London Day 2

IMG_0661On our way in to central London! 😁

These pictures are on our way to London eye: architecture & sculptures 💖IMG_0676


IMG_0680IMG_0683Obligatory picture when it’s your first time ain’t it 😆




IMG_0717IMG_0718IMG_0722Obligatory Ari & Nancy picture! 😁

IMG_0728After a long walk we were finally there! IMG_0730Behind London eye (we were looking for Namco funscape before Shrek’s adventure)

IMG_0739Twinning with Donkey! I’ll make a post dedicated to Shrek’s adventure and Namco Funscape so this is the only picture from SA 😄

Pictures taken on our way to Oxford street:IMG_0796


So christmasy 😭💙IMG_0802IMG_0804IMG_0810

IMG_0814Karl Lagerfelt’s store 😳 I didn’t know it existed!

IMG_0815Last picture I took that day! Rest is footage but we made it to Oxford street, we shopped and then we had to walk all the way to London Viktoria in the rain. It felt very miserable but in hindsight it wasn’t too bad 😆 We didn’t die haha 😅

Thank you for scrolling through 💜

// Nancy


Day 1 in Edinburgh~

Get ready for 31 pictures…



20130318-194819.jpgBefore adventure land!20130318-194858.jpgFirst picture in Scotland! ^_^ We had just stepped out of the airline bus~
IMG_0422On our way to the hostel.
IMG_0424We were so hungry so we ate at the closest pub we could find… fish and chips, mmmm~
20130318-195021.jpgOur teacher forced us to the National museum of Scotland and this is on our way.20130318-195043.jpg 20130318-195116.jpg 20130318-195134.jpg 20130318-195217.jpg 20130318-195232.jpg 20130318-195256.jpg 20130318-195315.jpg 20130318-195404.jpg 20130318-195427.jpg 20130318-195441.jpgSo many fascinating things… I really recommend going if you visit Edinburgh :320130318-195500.jpg 20130318-195525.jpgOn our way back. The view from the bridge is so pretty! Especially St. Arthur’s seat *which I’ve explored c: But you’ll see that on Day 4*.20130318-195534.jpgGiraffes made out of car parts… ÖAÖ20130318-195546.jpgIMG_0460Our room! :D I slept on the bed to the right while Linnea slept highest up on the bunk bed and Emma on the lowest.20130318-195601.jpgFirst nommies bought, they were fun because of the dares written on them. Turns out, I can touch my nose with my tongue!
20130318-195628.jpgThe view from our window.20130318-195641.jpg“I’ve finished packing up.”20130318-195704.jpgSNOWSTORM, on our way to Princes street! 20130318-195803.jpgCute/beautiful/amazing architecture everywhere!20130318-195813.jpgMy Scotland friend c: (I’ll be back Superdrug✩)20130318-195834.jpgIt stopped snowing…
20130318-195904.jpg…but then the snowstorm started again.20130318-195923.jpgSo we ran in to Starbucks and drank hot chocolate~

End of day 1.


Today was fun ^^ Our teacher didn’t come to our lesson, instead a substitute came 15 minutes later.
After the lesson Robin and I went to Kicks and Siba. He bought the cable he wanted for his computer and I bought a cracked nailpolish and a really cool brown-red nailpolish with blue shimmer. Then when I had walked Robin to his train I met up with Marcus. We started catching up after 2 weeks of not seeing eachother (and we realised how much we’re missing everybody). Then we decided to go to English shop and 4-gott. At English shop I got Wonka Rainbow nerds *DELICIOUS! * and at 4-gott i got 2 soda’s and some of the candy my mother likes (she was so happy when I pulled them up from my bag :3) ♡

On our way to English shop (we were a little lost but it was fine)… damn it was confusing and the roadwork made it impossible to cross the road >w<

On our way we found this beautiful building *__*

Now. When we had bought all the things we wanted. We decided that we would take the boat to Brännö… and surprise Joel with a visit! >:D

Before departure ^^

DESTINATION! >w< Joels face when he saw that it was us… priceless :’D

We went outside when Joel was done playing AION (I think). After playing some fotball I laid on the grass watching the guys playing with the bet “The one who gets 10 goals first will either pay for the kebab or come with us and watch us eat”. Joel won but he owed Marcus some money so he didn’t get free kebab (or come with us) X’3

The biggest kebab I’ve ever seen and it was so tasty! c: I didn’t manage to eat it all though >w<‘ Marcus was overly full after his -w-

That was practically my day ^^ It was really nice but I’m going to sleep now. I start at 8 yet again  so I need my sleep.

I almost forgot these!  I found them in Joel’s old sketch-pad X’D It was so funny looking through it!

Anyway, god night!

// Nyancy ❤