Make up of the day: purple wolf.

I didn’t feel like smiling on the pictures. But how often do you see a wolf smile?

Compensation >wÖ

I went with the colors of the sky today, blue and a grayish purple. I’m starting to get fond of mascara (I’ve absolutely hated them for 5 years because people said that they didn’t make a difference on me *and it made me loose lashes when washing it off* but it does when applying only eyeshadows)!

Hope you enjoyed today’s make up.

// Nyancy

Lady Blue review.

Hello everyone! ^^ This is a review of KICKS own brand of nailpolishes in LADY BLUE. When I first looked at the bottle the base color looked like a dark shade of brown but it’s actually purple, then comes the beautiful navy blue shine that made me buy it. The color outside the bottle isn’t really wow-ing me but it could be a little more fun alternative to black nails because the color is very dark but in sunlight you’ll get a blue shimmer.

The price was fine because I got a discount on it but without it I don’t think that I would ever buy this brand. The nail polish is priced like a somewhat good quality brand but it took really long to dry and I had to put on 3 layers. As clumbsy as I am my nails got jacks and dents all over. :<

I haven’t worn it for very long so unfortunately I don’t know how long it’ll stay on.

In the end I think that it’s a totally fine nailpolish (not just the right one for me). ^^

// Nyancy ❤

Make up of the day: R A I N

This was taken at 6 in the morning, before I went to school. I didn’t have time to blog it then. But now I’m back home ^^

I woke up this morning and it rained (it still does) so I thought “I’ll just go with the flow”

I think that I’m going to take a nap =w= I’m reeeally tired hehe∼

// Nyancy ❤