Hi guys~ How today went?… hahahahahaha. I didn’t study and just went with logical answers on the social studies-test, but it’s fiiine. Not the end of the world (even though I was an emotional roller coaster the whole noon)… sorry friends, sorry. >_<‘ I wasn’t the only one though, not wanting to do the test I mean but yeah we all did it anyway.

I knew that our little sheep Anna would  go to Cuba for two weeks but I didn’t expect her to go tomorrow *mind blown* ;A; She told us on the Graphics lesson. I’m so happy for her but I’ll miss her so much *sob*.

I wanted to try something new today so I bought a:

It was good but not crazy good. The consistence was really nice though ;3

Going to watch the first episode of the new season of The Walking Dead! See ya tomorrow!

// Nyancy

Runny nose

I’m getting sick :c

I feel really warm and… just bleh.

I don’t want a full blown cold :C

So cute!

I’ll try my best not to get really sick and I just read that when you’ve got a sore throat, you should gargle warm salt-water… T_T Uh. But it’s probably the first thing I’ll do tomorrow.

Good night people!

// Nyancy

Empty house.

I start school pretty late today so I was expecting no brother when I woke up but no one is here. This little note was found on the laptop:

“Hi Nancy! Inu is with us”

My mother felt like it was necessary to write down the day and date so that I would understand that she meant today…Thanks mom.
Anyway this mean that I don’t need to be careful to wake anyone with my SUPER LOUD MUSIC!… or well music that feels super loud right now (just-woke-up-hearing).

See you later!

// Nyancy


No school today ‘ayy!

Already morning my fellow bloggers and readers, hellooo! Woke up way too early today but it doesn’t matter! No lesson today. Feels nice~ c:

Still going though because I forgot my notes and having two tests in the beginning of next week without notes… I would be screwed.

I’ll post todays makeup later. I feel like thick lines and pink today *hint* *hint*! 

// Nyancy ❤

R E A L L Y?

It’s Saturday… I doesn’t feel like it. At all.

I have a headache because it’s really stuffy inside, so I moved outside. Got Shaun Morgan (and Tora) as company. ♡

Been thinking of cutting myself a hime cut… but I think I want to let my hair grow just a liiiittle more first.

Well the tongue inside my mouth is not for sale
Any spirit left in me is fading fast
Could you throw another stone to ease my pain?
Could you throw another stone to seal my fate?
‘Cause I didn’t believe in this world anymore, anymore

I don’t believe in me

– Tongue, Seether.

// Nyancy ❤


Really I do. I’m suppose to go to my friends birthday celebration today but no one I know is going, Robin is sick and Charles doesn’t feel like it…. and now I don’t feel like going anywhere either. :c So I won’t. I’m going to make it up for her though! Next time we’re going to the cinema, it’s my treat! c:

So the reason I don’t want to go anywhere is because it’s pouring outside. I just want to stay inside and watch movies or something so I think that I’m finally going to watch Casanova (Heath Ledger ♡). ^^

I’ll be cozing down now. Bye people.

// Nyancy ❤

Surprise, surprise…

I woke up 30 minutes ago, went to the bathroom and when I came back my cat was in my room. Normally I would go “kitteeeehhhh ♡” but I noticed him dragging his paws on the floor (like when cats do their business in their litterbox)…

Yes he had peed on the floor. :<

THIS is not now I want to wake up… *sob*

I still love him thooo. ;___;

// Nyancy ❤


I went to sleep last night pretty quickly, right after Coraline which is a really beautiful movie. =w= Stop-motion ❤

Anyway when I prepared my sleeping place Robin had three rugs on his couch and when I picked them up, I got a bad feeling. They were wet. *__* Then came another nice touch, under the last rug the couch had mold on it :c Robin wipped it off and because I was so tired I didn’t give a f*ck. So I put the two almost non-wet rugs on the couch, wrapped myself in the blanket I and tried to sleep with the sound of Robin playing a game. TwT

I woke up at 08.00 (that means I got 10 hours of sleep but I’m still tired) so when Robin gets up to do something. I’m stealing his bed! >:3

// Nyancy ❤

N A P P I N G.

I really don’t understand what’s so good with napping… :c Everytime I’ve slept those 2 or 3 hours I feel like shit. My face is sore, I have this disgusting feeling in my mouth and usually my head feels warm.


The only plus side I see is 1. that feeling when you’re almost sleeping (you feel so damn content) and 2. that you’ve gotten more sleep.

(Sorry for the hating. >w<)

// Nyancy ❤

Mr. Sandman thy cunning spider

I woke up by myself only to realise that my phone was turned off (it was charging so wasn’t the matter of the battery dying)… maybe it was the work of my dear Sandman.

It wasn’t too big of a deal though because I woke up 20 minutes before the alarm!

I’m going to eat something now and then it’s make-up time.

I’ll be back with a “make up of the day”-post in an hour or so!

I’m just going to leave this here for now ❤

// Nyancy ❤

Wrong priorities-day.

Did just wash my hair but I haven’t eaten yet *hmm maybe I should do that before anything else haha*∼

So I won’t do anything planned today, exept try to study some math which probably will go something like this:

3 o’ clock – Hmm maaybe I should do some now… *does something more fun*

5 o’ clock – I really should start now *does something else but only because I don’t what to do math*

7-8 o’ clock – I really must do something now *look through the book for half an hour, DONE!*

… I’m totally hopeless when it comes to studying X’D

But I will try to study earlier than at 8 today.

So… breakfast ε=ε=ε=┌(;*´Д`)ノ

// Nyancy ❤

We don’t celebrate Sundays anymore.

Newly washed hair (that’s why it curves to the right).

Cut my bangs with clippers (first time that I’ve done that) and I got inspired by this:


Discovered Bautifulfreak yesterday, she seems like an absolutely wonderful person!


Only got lipstick on today… lazy-ass day (went to bed at 05.30 so haven’t slept that much either) but I’m planning on walking a little bit in the forest soon even though it’s blowing outside and it kinda looks like it’s going to rain.

But meh, who cares really, I’m not going somewhere where you must be fabulous∼ ;3

Lipstick: Isa Dora in color 140 Chelsea Red

// Nyancy ❤