My almost as new-tooth!

My dentist advanced my appointment to today instead of Friday, so now my front tooth is whole again! :D uyhij¨

Aren’t these photos beautiful!? (Answer: urgh…)

My front tooth (upper, to the right) got all worn down from me sleeping on my belly and turning my head all night.
I didn’t realize my sleeping position did this until my dentist told me to move my jaw from side to side and the tooth fit perfectly between these teeth: ij¨! D: It was really disturbing to see and now I have promised her to not sleep like that anymore >w< So far I’ve done good but to be on the safe side, I’m going to get an occlusal sprint so she made some dental impressions today. I’m coming back in two weeks to pick them up.


I hit my nose on the laptop while taking this photo… :c I saw the laptop falling but didn’t see the distance correctly! Ouch…
On a side-note, these j-list glasses are a lot of fun!

I’ll upload a sketch right away! It’s been laying on my desk for a while now~
// Nancy


I lisp! ÖAÖ

I was at the dentist today. Everything went fine but now I’m stuck with a half-numb face :’3 It feels really strange, specially my tongue and chin. Even my ear is numb! cuddleKitty-cuddling makes everything better though~

Since I can’t eat anything without biting off my tongue, I walked to the supermarket to get some yoghurt c: And I came out with my favorite kind… and a box of grapes (because they were cheap and looked delicious).danoninokärnfria druvor

Oh-uh, 8 minutes left on the laptop >A> Time to say good bye!
I’m going to kitty cuddle some more because I’m exhausted~cutiepie

【 Snuggle friendly, yeaaah 】

// Nancy


It doesn’t feel like Tuesday (because of yesterday). :c On Thursday it’s social study test-time and I haven’t opened the book yet (and I haven’t gotten the questions that we got when I wasn’t there)… when I think about all the things that need to be done (before this semester ends), all I want to do is shut down. But of course, the show must go on.

I’m going to bed now, I’m not feeling well and I’m pretty sure that I’ve had too little sleep.

Tomorrow I’m going to the devil a.k.a the dentist. When I get to school we’re going to have a model in sculpture class. Also my English teacher is sick so I’m going to the gym instead. With another word, an okay day!

// Nyancy