What I’ve gotten in the mail the past week!

I’ve gotten everything I ordered… in the same week! :D I’m so happy~♥

First thing that arrived was Learn With Pokemon Typing Adventure (I had to pick it up though and that took me two days since I had to work)^^
Such a different game and a really fun way to pass time… getting all the medals and Pokémon in the courses is addicting!DSC_0160DSC_0161

[The fire skin ♡]

The next package that arrived was my ear stretching set from the seller Never86 on Amazon!DSC_0163Stainless steel tunnels from 1.6mm to 10mm (16g to 00g).DSC_0167Stainless steel tapers, also from 1.6mm to 10mm!DSC_0168They came like this, in ziplock bags!

The shipping was faster with more than a week but unfortunately I got three 1.6mm tunnels and just one 2.1mm tunnel so I have to contact him and see if he will do something about it… I hope he can just ship another 2.1mm tunnel but we’ll see, haha. (I have no idea how it works.)

DSC_0172Aww ;w; You see the little tree you planted at the major ceremony in the middle!DSC_0174Loving the DS stand you got with Pokemon Typing Adventure (you can also get it with Kid Icarus Uprising *don’t have that one though… yet*). I can browse through internet and run around with one hand at the same time haha! x’D Tommy at Nookling Junction and Reese at Re-Tail are so cute. My villagers are also freakin’ adorable!
I have to do a post on my Animal Crossing experience when I’ve settled in and such :3 Hope you’re looking forward to it as much as me!

That’s all people~ I have to sent a mail and continue playing now! I’ll see you tomorrow/later :DBild 2013-06-14 kl kopia(A+ in Photoshop… just sayin’ ;D)

// Nancy

Jewelry from Crazy Factory!

This is my second order to crazy factory that I submitted yesterday! I am really satisfied with the site but I was really misjudging the measurement of my lip so now I want new spirals and I also want to buy new (bigger) balls and studs: 

These are all to me exept the last ball closure ring, which is a birthday present to Robin (he knows about it so no secret haha).

And these are all to my friend Emilia (awesome stuff right there!). She also got a blog here~ She talks about her life, games and clothes so if you want, check it out: Onmislashed! :D

I really recommend this site! It says that it’ll take no more than a week and it came after 5 days + the package was so small that it fit through my mailbox . Can’t wait for the things to arrive~

// Nyancy


Accompanied my mother to the nearest watchmaker so that he could change the battery in her watch and after that we looked at the 50% discount wall at Glitter :3

I got this ear piece.

And two rings :D They are pretty big. The one on the left are a two finger ring and the one on the right matches my earpiece. ♡

We went in there because my mother wanted to buy hair bands… and we walked out with this (+ 2 packs of hairbands in black and brown) ;’D

// Nyancy ❤