You’ve got to love missunderstandings! And the ones involving strangers are even better because you won’t get the chance to explain yourself. So why am I telling you this? Well…

Funny incident telling in

3, 2, 1.

Marcus, Lovisa and I was waiting for the cash depositor to be emptied on money so I could insert mine. It took forever so Lovisa wanted to try asking a near-by bakery if they could exchange the bills to coins (so we could use the coin depositor instead)… they couldn’t. We moved a few meters away and while we stood there in a triangle, trying to figure out what to do, a guy that probably wanted to ask us some questions appeared.Skärmavbild 2013-01-11 kl. 19.07.21 He hadn’t said anything yet before Lovisa screamed “I DON’T WANT TO” (she actually said something like “I’m not up for it” but there’s no good translation from Swedish to english) and he awkwardly walked away. Lovisa said that as an answer to Marcus! We laughed so much after that. In fact, I even forgot to insert the money!

The whole thing reminded me of the time when a guy came in to the computer-room in school with black lipstick all over his face and I turned to Meriel… her eyes were huge and her jaw dropped. I bursted out “your face hahaha!” without thinking and the guy said “hmm… *turned around* ah right” then took the thing he was looking for and walked away. There I was trying to explain but yeah… he just flew away. tumblr_m4wpw3BPZI1rqfhi2o1_250

You can just look back at times like these and laugh!

// Nyancy