“Shine bright like a diamond”

Rihanna must’ve meant the moon because, daaamn, does it shine bright tonight Ö_Ö

A(nother) Friday done at work. Everyone was really nice today! All friendly and talkative.
Oh and I can’t wait until I get next month’s pay. This one won’t be juicy haha. But I haven’t planned any expensive purchases so I’ll be fine~ I’ve almost worked the maximum of 10 days this month (2 to go) :D And the month isn’t done yet so they might need me before October.

I picked up the Jbox package I had at the nearby store, didn’t get the notification for the preorder item yesterday so I just said “what the hell” and picked up the one that was there anyway. I can go to the store twice~

I got my Elvis comic too~ It’s all about sickness and waiting rooms ect. haha, which is funny since I’ve been sneezing and feeling a bit low lately.Elvis nr.6 2013It’s the last one for this year (:c) but I don’t have any of their comic albums and they are probably (somewhat) cheap on the book fair next week so I’ll get the newest one and probably a few others! :3 No lack of Elvis here haha. The creators are usually there signing so I might get my copy signed… if I’m there on the right day that is =w=

Ah well, I hope you’ll enjoy the weekend~ I’ll upload the candy I got sometime during the afternoon. It’s all Pucho goodness :D (Good night!)
// Nancy


Cozy art studio visit!

This morning my illustration-class got the opportunity to visit an art studio.
15 people works in an apartment which they all share the rent on (and it makes it really cheap but cramped, they don’t work at the same time so it’s fine).
It’s decorated with both their work and other comic works. It was very cozy!
And the people working there has a lot of different styles. Some studies/have other work on the side and some works with it full time!
Max Gustafson and Jenny Karlsson are two artists I recognized the work from and they are both super talented! :D
The coolest thing must be that Max shares his desk with a guy that draws for DC comics! °w° So jelly! He works at night though so he wasn’t there.

They told us that they would sell comic books cheaply at a market because the publisher went bankrupt. It’s on Sunday and I’ll definitely be going! ^^

I’m not going to school tomorrow because it’s not necessary sooooo… IT’S OFFICIALLY THE WEEKEND! ;D
// Nancy

Vi ses om fem dagar! (The last sentence is the translation~)

Good morning! ^_^/

I packed last night and everything went fine~ IMG_0413My cabin bag weighs 5.05 KG which is just fine (10 is the limit and if I have to, I’ll just put on loads of clothes on the way back home). I bought a bag weigher yesterday so I wouldn’t be in doubt. >w<‘ Worth it… would be so nervous otherwise!
Except for the bag weigher I also bought a rain poncho and super-cheap temporary head phones (because I seriously need music on the flight… and just in general).

I should eat my yummy breakfast now~IMG_0415(Two toasted sandwiches, GOD MORGON orange juice with juicy bits *mmm* and a Peach / Passionfruit yoghurt drink.)

IMG_0414While reading the new Nemi comic! :D

I won’t blog on the trip *never say never though* but look out for the occasional tweet here and there *connection is the key haha*! ^_^

See ya in five days!

// Nyancy

8 funny Pokemon comics!

After accidentally seeing not only one but several funny Pokemon comics on Facebook I felt obligated to share them with you guys!

419230_342948022492867_1233629889_nPoor Jean, what if he ever wants to hug one of them…
(I know that the logic behind this picture is a bit off but c’mon, it’s still funny!)
545766_342550805865922_1175738759_nMagicarp just ruin Feebas chances of becoming a Milotic, let us all take a moment of silence (if you’re not laughing as hard as I am!).734870_341604522627217_664057277_nNo, just no… I would never abandon Kyogre! Zubat knows why it’s there though. (((>A>66926_342507019203634_202506530_nWhy didn’t  I think of this before… *shiver*. I hope they’re two old, long haired men! ;D66926_342508985870104_1086458812_nI think I’ve seen Gyarados smile before… and he’s actually very sweet!548781_341543059300030_1372112683_nSo cute!69242_466761396723339_637977952_nCan’t handle the fabulousness that is Brycen!426069_338285486290040_749401102_nSilly, silly Gold~

And a (non-comic) bonus because I love this one!

377577_265007286965667_96136165_nEnjoyed spreadin’ the Pokemon love this lovely Sunday evening but it’s time for me to sleep. I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


// Nyancy

Art Wednesday: Christmas and fan-art

Helloo thár! :D I’ve really missed sketching up things to then stroke some ink on it and at last splash water-colors everywhere! So that’s what I’ve done these past two days (that and played Rayman Origins 3DS). Exept those six paintings I’m also throwing in the only sketch I did before break and a gift I got! ^_^

20121226-113124.jpg I sketched this while I had my last English lesson before the holidays. Our teacher was so kind to let us watch The Nightmare Before Christmas at 8 o’clock in the morning instead of going through questions.

20121226-121136.jpg Here’s the Christmas card Robin made me last Tuesday! It’s Panty and Stocking on it <3. I'll treasure it forever (like everything else I receive)!

Now the ones I've hade these past days begin:

20121226-121411.jpg What made me get in the mood to draw again was the song All Men Are Pigs by Studio Killers. Listen here! I love everything about it: the sound, Cherry’s voice and the story (this applies to all of their released songs so far >w<)! The title and lyrics makes everybody go crazy, with talk about the band being male-hating… but the band consists of men only and the song is telling a story of a man trying to hit on a woman and while doing so says “all men are pigs, all men but me”.
The painting doesn’t really have anything to do with the song… I just like men, make-up and piggies! ;3

20121226-124000.jpg Did this quicky of the Grinch. I think he’s really cute so I wanted to do something… unfortunatly it’s not well made. =w= But it’s okey, right guys? Ö-Ö’

20121226-124421.jpg Both this one and the Grinch were made when I was tired. The will to draw but to little energy (and lack of creativity) makes me do these kinds of things! C’:

20121226-124834.jpg A girl based on Cherry’s apperence in the Ode To The Bouncer. Watch the video and listen to the song? :3 I didn’t do the stuff running down her eyes (even though I love that kind of thing!) because her face isn’t chubby enough to make it as awesome as Cherry’s. The shading is quite a bit off but let’s ignore it! As a last comment, I really like Cherry’s boobs (haha!) so I tried making slightly more realistic copies.


20121226-125858.jpg “This is no fairy tale: every single male that I’ve met ’till this day had a curly tale” from All Men Are Pigs.
When I heard those lines I thought of how cute it would be… so this man got a curly pig’s tail! The logic behind me drawing men with little clothing in the snow doesn’t exist so don’t ask. ;’D At first he was supposed to have a cigarette between his fingers but then I remembered that I don’t believe in smoking.

20121226-132426.jpg Cyanide & Happiness Christmas fan-art! There’s me in the background being super strong and soon landing on a candy cane + one of Kris’s characters in the foreground “stuffing hi’s stocking” :D

20121226-133245.jpg The joke was published on Christmas Eve at explosm.net, C&H’s official website! :3

Well that was all for now! I’m sorry if the quality sucks! As I said earlier I can’t use the laptop (or scanner) until we’ve fixed it. So no scanning or even making sure that everything looks fine on a computer. :c Urgh.
Anyway, I’m making a separate post for some stuff I’ve made in sculpture class. It’ll probably be up today!
See you later! :D
// Nyancy

B&W 2 countdown: 5 days (and US release)

Hi guys! The lucky bastards in America gets Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 today so I thought that we in Europe should support that and celebrate with them (minus the game…)!

My Tumblr addicted friend Char-char linked this awesome comic that’s celebrating the release day!:

Really good right? :D

The last page shows the ones drawing each page, so I really want to thank those people for this little comic and of course Char-char for showing it to me!
// Nyancy

Cyanide & Happiness

How could you not love C&H??!

Love at first sight when I discovered them quite some years ago :3

From Kris Wilson’s Deviantart (click on the picture and you’ll get there) ^^

The humor is bold, literal and simple and that’s what makes it so incredibly funny.

Even with the jokes that are pretty stupid, the characters will still make them work (HOW DO THEY DO IT??!)!

Well Now it’s time for me to sleep so good night everybody! ^ w^/

// Nyancy