Late night dy(e)ing.

newhairYep, I dyed my hair last night after my parents came home with my dye. My mother also told me that I’ll be working today because they have a lack of people so I’m just going to write this and then put on my work clothes and head out. profilI used Schwarzkopf Brilliance in Blue Black and left a strand of the washed out turquoise which got discolored when I washed out the black dye from my hair (so it an indigo color right now) and I really like it! Since I have naturally black hair, I don’t really want to dye it my natural color when I want to cover hair that I’ve bleached so I choose this jet/ink black instead. I’ve had it once before but my hair was much shorter then :3whiFrom February/Mars 2012 (with miss Anon)

Time flies, now I really have to get ready! See you tomorrow~
// Nancy

New hair: “I chose the color of your eyes…”

Because I’m (unconsciously) a hopeless romantic.

Bild 2013-06-05 kloek kopia Bild 2013-06-05 kl kopia Bild 2013-06-05 klkmlk,pö, kopiaI used Directions Turquoise on the bleached hair and then hime cut my hair~
I have to trim it a bit though (and straighten it… it isn’t as majestic when it isn’t straight)!

Glossybox arrived today, I just have to pick it up but a post will be up tomorrow. See ya~

// Nancy

Bubblegum bitch going blond and flamingo pink!

[↑ PLAY ↑]

Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 20.54.47❪Stage 0❫Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 20.54.53❪Stage 1, bleached❫
 Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 21.08.41
Stage 2, dyed roots with Pretty Flamingo❫kkdmkdmfkbubbler kopia❪Stage 3, framed and touched up roots with Cotton Candy Pink❫

〖BLEACH〗MOOD Ultrablond Extra
【HAIR COLOR】MANIC PANIC Cotton Candy Pink & Petty Flamingo

Psst, sorry for the bad lighting… it’s a grey day again!
// Nancy

Schwarzkopf Poly Color toner schampo in Noble Chestnut.

Skärmavbild 2013-03-31 kl. 11.04.09 Skärmavbild 2013-03-31 kl. 11.03.54As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday I dyed my hair. I used Schwarzkopf Poly Color toner shampoo in Noble Chestnut. I’ve never used this one before but I thought that I would try it!20adelkastanj_250x250I felt like the shade matched my old color but surprise, surprise, it got a lot darker than on the package. It says that it’ll last about 28 washes so I just have to wait for it to fade that way. The sun will help too haha.


Took this picture just before heading for the shower.

AfterIMG_0750 IMG_0749A dark red-brown color. I like it but it wasn’t the color I wanted…

Good: I really like the formula! The color acts like a shampoo so it makes the hair stay where you put it (unlike other hair dye’s).
I bought it for under 50 SEK at the supermarket, which is cheap in Sweden.

Meh: If you plan to use it I would recommend to not don’t swirl your hair around too much because I did and the shampoo made my hair stick together pretty bad. The conditioner included in the package made it untangle though.

Next post: Milani color statement lipstick will be up in about an hour~

See ya!// Nancy

Maria Nila products from Glossybox!

Good afternoon, people! ^__^/

I announced on my Twitter a week ago that I was one of the first 50 to buy from’s Facebook shop and therefor would be getting two full-sized products from Maria Nila! They arrived yesterday and I was very exited~

Skärmavbild 2013-03-13 kl. 11.58.07They came in the usual outer Glossybox-box. And the products we got are Maria Nila’s finishing spray and instant shine.Skärmavbild 2013-03-13 kl. 12.03.19

The finishing spray is discribed as “a spray that keeps the hairstyle in place after drying and gives lasting hold. Easy to brush out and doesn’t leave any residue. Contains UVA-UVB filters.”
I tried it when I got home and it really does keep its promise! I sprayed my bangs upwards and to the side (and they stayed there, which is an achievement in itself), waited for the spray to be completely dry and then brushed the product out. You wouldn’t have guessed that I had had anything in my hair. I’m loving this product already! It also protects the hair from UV-light, which is really important, especially when summer comes.

On the back of the shine spray it says: “Gives hair intense shine. Can be used as a leave-in conditioner (do not rinse  product from hair) after shampooing or as a finishing product after blow-drying for shine.”
I was a little skeptical to this one before receiving the products because Glossybox described it as a product used after blow-drying and I don’t blow-dry my hair! But as it said on the back, I’ll just use it when I’ve washed my hair instead. ^_^ I haven’t tried this one yet but I need to wash my hair today so I’ll do it later!

If you received the hair oils in your February Glossybox and love the smell, these products smell the same! I would really like a dry shampoo that smells the same and after using trustful Google, I found the Maria Nila Kolorit Dry Shampoo:maria nila kolorit dry shampooIt sounds promising since it’s a dry–shampoo for colored hair and I’m planning to color mine soon but I have a question, has anyone tried this one? Is it good and does it smell like all the other products? I’m wondering this because the bottle looks different from the ones I got.

Well, that’s all I got to say~
Thank you Glossybox and Maria Nila for the products.
Looking forward to March’s Glossybox, it’s a few weeks until then through.

See you later!
// Nyancy

Sweeny Toddish curls~

Hi guys!

Bild 2012-12-04 klewfBild 2012-12-04 kljkThe crazy hair I have right now! :D Decided to braid and bun my hair before sleeping last night and this is the result. Excluded  two pieces in the front and it looks a lot cooler than when I make my whole hair *w*

Unfortunatly it’s going to get ruined pretty soon because I’m going to wear this today :3

Bild 2012-12-04 kl. 07.27A kitty hat with with including cat paws (or should I say monster paws? *w*)

I got it on my birthday this year from Char-char but I never wore it because it wasn’t cold enough for it. Now it definitely is! I can just wrap the paws around my neck and I have a really fluffy (and super soft) scarf :’3

I have a little time left now before school so see ya!

// Nyancy

Change of plans.

So I went to the supermarket but I didn’t find the color I wanted:

Schwarzkopf brilliance in color Ultraviolet

Instead I chose:

Syoss in Intense red

I have never colored the whole hair red before but I’ve had red highlights.


It isn’t dry yet but I suppose that it won’t be that much of a difference ;D


(Btw, I’ll be watching Seether live in 30 days!)

 // Nancy

My hurr needed it!

I think that my hair was the perfect length but as always I was bored with it so I just had to trim it a bit (and I think that it was a little too worn) >w<

Now, I cut it with a side parting and not my usual parting in the middle (but I still have my usual bang).


And also the hair around my ears are a bitch because it gets stuck under my glasses so I shaved it a liiittle :320120721-121517.jpgI still need to make my ends less straight though~

// Nyancy ❤