Class doodles #1



The first one’s are two weeks old and the last one is from today~ Only a preview thought! This cutie is in a “How to…” comic. I’ll post the whole thing when I’m done. Maybe next week or this weekend.

// Nyancy


Leave me to heal on my own.

Leave me to heal on my own
With those empty cool promises
You stole my dreams
Yeah all my dreams
I’m dead inside
Please let me feel my way home
Without reason or compromise
You stole my dreams
Now all I believe is dead inside

Be quick now child
And soil my bed with all your dirt
Just keep me suffering
All these promises
Lectures and bold face lies
All these promises
Born of a shameless mind

Master of disaster – Seether


I’m in that kind of mood right now…. like my heart is dying because of  my hatred.

YOU make me like this.

And I CAN’T throw you away because “you” won’t let me.

But when I’m gone. That’s when I can start breathing again.

Diru what would I do without you?

Good night. // Nyancy ❤