Fireworks and live streams.

I forgot to mention “First video taken” in the First of the year-tag post! These are the closest fireworks I saw last night. They were probably shot from the other side of my neighborhood (I live in a circular neighborhood, haha! >w<). Uploaded from Twitter but they ended up att, TADAAA: Fireworks!

Not that exiting but no matter what, fireworks are so pretty!


Next to an announcement! I just made a live stream account that I’ll record hang-outs and get ready with me videos. I’ll tell you when I get on in a post but I think that the video can be saved so there’s always the option to see it later! ;D

Well that’s that.

See you tomorrow guys!

// Nyancy

WOMMITWOL introduction!

WOMMITWOL = What’s On My Mind In Twohundred Words Or Less.

The idea comes from from lovely Hannah Cho on Youtube (HelloHannahCho). She’s so cute and funny + she doesn’t take ages to address something! I really love her~


She has a series of videos called WOMMITMOL or What’s On My Mind In Two Minutes Or Less and I really want to make a written version, It feels perfect for me! :D I’ll make a post now and then about a specific topic on my mind (and it’ll contain 200 words or less).

Skärmavbild 2013-01-01 kl. 21.36.38“PEACE!”

// Nyancy

First of the year-tag

Why not take advantage of the new year and make a tag out of it! ^_^ LEEEET’S GET STARTED! :D

First clothes worn:

828d950036da2c65220701abf4782b1e-621455078-1Bild 2013-01-01 kl. 11.06I just felt like putting on the Kigurumi I haven’t worn for 2 year now! It’s a winter one so it suuuuper warm!

First video watched:

First song:

First of the year… by Skrillex.

I’m being honest, haha. I curiously clicked on it while looking up if someone’s done this tag before… I only found a New Year’s-tag about the past year. I wish I’d chosen a song that didn’t get me a headache though.

First nails:

Bild 2013-01-01 kl. 12.21 #2Alll the patches. I should do something about this…

First TV-Series: ghetto72024_472488496125495_183433645_nI almost said 2 1/2 men (watched a minute haha) but then I remembered that I watched Ink masters at 3 in the morning.

First painting: Bild 2013-01-01 kl. 12.47Did this one in the dark with a single candle for lighting. I’ll scan this one when I make my Art Sunday post! :3

I just randomly rattled off things I could think of so you can to the same, because I tag eeeeverybody who read this! :D So do the same if you want to~

You stupid hoe…

Watching this even though I start at 8 which means that I have to wake up at 5… and it’s 1 in the fucking morning.

I wasn’t planning on actually watching it but I didn’t want to sleep and the time became 12 o’clock (when they (were suppose to) start broadcasting) and I just thought “fuck it, I’m watching it”. I can’t stop watching now ;A;’

Yep, I’m a stupid hoe.

You know it’s late when you’re “quoting” Nicki Minaj…

// Nyancy


I’m going to follow Onmislashed example and share something a little embarrassing. I don’t think that the event itself is embarrassing, just funny but what I have to admit to for you guys to get it~

So earlier I really had to go to the bathroom and… do a nr. 2 >_> So I brought the laptop with me. <- the confession haha…

Now when I sat down I clicked on the video that was the highest one on my Youtube subscriptions, which was this:

“How does your butt feel. Mm, that’s cool”

I started laughing so hard.

It must’ve been faith. Just sayin’.

// Nyancy

Catching up.

I don’t know if I’ve told you guys but I have reeeally bad internet at my place so when I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere and have a good internet connection. The owner of the computer is asleep and I haven’t had time to watch anything on Youtube this week…

I’m f*cking catching up on everyone I subscribe to!!!!! *A*


Then I’ll watch Pewdiepie and Cry!

(I subscribe to alot of more people, I just don’t bother putting all of them here…)

BYE! // Nyancy <3

The pictures are from the facebook account of Androgenetics and Pewdiepie.