Pictures from Party-Saturday

64324_500988149958223_530531550_n 481313_500989696624735_385282234_n 482145_500988846624820_2101116624_n301681_500988749958163_1115279643_n 69808_500988843291487_867571519_n 735105_500989029958135_1080968216_n301639_500990406624664_1093574486_n 733946_500990376624667_1078128939_n 45270_500989669958071_604958044_n479822_500989476624757_2043524920_n 549957_500989693291402_1708959530_nMiss Anon took all these pictures (thank you <3). But this post will be updated when Fern (the birthday girl) uploads pictures taken with her camera~ It went around the whole night so Anon didn’t take any at the party (except for one on the huge panda cake).
We also made a Harlem shake video… I didn’t understand the point with Harlem Shake (because it’s so random and not that entertaining) but, turns out: it’s so much fun recording one!
I’ll post it when it’s up too >w<‘ *don’t hate me haha*

See you tomorrow! /Nyancy

Yesterday’s birthday presents!

Everything I got on my party yesterday~
DSC_0180Robin got me the first card three days ago and yesterday Arashi got me the blue one! They are so pretty that I’ve taped ’em to the backside of my bookcase (beside my DS/3DS games). DSC_0189Bought 5 games ❤DSC_0181Ida got me Marabou premium chocolate with 70 % cacao. She also drew the card with a cat on it ;w; It’s so cute!DSC_0182Dear Eora gave me a cute kit with Strawberry shower gel, a heart-shaped soap and two tiny shower “sponges” from The Body Shop. And also a “Born lippy”-lip balm. Smells delicious and as you probably know, I’m the nr. 1 fan of both red and hearts! :DDSC_0183Got the party eye kit eyelashes by H&M from Anna! They are so fabulous~ QwQ And They come with glue so I’ll be able to wear them haha ❤DSC_0184I also got a really funny card, Maltesers (because we’re both fans of Dan *& Phil* and I have never tasted them haha!) and two facemasks!DSC_0187I received everything from miss Anon in the silverbox! The the flying cupcake-card was attached to the lid and contained the words

Congratulations Nancy! -Have a wonderful birthday!!! You will take well care of these, that I’m sure of. ❤

I instantly thought of the joking around about Eora getting me a hamster, so I said “It’s not a hamster right?” and we were all joking around. But what do you know, I got 10 hamsters and accessories:   DSC_0185She gave me the Hamtaro-figurines she had in her room *so happy*. I really love Hamtaro so I’m speachless that she gave them to me! ;w;
DSC_0186Lovisa gave me magnetic color! SO COOL! When they all went home I started painting my desk door and now I’m doing the drawers! I might review this one~

I love everything I got and I will treasure them forever! Thank you guys~

// Nyancy

Birthday “party”!

All my wonderful friends has gone home now! It was fun, just sitting down around the living room while my brother and some friends took turns to play Super smash bros. brawl. I played some Professor Layton hehe. And Omnislashed too! Anyway not much to say really, I’ll just start dishing out the picture I was able to take (Anna and my parents took some too!)

DSC_0121Before exit to meet my friends at the busstop! My brother wore hi’s fox kigurumi and I, my hamster one!
DSC_0123 DSC_0124Oh our way! The sun was flippin’ shining!DSC_0125On our way to me!DSC_0133Pretty much our whole evening!DSC_0134Before the present-unwrapping begins!DSC_0138Madeleine being silly as usual <3
DSC_0143Arashi at Omnislashed, fab as usual!DSC_0147Opening Anna’s present~DSC_0150Anna, holding her own card to me!DSC_0158Everything I got~

(Making a separate post because I want to make this one short and I didn’t get good pictures at that moment)DSC_0164Lovisa, Ida and Anna figuring out which LOTR-character the Hamtaro-figurines I got from miss Anon were! So much fun watching them~
DSC_0166Ugliest cake ever haha! Poker face on to mask it though ;D “it’s supposed to look like this, really!”DSC_0169Still pretty satisfied with the taste and how the insides looked! It’s a radioactive neon cake~

DSC_0171 DSC_0172 DSC_0173 DSC_0174Silly and sophisticated people eating cake~

After this we watched “Melodifestivalen” and then everyone went home!

Very nice evening and that’s thanks to everybody coming~ You guys are the best! :3

The crazy ending of yesterday.

I had illustration yesterday morning. That was crazy and fun, as always. Lena being as she is, took out a bag of popcorn and encouraged us to pick out a popcorn.DSC00362DSC00363


We were told to use the popcorns shape to make a character.

The one I chose was perfect haha! I was able to make two illustrations from one popcorn.

DSC00360 DSC00359 DSC00356 DSC00358Sketched up with a pencil on paper a bit bigger than A3, to then use charcoal over~

After the lesson we ate and then had social studies. When that awful lesson was done, Joel and I walked around down-down for a while until the others had quit their English-lesson! Joel bought a racket containing super sour liquid candy…


We were laughing so hard at it! He didn’t realize that it looked like a glowing “vibrator” (even though I told him in the store) but a bunch of 15-year-old’s walking towards us certainly did!

After Joel called Marcus, we headed to the cafe they were sitting at, sat down and chatted for a while but when we’d had enough, our destination was (MC D. to buy a Happy Meal and) Gamestop! Robin bought my birthday present:

Bild 2013-02-01 kl. 21.57

150 SEK worth of Nintendo e-shop points!

With those I bought Hydroventure: spin cycle and Zen pinball 3D when I got home (had them downloading when I slept and played a little before actually getting up from bed this morning)~

All of a sudden it was time to head to the Opera! On our way in, we saw a lot of fancy looking people! We felt a bit missplaced.

65236_4853298464253_994363676_nNever been inside before so it was pretty awesome to see the hall! Chess was good~ I was a bit restless at the end and when a group of people all sang at the same time, you wouldn’t hear anything but other then that it was nice to look at.

Worth noticing was that the orchestra was amazing! And also Anatolij’s (played by Philip Jalmelid in the Swedish version) voice is absolutely magical!

DSC00372 DSC00373 DSC00374

My way home was a nightmare. My bus was delayed because of an accident so I thought that I could sleep at Robin’s but his phone was dead. Instead I walked over the bridge to get to where the bus I usually take all the way home goes… 20 minutes waiting time. And turned out that it was late too… with only five minutes though.

Finally I was home after walking in the pitch black. Never seen so many stars in my life though… and the moon was huge! Exhausted, I downloaded the games and went to sleep.

I started writing this post on the bus to school but since I didn’t have much time to write in school and I’m currently making my birthday cake for my party tomorrow… this took forever! :’c

// Nyancy

Lucky no. 30… or 19? (BIRTHDAY POST)

Today must me my lucky day! Crazy since it’s my birthday too~

I got both Glossybox and Sheslookingatthestars budget beauty swap-package! (Both will get a separate post, of course.)

Skärmavbild 2013-01-30 kl. 19.26.46


Preview of the swap-package~

Over all it’s been a really good day!

I got red tulips and money from my mom today. But she also payed for my Glossybox and bought me this lamp ❤

DSC_0048 DSC_0049They are looking at me and my desk... QwQ

I saw this lamp in a store for a discounted price and my mom asked if I wanted it as a birthday gift! It feels like wood (but I’m pretty sure it’s not) and the lampshade is dark green. They had a lot of lamps in similar style but they were horses, statues ect. They were really cool but I decided to go with the kittens!

My grandmother also gave me money (and the birthday-call ❤). Which is well needed! They will be saved to the trip to Scotland. We got some more information about the trip today so I’ll make a separate post on that too! (I have quite an amount of writing to do haha)

My brother sold some games he didn’t want to keep and with the points, he’s going to get me two games I want. QwQ So happy!

At last, I got myself Professor Layton and the curious village! I’ve been waiting to play it for forever and now it’s on its way~

I just had my “birthday cake”! Tea-time with a pastry that mommy bought.

DSC_0109I’ll make the real cake on Friday, the day before my party!

// Nyancy

Pre-birthday celebration!

Hi guys! Has this been a long day or what??! (Answer: yes yes yes)

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day of walking around down town, see Django, eat something and then go home, everything before four. Well… that didn’t go as planned.

Arrived to the middle of Gothenburg and found Anna within one minute of getting off the tram~ We went to two asian trade-stores before I noticed that Marcus had called… turned out that he overslept and he asked if we could watch the next showing, so we did. The time was around 10.30 and the next showing was at 14.30. So we continued as planned and went to two more asian trades and found this while buying Pocky.

DSC_0050Pandanus... do I have to explain why that was absolutely hilarious to me and Anna!(??)

After that we had a photo shoot for the Pocky Royalty-contest I’m participating in! Without Anna I wouldn’t have gotten the pictures I got so I’m really happy she said yes when I asked her. I’m doing a separate post on the contest when the voting begins! (So people can vote for me… hopefully QwQ’) While we took pictures, people would walk past and I’d feel embarrassed and laugh and run away. It was super-fun though.

 A preview kinda... I haven't used this one in the picture I entered the contest with!

When we were done, we headed to the centralstation. After waiting for a while, I called Marcus three times. Voicemail greeted us each time and because it said that the train Marcus was on had wagon-error we assumed that something horrible had happened. Death, death and… death. (No other explanation really! ;D). Reality: his phone was silly and slow. He texted us that he had arrive so we met up with him and took a tram to the cinema. 

After purchasing the tickets we walked down to Max and ate yummy food!

DSC_0082 DSC_0083 DSC_0084 DSC_0085 DSC_0089Marcus blueberry delux milkshake looked really yummy and my chicken burger was... *ahhhwhjfiojkd*.

At last we saw Django Unchained! It. Was. So. Good. And super-silly at times! I laughed so much haha~


2 h. and 45 minutes long! I had washed down a big cup of coke during the first one and a half hours so when it was an hour left I couldn’t hold it any longer! D: It hurt like a b- so I walked on shaky legs to the restroom. The people sitting on our row… should get an award! TwT They were so helpful when I could’t see anything. A guy with a huge bag helped me by pushing it away (took a while though since he couldn’t see it either!) while being super nice and polite.

I got an early birthday present from Anna:


Various candies but mostly she got it because of the party-whistle!


Trouble along the way but in the end everything was awesome!

// Nyancy

Happiness just smacked me in the face!

I just got a major feeling of euphoria… why? I just feel like this week will be wonderful! And it’s just Monday (I’m pretty sure this have not happened to me… ever)


  • It started with my Budget Beauty Blogger Swapper telling me that she has received her package. And she loves them both 
  • So now I’m really looking forward to receive my package!
  • Then I remembered that Glossybox will also arrive this week~
  • I’ve finally gotten the drive to continue on my final project. Done Robin today and I probably will do Lovisa too! (I’m doing makeup-looks inspired of flowers and nature)
  • I’m going to the cinema to see Django Unchained with dear friends tomorrow + buy a Hobbit menu.
  • Decided to be in a Pocky-contest! More information tomorrow or the day after~
  • Wednesday’s my birthday and I’m bringing chocolate cake to school. Marcus and Emilia will eat it with me! AND I HAVEN’T SEEN EMILIA IN FOREVER! QwQ
  • On Thursday I’m seeing Chess on Gothenburg’s Opera (never seen anything/been inside before) with the class!
  • I got the confirmation email that Professor Layton and the curious village has been dispatched today. Estimated date of arrival is February 6th… but I don’t believe that for a second~ I’m pretty sure I’ll get it this week.
  • And last but not least, I’m having a birthday party… á la children’s party. Yep, turning 19 and having a childishly awesome birthday party!

So yeah, I think that this is it. Sounds great doesn’t it?

893a82397daa8b34417032f9c7049505-382232535This GIF is so ugly, but it discribes me on the inside right now!

// Nyancy


My brother is 15 years old now! :D Woop whoop and what better way to celebrate than to get a game that’s PEGI 18! XD

I’m of course talking about ASSASSIN’S CREED III.

Glossy background~

*loading* *loading* *loading*


We ate some yummy blue marzipan cake before he opened his present ^_^

My brother waiting to blow out the candle and eat dat cake.

I walked away from eating the  sandwich cake in the background but my parents, brother and grandmother enjoyed it.

Shitty pictures because of bad lighting but I can safely say that my brother is satisfied with today x’D

Well I’ll continue watching my bro play now and face palm when he takes 5 minutes figuring out things (like avoiding an attack) that are displayed on the screen! x’3

(Explanation of the title: Well the happy birthday is obvious but the ‘one month left’-part refers to it being one month left till Christmas Eve *Time goes by so fast!* and the two months is until my birthday on the 30th of January! :D Winter is definitely the best time of the year~ Hehehe.)

Bye bye~

// Nyancy


I should be sleeping… but I don’t want to. So I’ll make this post now and get it over with (you will understand later, I promise) and when I’m done, read a little until I am so sleepy that I won’t even realize that I’m falling asleep~ =w=b

So this weekend only has one day left and unfortunately I have a hell of a lot to do!

An English presentation to write, assemble the work I should’ve done for the Art video class but was to lazy to do (to be fair almost no one has done anything in that class because it’s so boring), write a schedule for the last project that we’re doing and I should read preparation texts for the Swedish national tests but I forgot them in school :C. Besides that I need to clean my room and maybe take down my laundry to the bathroom (I haven’t taken down my used clothes basket from my room for months… I wish that I was exaggerating).

Aaaall that ↑ means that I will not post anything tomorrow (if I slip it wouldn’t be the first time but I can’t postpone those things anymore). I couldn’t do an Art Sunday-post anyway because I have been too stressed to draw anything.


On happier notes, today is Robin’s birthday! Our second youngest classmate is finally 18 ^^ Here comes some lovely memory recalling photos:

From top left:

Halloween last year, when we were at the convenient store! X’3 We were at my house then and this year we’re going to our friend Madeleine. Can’t wait! Robin zipping on a cappuccino when we + Emma and Char-char had coffee. I made a “brush” on PS of Robins face last year when we had Digital content creation. We laughed so hard at it. Also from last halloween! Robin was a fairy ❤ At the Science Fiction Fair earlier this year, Edward and Jacob just stood there so he had to take a picture with them… TwT’ The encounter that made Robin’s year/life complete. Meeting Emilie Autumn when she was in Gothenburg.

// Nyancy