Express delivery from Asos!

I’m in need of a new pair of shoes (since I have a tendensy of destroying them on a regular basis :c) and since I saw a pair on Asos a couple of months ago, I decided to put them in my basket! Along with two maxi dresses and a pair of leggins.

image1xxl image2xxl

image1xxl (2) image2xxl (2)


 In total it became 801 SEK so I precisely qualified for the “FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY TO SWEDEN
ORDERS ABOVE 800 SEK” offer on the Asos UK website. I don’t know how much you have to buy for in your currency but it’s probably the value of 80 GBP.
The express delivery guaranties delivery within four days so I should get my stuff at the latest on Thursday :3
This will be my first express package ever ÖwÖ’ Never choose it since I don’t ever have a hurry but it’s free this time so why not =w=

Oh and I’ve ordered another thing that will come next week. I’ll show it to you guys once it has arrived. Very exited over it because I’ve wanted one since I went in 8th grade but I had totally forgotten about it until I saw one, two days ago. xD

Anywaaay, have a nice Sunday~
// Nancy

MOTD and first ever OOTD on Sunday-Funday!

4-bildsserie 2013-05-05 kl. 15.07 (kompilerad)Caturday is behind me and now it’s Sunday-Funday! ;DSkärmavbild 2013-05-05 kl. 15.49.38I’m wearing
Pullover: Lindex
Leggins: Cubus (bought a long time ago), I made the cuts myself though.
Shoes: Asos (Vancouver Flatforms)

Bild 2013-05-05 kl. 14.57Bild 2013-05-05 kl. 14.56 #3Bild 2013-05-05 kl. 14.55 #2See you tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

// Nancy

Asos Vancouver Flatforms.

Good afternoon, having a good Friday? ^_^
I’ve had a pleasant one, nothing majorly annoying (just a printer failing on me, that’s about it)~ :D

Yesterday I got a mail notifier saying that I had a package to pick up~ So I picked it up today and as I suspected, it was my shoes! I ordered the ASOS Vancouver Flatforms with the black and white bird-pattern from their OUTLET Up to 70%-sale almost two weeks ago. It took 10 days for them to come from the UK to Sweden~ Which is totally fine with me, I’m not much of an “I want them fast”-type of girl. I’ll be happy if they just arrive in good condition!
DSC_0837This model comes in five different colors: white, black, black/white birds, metallic blue and rose gold. This “color” is 100% textile on the outside, has a 50% polyurethane/50% textile lining socket and the sole is 100% rubber.
The flatform is 7 cm.
DSC_0836They are creeper-styled but with a pointed toe (and a more feminine-shaped flatform).DSC_0840I really like these shoes~ They are pretty and comfortable to walk in. I only walked in them a bit but they are already dirty-looking (sorry for that~). For close-ups it looks pretty bad but in real life it isn’t that noticeable! They are a bit taller than my old ones but aren’t harder to walk in. Speaking of old ones, I showed my Twitter followers this a few weeks ago and this is also the reason I bought a new pair:DSC_0844One day they just decided to split in two. I love these shoes but when I’ve bought a pair, I use them until they are torn to pieces so I wasn’t surprised. I bought them in the middle of last summer and used them everyday until today. I’m taking these with me to Scotland though. I won’t get the new shoes soft enough before the trip in three days and I really don’t want to have chafed feet with the amount of walking we’ll do in Edinburgh!

You can still find these on the website. Only in size 8 though. If you’re looking for clothes I really recommend you to check out the sale, they have some pretty awesome deals. ^_^ They also ship worldwide!

(btw… fitting first post after the blog announcement, right? The timing is perfect! :’D)

// Nyancy

First day out in a week and a half.

Out of the house, that is.

So yeah, yesterday was nice! I felt really relaxed all day. After the gym I walked around in the city just looking. I walked in to Gamestop (found nothing I wanted/could buy), Carlings (meh, they had stuff but nothing I really wanted to buy) and finally Monki. Monki has never failed me. Their clothes are really nice and I like their sizes. I’m plus-sized and their clothes have a really good fit on me. Even their M/L labeled clothes are a little big! And I like baggy clothes~ c: Yesterday I was determined that I wouldn’t find anything… but I was wrong. While flipping through the clothes under the shelves marked SALE (worth noting is that there were about ten of them all over the store) I found two spring/summer jackets that I liked but I thought, “they’re jackets… they must be like 250 or 300 SEK at least”. Turned out I was wrong… again! >w< They were 100 SEK each. In need of a jacket I bought the navy blue one with snaps and left the black one with regular buttons behind. :3

DSC_0009Four large pockets and lacing at the waist.


Three-quarter sleeves.

DSC_0008kmIt has a hood… all the textile jackets I’ve had haven’t had one ;w;  Loving this jacket!

As you can see the jacket is pretty big, even on me and it’s a size medium/large. Probably why it’s on sale. I’m happy atleast! >w<

OH! And today I received two of the three things I ordered from Amazon UK!

Bild 2013-01-04 kl. 15.26I got this one for my camera:

97116589-260x260-0-0_SanDisk+SanDisk+16GB+Extreme+III+SDHC+Memory+Card+And this one for my Nintendo 3DS XL:


 The last thing I’m waiting for is still a secret! :3 Checked at noon and it was at the postoffice 7 o’ clock so maybe I can pick it up tomorrow. Checked now and it arrived at the convenience store not so long ago :’3 I can pick it up tomorrow before going to the Zumba work-out with Marcus and Robin then! :D

I’m going to eat now and then do some major cleaning in my room… it looks terrible :c I haven’t minded until now but when you can’t find stuff, it’s time to do something! I don’t like cleaning but when I really have to, I’ll organize the shit out of everything and it can take up to two days! >w<‘

Bye guys!

// Nyancy

Winter edition.

It’s practically winter now so I took the liberty to change the theme, header and background. It really cold in the morning and evening but the snow hasn’t come yet. I can wait a bit longer though… I want to be able to buy a tub scarf before then!


All of these can be found on Lindex. The top one is my favorite. I’ve tried it on and it was the fluffiest thing. It’s twisted too so you don’t feel suffocated. Probably the one I’m buying when I have money! (It’s also available in red hehehe :D)

Links to all of them: Twisted Snood / Red Snood with buttons / Snood with zipper

// Nyancy

Update with a lot of different things! :D

Today has been one of those shopping days (that I don’t have very often) because my mother dragged me out to buy something to my dad (his birthday is on November 10th). Because it was so hard thinking of something we bought an iPhone case that I thought was pretty cool. He needs one so it’s good haha ^_^

It has a lot of different textures~


On our way to the supermarket we stopped by the local grocery store to pick up my package from Romwe with my clothes :D

And this is what they look like (if you haven’t seen the picture when I said that I ordered them):

They came after 11 days and I didn’t expect it (15-29 days to Sweden is what it says on the site). I’m really satisfied with Romwe so I will definitely buy there again!


While in the supermarket to buy vegetables I saw that they’ve already started selling Christmas stuff. I’ve promised myself not to buy Christmas related yummies (like “julmust”) before December starts but I found a really cute Christmas calendar with Minnie Mouse on it so… I bought it (hell I’m not going to open it before December so it’s not cheating ;D).

The calendar is so cute! >w< There was one with Winnie the Pooh too so I had a little difficulty choosing.

I also bought sponges to my foundation and hair bands (I’ve wanted to braid my hair during the night so I can get more volume in my hair but hair bands are one of those things that always disappear mysteriously).


My class photo came in the mailbox yesterday… oh god. I really don’t get why he (the photographer) had to take the one photo where I’m laughing because Madeleine put my hand on her chest the frame before! T_T Oh well, it’s a really funny picture over-all! XD It looks like Marcus (the blond in the middle) is showing major cleavage! :D


I didn’t manage to take a picture of my outfit on Halloween and I didn’t really wear my ears because they kept falling off but I’ll post my make up now:

The lenses are so awesome! And they last a year so I can wear them all the time >:3 Hehehe~

I hope you manage to read it all XD Quite a long post today haha! Until next time, bye bye~

// Nyancy

Halloween shopping

Went Halloween shopping today! :D Found all the things I need for the Morbid Mickey outfit so that’s what I’ll be on Wednesday.


Everything I bought.

Mickey Mouse ears and nose were bought in Buttricks for 8 €.

20121028-170728.jpgThen I bought make-up at H&M, I got everything for 12 €.

20121028-170846.jpgHere’s the lenses that makes the “Morbid” in MM ;D I look creepy as hell in them and I looove it! Bought at “Teknikmagasinet” for 23 €.

20121028-170916.jpgThey are “White witch” cosmetic lenses from Phantasee. Just plain, white lenses (no black circle around or anything)!

20121028-170945.jpgAnd these orangie, red shorts I bough at H&M also. Got them for 11€ instead of 29 €… feels good~

Now I’ve got practically no money left from my student grant! ;w;’ I have to pay my graduation cap this month and this months gym charge too Q__Q

Oh well~ I’ll survive! x’3 I’ll show the whole outfit on Wednesday! Don’t want to spoil the surprise for my friend (and I’m too tired to actually put on the outfit haha)!

Going to upload Art Sunday today! But because I just got home I want to chill a little first. ^_^

// Nyancy

New clothes will arrive within a month!

I took the opportunity to buy clothes that was on sale with a 20% discount on top of that!


Today was the last day for it too so it was pure luck that I wanted to check the site last night. It took many ifs and buts but I finally decided on these two:

Two fabulous long sleeved t-shirts ❤ The black one is an “off-shoulder” one (a hole on each shoulder) and the pink one has studs and cutting! ^^

So, so satisfied and I payed 61.58$ in the end (without the 20% discount it would’ve been 76.98$). They should be here in 15-29 days according to the site. CAN’T WAIT!!!

Haven’t told my mom yet because she went out before I woke up but I’m sure she’ll freak out (in a good way haha)!

Now… I should start cleaning. Bye guys~

// Nyancy

N-new clothes??!

There are sales all over Gothenburg right now… and I don’t have any money.

Fortunately for me, I have a mother (and she owes me some máaany) ;D

So we walked into O N L Y and I bought two garments (both on the 50 % sale) T∇T I haven’t bought anything for ages (I don’t even remember what I bought last).

Front of the bag.


A net-shirt.

Now I’ll just continue reading gossip, eating grapes and enjoy the weather (the shadow)!

// Nyancy ❤