New clothes will arrive within a month!

I took the opportunity to buy clothes that was on sale with a 20% discount on top of that!


Today was the last day for it too so it was pure luck that I wanted to check the site last night. It took many ifs and buts but I finally decided on these two:

Two fabulous long sleeved t-shirts ❤ The black one is an “off-shoulder” one (a hole on each shoulder) and the pink one has studs and cutting! ^^

So, so satisfied and I payed 61.58$ in the end (without the 20% discount it would’ve been 76.98$). They should be here in 15-29 days according to the site. CAN’T WAIT!!!

Haven’t told my mom yet because she went out before I woke up but I’m sure she’ll freak out (in a good way haha)!

Now… I should start cleaning. Bye guys~

// Nyancy