Marzipan and ghost hunting!

Having a nice monday? Mine’s been pretty fab!

English was fine, a bit awkward since we were supposed to sit in random groups discussing grammar assignments and we just sat there looking at each other, haha. No one wanted to talk, I’m blaming it on the early morning!
Religion-class was also fine, we talked about Buddhism and we have to write a paper till next week!

After lunch we sat on the fire escape on the third floor, eating Marabou Premium Marzipan.
We’re not allowed to sit there but no one saw us until our Social studies-teacher Thomas did… and he would’ve let us sit there if it weren’t for the damn janitor seeing us! >_<

wpid-DSC00459.jpgMmm… Marabou.image

imageFun time!

imageThe weather was really nice! The sun wasn’t too strong and the wind was blowing~

imageRobin dropped the iPad pen and walked down the normal stairs to get it but Marcus took the fire escape and picked it up. It was supposed to be a prank but Robin saw him before walking all the way down… dang!

When I came home, my brother had picked up the mail and the second package from Electroworld had arrived!77110b106371efb15cfc0c8d7471de44-521409360They’ve spoiled me with the artwork in Super Mario 3D land & NSMB2!
I was slightly disappointed that there weren’t anything on the inside… but it’s okay, it’s just a fun touch!
I haven’t started playing yet but when this is up, I’ll be starting my journey as a ghost hunter! :D

See you tomorrow! ^_^/
// Nancy


Class doodles #1



The first one’s are two weeks old and the last one is from today~ Only a preview thought! This cutie is in a “How to…” comic. I’ll post the whole thing when I’m done. Maybe next week or this weekend.

// Nyancy

The crazy ending of yesterday.

I had illustration yesterday morning. That was crazy and fun, as always. Lena being as she is, took out a bag of popcorn and encouraged us to pick out a popcorn.DSC00362DSC00363


We were told to use the popcorns shape to make a character.

The one I chose was perfect haha! I was able to make two illustrations from one popcorn.

DSC00360 DSC00359 DSC00356 DSC00358Sketched up with a pencil on paper a bit bigger than A3, to then use charcoal over~

After the lesson we ate and then had social studies. When that awful lesson was done, Joel and I walked around down-down for a while until the others had quit their English-lesson! Joel bought a racket containing super sour liquid candy…


We were laughing so hard at it! He didn’t realize that it looked like a glowing “vibrator” (even though I told him in the store) but a bunch of 15-year-old’s walking towards us certainly did!

After Joel called Marcus, we headed to the cafe they were sitting at, sat down and chatted for a while but when we’d had enough, our destination was (MC D. to buy a Happy Meal and) Gamestop! Robin bought my birthday present:

Bild 2013-02-01 kl. 21.57

150 SEK worth of Nintendo e-shop points!

With those I bought Hydroventure: spin cycle and Zen pinball 3D when I got home (had them downloading when I slept and played a little before actually getting up from bed this morning)~

All of a sudden it was time to head to the Opera! On our way in, we saw a lot of fancy looking people! We felt a bit missplaced.

65236_4853298464253_994363676_nNever been inside before so it was pretty awesome to see the hall! Chess was good~ I was a bit restless at the end and when a group of people all sang at the same time, you wouldn’t hear anything but other then that it was nice to look at.

Worth noticing was that the orchestra was amazing! And also Anatolij’s (played by Philip Jalmelid in the Swedish version) voice is absolutely magical!

DSC00372 DSC00373 DSC00374

My way home was a nightmare. My bus was delayed because of an accident so I thought that I could sleep at Robin’s but his phone was dead. Instead I walked over the bridge to get to where the bus I usually take all the way home goes… 20 minutes waiting time. And turned out that it was late too… with only five minutes though.

Finally I was home after walking in the pitch black. Never seen so many stars in my life though… and the moon was huge! Exhausted, I downloaded the games and went to sleep.

I started writing this post on the bus to school but since I didn’t have much time to write in school and I’m currently making my birthday cake for my party tomorrow… this took forever! :’c

// Nyancy

Lack of sleep made me lose it.

I am so tired. But I have a rule agains napping: don’t do it on purpose! So I won’t. I really don’t want to sleep when I’m not supposed to (and apparently the opposite too).

I’ve been a bit more of a giggling craze fest than usual, Anna even said “she needs to go home now and sleep!” to Marcus while we were taking the tram to my buss, haha! :’D Facebook statuses has been totally butchered with awful but funny english… I have to add that we said the replies out loud in silly voices.

Skärmavbild 2013-01-28 kl. 15.35.12Let's just say that Marcus FRd me with "I like ducks"....Skärmavbild 2013-01-28 kl. 15.40.25 Skärmavbild 2013-01-28 kl. 15.40.35Marcus and I were laughing so hard at the fact that Madeleine thought that Marcus was writing but it was me... (love you Madde >w<). He did start writing at "caps wunt halp yu maddä..." though!

I had English and Religion as usual but Science (which has been flipped with “security and work environment” from Friday to Monday) was independent work (facebook). So we sat in the library, giggling.

While Anna and Marcus followed me to the bus, we decided that tomorrow is the day for some Django Unchained since we don’t have any lessons! So at 11.30 we’ll see the movie, then we’re going to eat at MAX. Anna was really enthusiastic to the idea Marcus purposed (I did not see that coming Ö_Ö). Looking forward to a voilent movie, wizard menu and a chicken burger~

“I’m strong! As long as Nancy’s not around.”

-Lovisa, when Anna told her that she was strong

That’s my favorite quote of the day.

Now that I can stay up for quite a while… I’ll just take my time to find my inspiration, been really dry at the art-front for a few days. :c

// Nyancy

Trying to work, end up here!

Hi guys! Sitting in a deserted classroom with some friends, trying to complete the art video because it’s presentation-time tomorrow! It isn’t going very well. Joel and Marcus were on 4chan for quite some time before I stole the computer… to write this. :c

And we don’t have anyone to help us with the actual video so we can’t record either. Then we realised that we can’t find the artwork on the internet so… we’re pretty much sitting here, working on the last assigment: do your own interpretation.
The comic I’m trying to make takes quite some time and it doesn’t really look like a comic because I’m trying to tell the story in as few panels as possible.

We’re failing miserably.

And I should head back to work.

Oh and the test in religion went so, so bad because I studied the wrong papers!

Guess I have to do magic on the big test instead, haha.

// Nyancy

An ordinary sculpture class.

I took some pictures when I had sculpture this Wednesday. This is just my lovely class~

Pretty Madeleine with the hands of a goddess. Awesome at baking, drawing and painting (you should check her out on her fb-page Eora)! :D  DSC_0103DSC_0104Lovisa working on a head, made out of white plastilina. I’ve only seen black plastilina so I was a little surprised when I saw the color.

DSC_0105DSC_0106Robin doing nothing as usual ;DDSC_0107Our own little poser 

DSC_0111 DSC_011250 % creepy, 50 % cute DSC_0113 DSC_0114This looks… strange but Meriel just wanted Madeleine to scratch her leg. >w<DSC_0117

When you see these pictures it might look like we don’t do anything but I couldn’t take pictures when I was actually working due to clay on my hands. This update is pretty pointless but I hope you enjoyed =w=b

// Nyancy