Saturday’s boredom lippy results.

Bild 2013-05-25 kljessica-rabbit-1Bild 2013-05-25 kl. 22.22I was so bored last night that I did Jessica Rabbit lips.
I think that I will do a tutorial on Tuesday c:

Bild 2013-05-26 kl. 01.00 Bild 2013-05-26 kl. 01.03After that I wiped everything off and picked up a black eyeliner and started drawing lines on my face and lips.

I’m going to bed now, I’ll see you tomorrow! I just have “kick-out of love” tomorrow (last time to hang out with the teachers before we graduate). Graduation on Wednesday. Crazy.

Good night!
// Nancy

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks (in Ruby Valentine and Sangria).

Hi guys!
I thought I would swatch the things I bought from Cherry Culture and the first things I chose was Milani color statement lipsticks in Ruby Valentine and Sangria.
I saw (Vintage or Tacky) Cora’s review and I just had to try some shades… so I decided to buy a red and a purple one. There’s a lot of shades and if I had more money, I would’ve bought more of them!
Skärmavbild 2013-03-30 kl. 21.26.13

I wanted to buy Rose Hip but it was sold out.

“Make a statement without saying a word!  True Instant Color. One stroke,full coverage application. This next generation lipstick gives the ultimate in color, texture and finish. The lightweight creamy formula contains Vitamins A, C, & E to moisturize and nourish lips. Paraben-free.
Available in Vinyl, Metallic, Cream, Shimmer, Pearl & Matte finish.”
Milani’s Color statement page

I think it’s really cool that they have different finishes. Here you can see all of them:

Skärmavbild 2013-03-30 kl. 21.31.50 Skärmavbild 2013-03-30 kl. 21.31.53

Ruby Valentine
Skärmavbild 2013-03-31 kl. 12.54.11

Vinyl finish! Like all my other lipsticks~ I like the shade of red but it isn’t anything special.

Matt finish! I’ve wanted to try a matt lipstick for a while so it was nice to discover that this one was matt (I didn’t know when I ordered them, I just chose the colors that looked nice). As you can see it’s not the same color as the actual lipstick when you wear it in sunlight but in the shadow, they are the same! ^^Skärmavbild 2013-03-31 kl. 13.15.47
I hope you’ve enjoyed the post! I really recommend you to try these if you love lipstick. They feel great and look opaque!

Mr. Edelweiss.

Good evening everyone!
I met up with Robin today. He had other plans yesterday so we postponed it till today! I finally did a flower inspired makeup on him~ I decided to make him an edelweiss because he lives in an apartment on the 5th floor. The view of the sky from his balcony is beautiful and I really wanted the view as the background. It’s been sunny these past few days so I’m lucky~
Ederweiss-flowers are unique because they live high up in the mountains. They felt like a very good participant amongst the other flowers I’ve chosen. Ederweiss looks like this:edelweissRobin took a snapshot while I was putting foundation on him!479782_10200198222872200_1584382952_nTo be honest, he probably is the most difficult model I’ve had! >w< Cancels on me, rubs his eyes when I’m finally done with the makeup on his eyes and he can’t sit still. I should probably thank Emilie Autumn for the fact that he actually sat down for about 40 minutes! He listened to her the whole time~
He made the end result look amazing though + I don’t think anyone would stand on a chair (in a tanktop with bold makeup), on a balcony on the 5th floor while the possibility of neighbors peaking through their windows.
Viking points: +30! ÒAÓ/

Here’s the result:72402_10200198381196158_62205380_nThe other pictures are too similar for me to show you, so you get the webcam picture Robin took after everything was done!

Afterwards we walked to Sushi Delux and we ate yummy food, sushi for Robin and chicken salad for me~DSC00447I also received the Maria Nila products from Glossybox today! A post on them will be up tomorrow :3 See you then!

// Nyancy

Mr. Aconitum.

Went to Joel with Madeleine last Friday. It was really nice~ We walked to the highest spot on Brännö (he lives on the island), saw 3 cute and super cuddly cats (two being Joel’s and the last one we encountered on our way to the boat! He/she really wanted to cuddle~ We got followed until we had to take the boat… I WANT TO SEE THAT CAT AGAIN!) and I made Joel into a aconitum (for my project)!

DSC_0429On the way to the top~DSC_0435… she just wanted the good hay!DSC_0437That eating face, haha!

DSC_0438The view at the top! So pretty~DSC_0440“Bitch, I’m fabulous”DSC_0446Madeleine tried to peak inside… I don’t know what she saw, but it probably wasn’t anything intriguing :c DSC_0450Mysterious Madeleine… almost looked like regular Joel! :’D DSC_0464Mr. cool~DSC_0466Aww~ DSC_0467You can’t handle this much fabulous!
DSC_0468We ate som major food when we got back.DSC_0469Enough messing around. Business time! 8DDSC_0472You wish… it took longer than it probably could’ve taken but to be fair, my shaking eyeliner hand was hard to control!DSC_0475Makeup and cat hair everywhere! Little Skruttan in the background~DSC_0477The looks-nothing-like-Joel-picture! When we were done… he was kind of unrecognizable! DSC_0478In the middle of the woods taking pictures while the snow was falling ❤DSC_0481Finished Joel. As I said on the o†her flower project-models, this is (completely unedited and) not the best picture! ^_^ Here’s the Aconitum-flower that inspired the look: ACONITUM

I had a lot of fun that day! Looking forward to do everyone else~

// Nyancy

Flower power!

I’m been too lazy today! D: I haven’t uploaded the pictures from yesterday, which are of the makeup’s I did and the photo shoots afterwards~

I did both Merielle and Marcus yesterday and they were Showy Honey Myrtle and Attenborough’s pitcher plant.

Here’s some process-pictures:

DSC_0305 DSC_0308 DSC_0312DSC_0314 DSC_0318 DSC_0334DSC_0368 DSC_0377 DSC_0384The end results!

Showy Honey Myrtle

urlThis flower is unique because it’s able to grow near salt water!DSC_0353Merielle stood in -2 degrees celsius in a tanktop. She’s awesome! And I’m so happy she said yes to be one of my models~ QwQ

Attenborough’s pitcher plant

url-2A carnivorous plant from the Philippines. It’s known to eat rats… *shiver*DSC_0408
Marcus fought through the long waiting (I did his foundation but then we realized that Merielle had to be done first because she has a longer way home) and tickling from brushes… but the pictures came out great! Unfortunately they’re not taken outside. And I’m not satisfied with his makeup so I will be redoing this one… when it gets warmer and I can get the eyeliners I need! >w< He’s (kind of) willing to do it again so it’s just a matter of waiting~

That was all from yesterday. I haven’t uploaded the best pictures of the end results because I want to wait until I’ve done everything!
Tomorrow is Robins turn! I’ll probably upload the pictures the same day. ^_^ See you tomorrow!

Budget Beauty Blogger Swap-package!

This is so late and I’m really sorry! My birthday and school took over so I totally forgot to do this~

I swapped with Samantha and we both sent our packages exactly two week ago~ She received hers on the 28th and I received mine on my birthday (30th).
I was jumping around like crazy when I saw that the package was in the mailbox! I almost didn’t pick up the post that day, but 30th was my lucky day so I did in the end!

DSC_0104Four lavender tissue papers wrapping seven products~ Picture taken on the 30th.

I was really exited and ran back and forth to my mom to show her what I got!

The preferences I told Samantha was that I wanted products that I won’t find in Sweden + that I like bright colors.

When I realized how much she’d gotten me… I was sad that I couldn’t get her more (make-up is so expensive here :c). We’ve said that we’ll do this again, so when we do it I’ll pick the things I couldn’t buy her this time!

What she got me:

1. TOPSHOP by Lovise Gray, Cream blush duo

topshop blush topshop blushI don’t own a cream blush so this was wonderful! The bright orange and pink are really pigmented and pretty~

(I tried waiting until I could take a proper picture of everything before touching anything, unfortunately I didn’t succeed… so sorry for the fingerprints!)

2/3/4. Glam crystals, Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner and intense colour eyeliners.DSC_0229 DSC_0230

1. Collection, Glam crystals, dazzling gel liner in Shake it up!

2. Collection 2000,  Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner in Teal.

3. MUA, Intense colour eyeliner in Turquoise.

I’ve used every one of these and I have to say, they are amazing! I’m always a fan of glitter and the Glam Crystals is pretty and stay on all day~ The Extreme felt tip liner baffled me, it suuuper opaque and glued on once applied. I’m in love with it… fo’ reals!

Also, I used the turquoise one today, even though it’s very summery I made it work (and I will definitely use it more in summer). The sharpener is also very good (compared to similar ones I’ve used, this has been the god of all eyeliner sharpeners)!

5. Rimmel London Glam eyes HD

DSC_0233 This is Rimmel London’s Glam eyes HD in Green park. I haven’t used it yet but the colors are so beautiful! They are supposed to all be used on the eye at the same time so when I’ll wear it, I’ll try the colors as it says on the back, viz:

1. Outer corner 2. lid 3. highlighter 4. crease (I ordered them to my hand, not the packaging!)

6. Smooch Proof LipStain 16H NYC


New York Color’s Smooch Proof LipStain 16H in 491 Forever Freesia.

I. Love. This. One! Lipstains are awesome and this one is the best one yet! It stays on, makes my lips just the right color and just- it’s great.

I had totally forgot that I also said “lipstain” as a request to Samantha~

7. MUA Lipstick

DSC_0231This picture really doesn’t justify the beautyful orange! The flash totally washed the color away…

This is a Makeup Academy lipstick in Nectar. It’s as bright orange as the blush above and I don’t own an orange lipstick so it was a good choice in color~ I’m going to use this one a lot when the sun comes out!

☆ – ☆

That was everything! Thank you Samantha for the products (that exceeded the pricelimit of £10/€12/$16! Next time is my turn~ When’s your birthday? :D) and of course to Naomi at Bewitchery, none of this would’ve been possible without her organizing the Budget Beauty Blogger Swap!

To see what I got Samantha, click on this link: The Budget Beauty Blogger Swap! – Part 2.

Thank you for reading!

// Nyancy

Yesterday’s birthday presents!

Everything I got on my party yesterday~
DSC_0180Robin got me the first card three days ago and yesterday Arashi got me the blue one! They are so pretty that I’ve taped ’em to the backside of my bookcase (beside my DS/3DS games). DSC_0189Bought 5 games ❤DSC_0181Ida got me Marabou premium chocolate with 70 % cacao. She also drew the card with a cat on it ;w; It’s so cute!DSC_0182Dear Eora gave me a cute kit with Strawberry shower gel, a heart-shaped soap and two tiny shower “sponges” from The Body Shop. And also a “Born lippy”-lip balm. Smells delicious and as you probably know, I’m the nr. 1 fan of both red and hearts! :DDSC_0183Got the party eye kit eyelashes by H&M from Anna! They are so fabulous~ QwQ And They come with glue so I’ll be able to wear them haha ❤DSC_0184I also got a really funny card, Maltesers (because we’re both fans of Dan *& Phil* and I have never tasted them haha!) and two facemasks!DSC_0187I received everything from miss Anon in the silverbox! The the flying cupcake-card was attached to the lid and contained the words

Congratulations Nancy! -Have a wonderful birthday!!! You will take well care of these, that I’m sure of. ❤

I instantly thought of the joking around about Eora getting me a hamster, so I said “It’s not a hamster right?” and we were all joking around. But what do you know, I got 10 hamsters and accessories:   DSC_0185She gave me the Hamtaro-figurines she had in her room *so happy*. I really love Hamtaro so I’m speachless that she gave them to me! ;w;
DSC_0186Lovisa gave me magnetic color! SO COOL! When they all went home I started painting my desk door and now I’m doing the drawers! I might review this one~

I love everything I got and I will treasure them forever! Thank you guys~

// Nyancy

Lumene Blueberry long-wear crystal eyeshadow in Archipelago.

As I mentioned here, the reviews are finally being written! I thought that I would start with the eyeshadow I bought!

When I tried the color in the store I just felt like I had to have it! Since it’s been Christmas not too long ago and the stores are still having their big sales (until the end of January), I bought it on the sale for 55 SEK/6.32 EURO/8.50 USD instead of the double!

So this is Lumene’s Blueberry long-wear crystal eyeshadow in the color Archipelago. It’s a lilac based eyeshadow with blue shimmer. It doesn’t contain paraben’s and is not scented. DSC_0032 DSC_0039In the store I didn’t need to press at all to get a really opaque  amount of product on my finger, which impressed me. When I got home I tried sweeping through the new shadow and the same thing didn’t happen. I’m pretty sure that’s because the one at the store had been loosened by all the people trying it. Nonetheless If you want the new color to be really bright (like me), just add on layers until you’re satisfied!

DSC_0043This is three layers of eyeshadow on top of primer.

With the amount of product on my brush I was surprised that the fallout was two dots on my cheek bone (that I just brushed away when I was done)! So that is good.

So far I really like this eyeshadow! The only things I don’t like with it is the price (I don’t know if it’s because I’m a student but 110 SEK for one eyeshadow is a bit much) and the packaging. I understand that they choose the color of blueberries because the line uses blueberry seed oil. But the shiny, navy blue plastic looks a bit cheap. I probably wouldn’t have bought if if it wasn’t on sale. Glad I did though!

If you’re able to buy it I do recommend it~

// Nyancy


Nordic cap of Sweden haul.

Hi guys! Today I bought some Nordic Cap of Sweden products! Never seen them before but they were so cheap (10 SEK/1.50 USD/1.15 EURO)… so I got ten hehe >w< The sad thing about these products is that they don’t have any names but I’ll still but write down what they call the colors on their website.

We’ll start with the STARNAILS nailpolishes! From the left: Polish, Red Pink, Orange, Beige and Green.

  • ‘Polish’ is transparent.
  • ‘Red Pink’ has a red base with a really intense pink shimmer.
  • ‘Orange’ is a bright pumpkin color.
  • ‘Beige’ is a nude.
  • ‘Green’ is actually a bright turquoise!

The first thing I noticed was that they were really runny in the bottle but when you put them on they don’t run all over the place at all. And the polishes are really opaque with just one coat. Here’s a picture of swatches with only one coat:


Conclusion: I like these alot. For being so cheap I didn’t expect much but they are good. They could’ve been a liiittle more creative with the names. When dried they have a very plastic/rubbery feel to them (don’t know if me gusta).

STARLIPS Lipsticks.


I got three out of the five available (the other two were brownish and I don’t really like brown on my lips). The colors are called Red, Pink and Purple. The first two are the colors they say they are but the “purple” one is a dark red.

IMG_0368Now, what I think of them… tbh they are really dry and super shimmery so they remind me of putting eyeshadow on you lips. When I have it on I got the instant feeling of “grandma” lips :/ Which isn’t good. Putting lipgloss on it makes a tiny different but I’ll see if I can work it haha.

Conclusion: Not so bright. Like putting eyeshadow on your lips. Very shimmery. They smell good though.


Skärmavbild 2012-11-30 kl. 09.39.01

I don’t really have much to say about the lip glosses. They smell like the lipsticks and they do their job. The red one is just transparent while the light pink one has little glitter in it.

That is all I bought yesterday. Originally this post was supposed to get published yesterday but it got deleted. Q_Q It was a pain trying to remember everything I wrote but I hope you liked it!

My glossy box should arrive today so I might do a video + post later today! See you then! :D

KICKS nummer 15

As you might’ve notice from the title this post will be in Swedish.That’s because this only applies to Sweden so why not! :D

✰✰✰ ☆ ✰✰

God morgon! Detta är första inlägget på svenska i den här bloggen och det var väldigt länge sedan över huvud taget. I alla fall! Igår tamp posten ner i brevlådan och med all reklam kom det nya numret av KICKS (alltså nr. 15) som gäller från den 15 Nov – 24 Dec. Du får tidningen som medlem och är du inte medlem så vet du snart lite erbjudanden endå! ;D

Det första som fick min uppmärksamhet var KICKS julkalender. Konceptet: 50% på en utvald produkt varje dag under December till Julafton. Och erbjudandet gäller så klart bara just den dagen! Låter riktigt bra eller hur?

Det som fick mig att bli riktigt glad är att erbjudandet den nionde Dec. är Aussie 3 Minute Miracle 250 ml. Jag har velat testa den ganska länge och jag trodde bara den fanns på nätet för 250 kr (letade en gång men nu märker jag att om jag googlar produkten så är första sidan KICKS… vet inte hur jag gjorde första gången). Har bara hört riktigt bra saker om den och det blir ett inköp den nionde. Den går på 63 kr (ord. pris 125 kr)!

Over-all är det inte något mer som låter lockande (för mig då) förutom kanske Blowpro Blow Out Serious Non-stick Hairspray 332 ml (Tolfte Dec.). Det som kan nämnas är att det är tolv parfymer i kalendern och parfymer är inte precis billiga så är man sugen så kan man alltid kolla om någon faller en i smaken. Pris skillnaderna ser riktigt drastiska ut med 50% rabatt. Förutom parfymer (som faktiskt står för hälften av kalendern) finns ett antal mascaror, krämer, (ett) nagellack, (ett) torr schampo och såklart de två produkter jag nämde.

Klicka på bilden för att läsa och se produkterna bättre!

Som vanligt finns det otroligt många (fler) erbjudanden i KICKS tidningen men som den fattiga studenten jag är känner jag inte riktigt att de är värt pengarna ändå, vilket betyder att jag inte kommer nämna dem. Ni kan ju kolla allt annat för er själva~

Sista erbjudandet som jag kommer dela med mig av gäller bara för medlemmar. Och det involverar mitt favorit nagellacksmärke *trumvirvel (om du nu inte läst min blog innan)* OPI ❤ 20 % rabatt om du är medlem t.o.m. 24 dec. Mycket trevligt indeed. Blir nog ett inköp… eller två (vi får se vad budgeten säger).

Två vackra lack från OPI’s nya kollektion (i samband med filmen) S K Y F A L L 007.

✰✰✰ ☆ ✰✰✰

Ha en trevlig dag, see ya!

// Nyancy

Halloween shopping

Went Halloween shopping today! :D Found all the things I need for the Morbid Mickey outfit so that’s what I’ll be on Wednesday.


Everything I bought.

Mickey Mouse ears and nose were bought in Buttricks for 8 €.

20121028-170728.jpgThen I bought make-up at H&M, I got everything for 12 €.

20121028-170846.jpgHere’s the lenses that makes the “Morbid” in MM ;D I look creepy as hell in them and I looove it! Bought at “Teknikmagasinet” for 23 €.

20121028-170916.jpgThey are “White witch” cosmetic lenses from Phantasee. Just plain, white lenses (no black circle around or anything)!

20121028-170945.jpgAnd these orangie, red shorts I bough at H&M also. Got them for 11€ instead of 29 €… feels good~

Now I’ve got practically no money left from my student grant! ;w;’ I have to pay my graduation cap this month and this months gym charge too Q__Q

Oh well~ I’ll survive! x’3 I’ll show the whole outfit on Wednesday! Don’t want to spoil the surprise for my friend (and I’m too tired to actually put on the outfit haha)!

Going to upload Art Sunday today! But because I just got home I want to chill a little first. ^_^

// Nyancy

I have to pass! TAT

I’m back home again! I tock the damn test *I didn’t remember all the stuff you have to but if I just study, there’s a chans that I’ll pass math*, then I ate brunch with Miss Anon *Paprika again*:3

As you can see I also bought Raspberry Body Butter from The Body Shop and the O.P.I nailpolish JUST SPOTTED THE LIZARD! from the Spiderman collection ♡ :D

Yeeeep that was my morning/noon =w= I’m going to relax a little now with my cat (maybe watch something fun) and then study.

See you later, alligator!

// Nyancy ❤