the start is because people buying probably have a console already. The problem though is that most people will do as me and trade their old console and with that their charger + stylus. I can’t find the logic in this. But I don’t have this problem because Gamestop (where I preordered it) hade the offer: preorder and you’ll get a charger. Poff, problem solved.

So *clears throat* this was Saturday noon (hopefully) and in the evening I’m going to Lollipop with miss Anon! It’s a party with K-pop, house and electro music being held at a club called Lust. Never been there before but I’ve wanted to go a long time, I just haven’t had the money but this time it’s free entery!

Sunday: I would say that this will be my recovery day…

Epic week right? :D

// Nyancy ❀

Magical forest and Trains.

So here comes the pictures from when I stayed at Robin. ^^ Hope you will enjoy! I did anyway.

Robin wanted me to take pictures of him so here’s one ^^ Isn’t he pretty?

These are from when we walked into a nature reserv with beech trees. The trees looked really old and they were so tall. It felt like pure magic!

The two pictures above are from today, it was almost 5 in the morning. We saw the sun rising so we went up from our beds and walked outside. The first thing I saw was the rainbow… then I noticed that it was raining. >w< The second picture shows clouds that like northern lights. It was so beautiful. After this we finally went to bed.

I was bored while waiting for the train so I took some pictures. Lovisa and Joel was reading so I didn’t want to bother them (too much ;D).

The train ride back was nice. ^^ My friends continued reading and I rested my eyes and listened to Dir en Grey.

This was the sky on my final bus ride home. I’ve heard that it’s going to be a storm tonight… I can tell.

Sidenote: I just wanted to add that all these pictures are not edited (exept the copyright of course c:).

// Nyancy ❀

S O R R Y!!!!!!

I’m so, so, so sorry but I haven’t really had anything to talk about these past two days and I came back from Robin’s today haha. We and our two classmates went to his cabin and slept over. Just relaxin’, watching The Avengers for the first time and walking in the forest.

I’m going to show you some pictures from that on the next post!

Be patient (will probably take an hour because my connection is really slow right now) ;D

See you guys soon!

// Nyancy ❀

Great… absolutely awsome! D:

So I went to the piercing shop, only to find out that I have two large blood vessels in the middle and it isn’t worth the risk of hitting them. Great. :c

Oh well, I’ll just have to get the idea out of my head.

Before going to Tribe, me and mom ate at Subway. I hadn’t eaten there for more than a year and my mother hadn’t eaten there before! :D It was a nice change.

On other notes! I preordered my nintendo 3DS XL today β™‘

And I became a Gamestop member. :3

THE CARD IS SO PRETTY (the colors and it sparkles in the light and the font is so…. me. lol >w<‘)!

Oh well, got to go now! Food awaits and my dad is yelling for me to come down ^_^’

// Nyancy ❀

B O R I N G.

I’m exhausted.

But it’s okey… I just realised how much I’ll get in the end of August. *A* ALL THIS SHIT IS WORTH IT!

Tomorrow will be the last day. But it chocked me how boring it was at work today. Γ–_Γ–

I really like the people but seriously I looked at the clock every 2 minutes! I got to do the job I wanted today btw. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that the machine freak me out when it turnes orange and make a really high pitched noise (because sometimes it doesn’t work rewinding and screwing it back in so I have to run and get a new screw… ;_;).Bleh, bleh, bleh.

This will be the last of the boring I-work-and-I-got-nothing-else-to-talk-about-posts.

Looking forward to what’s to come!

Oh and also, you were suppose to mail the teacher to get the results of the math course. I emailed her last Thursday… and she still hasn’t answered :c I WANT TO KNOW DAMN IT!

// Nyancy ❀