Autumn signs.

autumnThey are really starting to show~ So pretty!

Today has been great. I woke up 10 minutes before the electricity came back on (the black-out lasted 5 hours) so I didn’t have to wait long before I could use the computer to search something that had been nagging me!
Then we drove to the supermarket and I found my new (fully enjoyable) favorite dark chocolate. I’m not a real fan of dark chocolate but this one is perfect!Bild 2013-10-13 kl. 19.49


I also bought Nemi issue 5 and a package of cream brulée mix. But the main reason we went there was to buy ingredients to make tacos (we haven’t made it in months). :D So we came home, prepared everything and ate *mm-m*.

Now some AC:NL talk! >w<

I decided that I don’t have enough willpower to water all my flowers everyday in AC:NL so I changed my town ordinance from Night-Owl to a Beautiful Town!IMG_2283

I’m pretty sure I’ll miss the late-night visits to Timmy/Tommy but hey, I survived before I could establish ordinances so it’s cool.

I’ll finally get the T&T Emporium tomorrow! I didn’t get my first visit from Gracie until just five weeks ago ;_; And I had had the T.I.Y. for a month or so before she came uhh.
I also got my first villager’s picture today! xD And it’s Chief’s. I’m so happy! I started to think that they hated me. I do stuff for them all the time but I hadn’t gotten a single one…

Oh and I need some advice! Should I let Twiggy move in? °_° I’ve been hesitant to let anyone else move in since Goldie. She moved in RIGHT in front of my house. I don’t want to be stuck with someone who’s annoying/ moves in on a bad place/on my hybrids!IMG_2294I know that I can semi-decide where a new villager moves in through making a new character but if someone I really want camps in my town I won’t be able to invite them to stay if I tell Twiggy to stay :c
I will probably let her go haha.
// Nancy


Cookie Saturday! :D

Happy Saturday everyone!
At around four in the morning I found an old party book and in it I found a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I really wanted to try! *w* So today I went to the supermarket and bought a bunch of stuff that I needed.IMG_0879

My list~ I was right in the middle of chopping the dark chocolate when I took this xD Messy-messy.

IMG_0881Half the chocolate done!IMG_0883This is the recipe! … In Swedish though >w<
If you don’t know Swedish this will be pretty hard to follow but I can quickly translate for you if you’d like to do these cookies! I think they taste nice and they were really fun to make ^^
dl = deciliter 
tsk = table spoon
The ingredience (from the top)!
Baking Powder
Liquid Margarine
Brown Sugar
Vanilla Sugar
Chopped Dark
How you mix everything together.
(Turn on the oven. Set it on 175 degrees)
1. Blend oatmeal and milk together in a bowl and let them sit for at least 10 minutes.
2. Mix flour, baking powder, salt and vanilla sugar in another bowl.
3. Take a third, bigger bowl and mix the margarine, brown sugar and sugar. Then add the eggs in too. Make sure everything’s mixed properly!
4. Stir down the flour mix in the (bigger) bowl.
5. Lastly, mix down the oatmeal and chocolate.
Then you just have to put the batter on a tray (don’t forget the baking sheet)!IMG_0884
The finished batter

IMG_0885Finished! They are good but I never seem to make crunchy cookies :’c And that’s the texture I like! These come out very porous and after they have cooled down they are soft.

I also tried making Cutiepie Marzia’s Nutella cookies! Just because they are so simple to make. They turned out crunchy and super yummy! I really recommend making them~


Now… go make some cookies! *w*b
// Nancy

Yesterday’s birthday presents!

Everything I got on my party yesterday~
DSC_0180Robin got me the first card three days ago and yesterday Arashi got me the blue one! They are so pretty that I’ve taped ’em to the backside of my bookcase (beside my DS/3DS games). DSC_0189Bought 5 games ❤DSC_0181Ida got me Marabou premium chocolate with 70 % cacao. She also drew the card with a cat on it ;w; It’s so cute!DSC_0182Dear Eora gave me a cute kit with Strawberry shower gel, a heart-shaped soap and two tiny shower “sponges” from The Body Shop. And also a “Born lippy”-lip balm. Smells delicious and as you probably know, I’m the nr. 1 fan of both red and hearts! :DDSC_0183Got the party eye kit eyelashes by H&M from Anna! They are so fabulous~ QwQ And They come with glue so I’ll be able to wear them haha ❤DSC_0184I also got a really funny card, Maltesers (because we’re both fans of Dan *& Phil* and I have never tasted them haha!) and two facemasks!DSC_0187I received everything from miss Anon in the silverbox! The the flying cupcake-card was attached to the lid and contained the words

Congratulations Nancy! -Have a wonderful birthday!!! You will take well care of these, that I’m sure of. ❤

I instantly thought of the joking around about Eora getting me a hamster, so I said “It’s not a hamster right?” and we were all joking around. But what do you know, I got 10 hamsters and accessories:   DSC_0185She gave me the Hamtaro-figurines she had in her room *so happy*. I really love Hamtaro so I’m speachless that she gave them to me! ;w;
DSC_0186Lovisa gave me magnetic color! SO COOL! When they all went home I started painting my desk door and now I’m doing the drawers! I might review this one~

I love everything I got and I will treasure them forever! Thank you guys~

// Nyancy

Participating in the Pocky Royalty Contest!

Good morning everyone! When I got home yesterday I saw that Pocky’s FB-page had released the pictures that are in the contest early so I located my picture and saw that it had 9 likes! I was so happy and thankful~ I was expecting nothing tbh.

This is the picture I’m competing with:

Pocky royalty competition entry“The Only Thing You Need On Gloomy Days Is Pocky.”

Now, if you feel like it’s worth a:thumbs-up

I would be very happy if you liked it on Facebook: Pocky Royalty 2013 Entry.

The Pocky featured are (from front to back):

  • “Chocolate On Chocolate Mild” Pocky CreamyDoubleChocolateMild
  • “Belgian Taste: Pocky In, Dark Chocolate” Pocky PockyIn_DarkChocolate
  • “Belgian Taste: Pocky In, Milk Chocolate” Pocky PockyIn_MilkChocolate
  • Classic “Chocolate” Pocky PockyChocolate

I really recommend them all! “Chocolate on chocolate” has a thick layer of chocolate + some swirled chocolate around and “Pocky in’s” are like biscuit sticks you eat with ice cream. But yummier! If you haven’t tasted the original, that’s the never-strikes-wrong-card + you have to try it~

Thank you for reading and hopefully liking! See you after school ;D I’ll post what I got from Sheslookingatthestars in the Budget Beauty Blogger Swap! I’ll probably write about yesterday before that (from school).

// Nyancy

Gap vs. Pocky

I asked my mother to buy me Pocky because she was on her way to escort my grandmother to the train…

Well, she came back with this:

Gap in chocolate and strawberry flavor. I tasted the chocolate one first and I thought that it was totally fine (the taste is a little different from Pocky but not much because let’s face it… it’s chocolate!). xD

But when I came to the strawberry one…. as soon as I picked one up I could tell that I wasn’t going to like it. :c

It looked all sugary (not smooth as Pocky) and it was peeling off D:

Uhhh I’m so dissapointed. It tasted awful too. Not buying this again. Ever!

I want my delicious Poooockkkyyyyyy~

// Nyancy ❤