Blue Tuesday.

Feeling a bit down this week but what makes everything better if not a Buffy marathon! So far I’ve seen a season each day (from Sunday) so I’m in the middle of season 3. I really love Buffy the vampire slayer. I remember seeing it on TV3 when I was around ten. My grandmother wanted me to change the channel but I refused. I was totally enchanted by Spike!

Drusilla and Spike are great villains c: I’m in love with them both.
Their personalities are lovely and inspiring (not in the sense of a way to be but creatively for me!). The Brittish accent they both have, but especially Drusilla’s, are perfect. ♥ spike-drusillaCan’t wait for Spike to be in the show more regularly and maybe another visit from Dru (please?)!

Another thing! Remember when I said that I didn’t get the preorder gift for Disney Infinity? Well yesterday when my parents came home at 1 AM (after work), my mom gave me the usual Electroworld package:Bild 2013-08-27 kl. 16.48 #2About A4 format (which feels huge for ⇣).

And there it was inside! >w< IMG_1864A tiny Power disc pack.IMG_1866 IMG_1868A holographic Merlin Summon power disc. It’ll make “in-game economy pickup area times two”. I’ll come in handy c:IMG_1870And my surprise power disc is Cinderella’s Coach. I’ll be able to ride the carriage in Toy Box mode.

It feels weird that they sent it like this and not together with the game… but I assume that they did it because they didn’t have them when the game came out(? maybe).

I didn’t get my PS3 today because I’m feeling sick but tomorrow my mom is going to the optician so I’ll tag along and buy it then! See you tomorrow~

// Nancy