Kawaiibox September & October

Hi guys! I know I said that I wouldn’t backtrack but since I just started blogging again you guys might not know about this subscription box and I want to tell you about it! 😊

Since it’s a subscription box you get a box every month with 10-12 cute products for between 17.30$ – 18.90$. I have the one month plan so I get it for 18.90$, the other ones are lump sums and I haven’t made that investment yet but maybe I will when I have money left some month ^^

Now to the boxes themselves! This is the September Box:


And this is the October Box:CUMR2533

Both pictures are from my instagram when the boxes just came home to me!

These are the only boxes I’ve gotten but they have similar categories of stuff in them:

  • a small pouch of some sort (the mumin one and the cat one)
  • a bigger bag (the adorable alpaca makeupbag and the bunny pencase)
  • something to eat (caplico icecream, goldfish gummies & candy sushi)
  • charms (toasted bread, eggyolk & cat)
  • a pen (a bunny inkpen & a lollipop ballpoint pen) these are my favorite in the boxes haha
  • 3D stickers (food & farm ones)
  • DIY stuff (bracelet kit, nail bling & gems)
  • some kind of paper item (a cute animal card & cute printed mini paperbags)
  • lastly, misc. things: fragrance balls in a plastic jar & a stamp set)

In conclusion I think it’s a very fun box to get every month! Until next time have a good time 😁

// Nancy


8 funny Pokemon comics!

After accidentally seeing not only one but several funny Pokemon comics on Facebook I felt obligated to share them with you guys!

419230_342948022492867_1233629889_nPoor Jean, what if he ever wants to hug one of them…
(I know that the logic behind this picture is a bit off but c’mon, it’s still funny!)
545766_342550805865922_1175738759_nMagicarp just ruin Feebas chances of becoming a Milotic, let us all take a moment of silence (if you’re not laughing as hard as I am!).734870_341604522627217_664057277_nNo, just no… I would never abandon Kyogre! Zubat knows why it’s there though. (((>A>66926_342507019203634_202506530_nWhy didn’t  I think of this before… *shiver*. I hope they’re two old, long haired men! ;D66926_342508985870104_1086458812_nI think I’ve seen Gyarados smile before… and he’s actually very sweet!548781_341543059300030_1372112683_nSo cute!69242_466761396723339_637977952_nCan’t handle the fabulousness that is Brycen!426069_338285486290040_749401102_nSilly, silly Gold~

And a (non-comic) bonus because I love this one!

377577_265007286965667_96136165_nEnjoyed spreadin’ the Pokemon love this lovely Sunday evening but it’s time for me to sleep. I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


// Nyancy

Class doodles #1



The first one’s are two weeks old and the last one is from today~ Only a preview thought! This cutie is in a “How to…” comic. I’ll post the whole thing when I’m done. Maybe next week or this weekend.

// Nyancy