“Celebrating Christmas”-Dinner with friends!

I’ve put up all the pictures from last Friday on my Facebook and now I’m posting the best ones here (the camera didn’t take the best of pictures but it’s the memories that counts, right?) ^^ As you probably noticed from the title, these are pictures from our little pre-Christmas dinner with Anna. We ate all vegetarian food. Hamburger-meat all made by veggies, potato gratin, beetroot salad and white cabbage salad with orange and apple~ De-li-ci-ous! And don’t get me started on the desserts! We had so much stuff, we died at the end of the night. Butterscotch made by Anna, Wiener nougat by Madeleine, saffron buns by Lovisa’s mother. Crazy good stuff right there.
The drinks wasn’t anything to underestimate either! All kinds of delicious tea, coffee and of course mullet. Mm-hmm!

That’s what I have to say, enjoy! ^^

DSC06064 DSC06065 DSC06066 DSC06067 DSC06068 DSC06069 DSC06070 DSC06073 DSC06074 DSC06075 DSC06082 DSC06084 DSC06087 DSC06115 DSC06117 DSC06127 DSC06128 DSC06129 DSC06131 DSC06132 DSC06155 DSC06173It was so much fun! Bye guys! :D

// Nyancy



Been gone, too long.

Yeah, hi guys~ It’s been a while now hasn’t it? >w<


I was sick last weekend and this week, lots of things has happened and I thought that I would share them now!

  • On Monday I got to know that I failed the Bible-test *surprise, surprise…* and I didn’t have English.
  • On Tuesday there was no Swedish, instead we started a half-hour later to get guided in Gothenburg’s museum of art. The guide talked about occult things and symbols, i.e. this one:

Bild 2012-12-16 kl. 20.04 #2

Masonic symbolism2It appears in a lot of paintings! It’s a desecrate way to say “Hey, I’m one of you!” (apparently haha).

  • Wednesday: I started of meeting Emma on the buss which was fun. After that I met Marcus on the gym and we worked out. On sculpture I smashed my bean-stalk and made a dinosaur thingie instead. We also got to take our stuff home (which I forgot… I don’t remember where I left them now that I think about it! D:).
  • Thursday, we celebrated St. Lucia in school.12039_10151343754389467_567668573_n

And in the evening me and some more from the class was part of the crowd on Debatt, where they argue about current questions.

598371_4522380671515_1649600016_nThis is before the program. They rolled in a tray with coffee, cookies, fruit, caramels and water that we could take from. We’re known for loving free food so… it was nice! X’3 We were there two hours early so… thank god.

Skärmavbild 2012-12-16 kl. 19.55.52Skärmavbild 2012-12-16 kl. 19.57.04Skärmavbild 2012-12-16 kl. 20.06.43These screenshots are from the actual program. I put ovals on everybody from my class and there’s three people that are out of frame on the second picture. On the last one I’m sitting on the third row, beside the man with a grey long-sleeved shirt. It was a really fun experience but some things that were said were so stupid, I wanted to smack my head against something. I.e. the woman in black beside the woman in a pink blazer is Katrin Zytomierska (famous for provoking people on her blog). She was a factory of idiocy. She and the man that thought that the Swedish television’s Advent calendar was making children do “anden i glaset” (a ritual where you’re supposedly calling upon spirits), took the price in stupidity.

After that, me and Robin went home, watched the show to see if we could be seen and then went to bed.

  • On Friday we ate breakfast while watching the first episode of the Advent calendar (because he insisted that I would see it) and then took the buss to eat lunch in the cafeteria.

20726_4525039697989_1150088893_nOn the first buss. We look totally high haha! Oh lack of sleep ♡

When Social studies was done, some people wanted to eat so I went with them without ordering anything. After that Joel and I followed Marcus to his P.E. class and jumped around, layer on soft gymnastics mats and went to the candy store across the street + ate candy. We went with Marcus because in the evening there was a Christmas party at Anna’s apartment! It was so much fun. I begged Miss Anon to bring her camera so I took a lot of pictures with it. I’ll make sure she brings it tomorrow so I can upload them!

When we decided that it was time to go home, we took the tram in to central city. I slept over at Meriel’s house because she didn’t want to go home alone and I didn’t want to go home (we decided it the day before). We woke up at noon and I came home at five. The weather that day was strange. First giant snowflakes and then rain!

Well this took a while to write… =A= I really should sleep now, I start at 8 again tomorrow. And I haven’t done my homework D’: Good night.

// Nyancy