AC:NL Nintendo “Halloween” surprise!

Sorry for not blogging, I haven’t been in the mood even though I’ve gotten some things in the mail (all the season of Angel, Lollipop Chainsaw and Catherine)… pretty sure it’s because everything seems to break at the same time (my iPod, bed, computer and phone) :c Urgh. Let’s continue the post!

Today when I was ready to checked on my town, the first face I saw was Pete outside my house! And that usually meaaans: A LETTER FROM NINTENDO HAS ARRIVED!HNI_0062 HNI_0063“So… what is it?”, you’re asking, well this was what the letter said:

Dear Nyancy,
Not feeling so creepy this
year? You can still have fun
with your friends with some
ghoulishly good pumpkin pie!
Just don’t forget to save 
yourself a slice!
         From NintendooOoooOO

HNI_0065Yep, Pumpkin pie~

I think it’s a nice little October gift! Too bad it isn’t steaming (it would’ve been pretty cool) :3
// Nancy

The Dark Knight Triology – Ultimate Collector’s Edition Unboxing

IMG_2284Aaaand here comes the slightly late unboxing I told you that I would do. ^^b I’m showing the content in the same order as they came in the box! IMG_2285

These are the first things you see when you open the box. A letter from Christopher Nolan and the reproductions of the Tumbler (from Batman Begins), Bat (from The Dark Knight Rises) and Bat-Pod (from The Dark Knight).


Next comes the villain prints from Mondo in a sturdy envelope. They are gorgeous~ I want to frame and put them on my wall! Sadly I don’t have any room (or a frame for that matter). D: The prints are 25.5×17.3 cm.IMG_2288

IMG_2289This is the large 48-page photo book of the trilogy. It’s beautiful and the inside combines both matt and shiny finishes. The photos are shiny while the background is matt (and the batman logos, not on the picture above though haha).IMG_2290IMG_2291 IMG_2292And the finale is the disc book. A thick, hard-cover with 6 Blu-rays. Batman Begins has one disc, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises has two each (one being special features, nothing new for those that already have the movies on blu-ray) and the final disc has over 90 minutes of new special features.

Like I said on my last post: it was worth the 600 SEK i gave for this TDK: UC edition. I’m in love with it~
// Nancy

PKM X&Y Countdown.

537993_708182969211516_2118044790_nNintendo 3DS UK’s FB-site started a X&Y countdown as their cover photo today.

I’m not doing a Pokemon countdown this year. A reason is because X&Y are released simultaneously everywhere (= less legit information posted). The other (and main) reason is that I’m trying to know as little as possible, to not spoil the experience. It’s not that hard because I don’t feel tempted (which now that I think about it, is weird Ö_Ö I should be ecstatic!).

I know the information they released four or five month’s ago, about the mega evolutions and seen some photos of the character(s) changing clothes(…that sounds wrong /°A°/). That’s about it.tumblr_mthnixMNdk1rv6iido2_500I’ve preordered Pokemon Y in a store near the gym (so I can play on the release day) and Pokemon X + the guide on an online store that has deals all the time, so I got them both really cheap. >w<b
It’s the first time I buy both the games in a generation and the first time I buy the guide for the games.untitledfc5f808d7de6375c1f673bd8aae55babuntitled

I truly believe that this pokemon experience will be beyond epic!

Last post for today guys, see you tomorrow~
// Nancy

Animal Crossing:New Leaf DLC October

The DLC this month is nothing fancy-looking~ HNI_0015This is what it looks like:HNI_0017 HNI_0016When you lay down it sounds like you’re laying down on hay~

You can buy the bed for 4400 bells from the catalogue and sell it for 1100 bells at Re-tail.
I’m not going to use this one. I’m going a bit too pink and extravagant for this one to fit in haha >w<‘ It’s fine though, the fact that I’ll get both the Creepy and Spooky series this month compensates~
// Nancy

AC:NL, let the month of Halloween begin!


HNI_0065 HNI_0066
Jack scared me today :’3 I don’t know why but I didn’t expect to see him today, haha! You should talk to him and tell him that you will be his servant on Halloween ;D You’ll get a mask (so that you can scare villagers at the end of the month)~

From today on you can buy candy and the Spooky series-furniture at the Nooklings c:HNI_0070

400 bells for a piece of candy~HNI_0073And all the pieces from the Spooky series cost 4124 bells each!

And at the Able Sisters you can buy masks to scare the villagers!HNI_0075If you’re unsure if it’s a Halloween mask, all the masks cost 1031 bells ^^b


I just asked for this month’s DLC at the post office, I’ll share it with you right away~
// Nancy

“Shine bright like a diamond”

Rihanna must’ve meant the moon because, daaamn, does it shine bright tonight Ö_Ö

A(nother) Friday done at work. Everyone was really nice today! All friendly and talkative.
Oh and I can’t wait until I get next month’s pay. This one won’t be juicy haha. But I haven’t planned any expensive purchases so I’ll be fine~ I’ve almost worked the maximum of 10 days this month (2 to go) :D And the month isn’t done yet so they might need me before October.

I picked up the Jbox package I had at the nearby store, didn’t get the notification for the preorder item yesterday so I just said “what the hell” and picked up the one that was there anyway. I can go to the store twice~

I got my Elvis comic too~ It’s all about sickness and waiting rooms ect. haha, which is funny since I’ve been sneezing and feeling a bit low lately.Elvis nr.6 2013It’s the last one for this year (:c) but I don’t have any of their comic albums and they are probably (somewhat) cheap on the book fair next week so I’ll get the newest one and probably a few others! :3 No lack of Elvis here haha. The creators are usually there signing so I might get my copy signed… if I’m there on the right day that is =w=

Ah well, I hope you’ll enjoy the weekend~ I’ll upload the candy I got sometime during the afternoon. It’s all Pucho goodness :D (Good night!)
// Nancy

I need a cane… (+ AC:NL Harvest Moon)

My hips feel totally messed up :< I worked today… my boss called just when my parents were about to leave. Logistics had some computer problems where they bring in the car bodies so some people had to help them over there. I don’t know why I’m feeling totally exhausted because there wasn’t a lot of material to repack ö_ö The opposite actually!
Maybe the stress I went through and the fact that I didn’t eat until dinner at 18.06 wore me out.

I would’ve blogged about AC:NL’s Harvest Moon but yeah, not much to say really so I can just put it in here =w=HNI_0014 HNI_0019 HNI_0020

I got the veggie basket during work so I couldn’t screenshot everything the first time. That’s why I took another one with my second character!

Like on the day of the solstice, there’s a face cut-out standee on the town plaza. You’re a scarecrow and there are leaves falling and a very vibrant and pretty moon. Unfortunately the “real” moon doesn’t look any different from any other day… :cHNI_0013

It’s a bad photo but it’s still better than the one I got at night xD You can’t see anything!

Here’s the veggie basket you get from Isabelle:HNI_0021

It’s getting late and I have a feeling that my body needs as much rest as it can get so good night!
scarecrow(Trying to get some pretty waves tomorrow… I will most likely look like a scarecrow c: lovely~)
// Nancy

Surprise from my brother.

It’s been a very dead day today, woke up at two in the afternoon and then flew around in Flower.flower-game-screenshot-1When my brother came home we started playing some other titles: Prototype, Little Big Planet 2, Tales of Xillia, Disney Infinity and right now, The Last of Us. He also brought a 20th/21st birthday/Christmas present (haha)! xD He really likes to hit three birds with one stone… really grateful though! Didn’t expect it at all.Disney infinity Villian package

The Disney Infinity: Villains Pack~

Randy is my favorite but the other ones are awesome too *w* He’s so cute with that evil smirk!
We only played in the Toy Box yesterday but today we went to the pirate world and used Jack and Davy Jones. Confusing but fun. The camera is bugging me but I’ll see if I can fix it.

I’m going to the dentist tomorrow (yes feel sorry for me :c) and since it’s Friday, I’ll upload the DIY candy-thing I’ve promised for a few weeks! >3<‘ See ya tomorrow!
// Nancy

PS3 funsies~

Today I finally bought a PS3! c:

Went to the nearest Elgiganten to buy it but apparently they didn’t have 500 GB PS3’s without a Little Big Planet bundle >_> The guy I asked if they had any in stock (which they didn’t) did give me the great advice to buy the bundle and not play the game.

“Thank you, I’d looove to buy an expensive bundle including a game I don’t want to play”  – What I wanted to say but you know…no need to be rude.

I told him that I’d seen the one I was looking for in the other store they have (but it’s further away) so I went there instead and found what I was looking for. The only one left too! QwQ Almost didn’t see it at first because it was hiding among some 12GB versions and LBP bundles.

PS3 I’m happy to finally have it! :D It’s so light and even though people think it looks ugly I think the design is fine. You just see a black box in my dark room anyway (I’d be a shame if it was super awesome-looking and no one could see it ;3)!

I thought I’d also show you the games I’ve got! (Especially for you Andy)
GAMES1These are my brother’s (he had a PS3 but it broke a few months ago). I’m not entirely sure if I get them (since he’s getting a PS4 and it isn’t backwards compatible) but right now I don’t see it as a huge loss if I just get to borrow them ^^mina spelAnd these are my games so far… the Eyepet thing was my first game. >_> My brother gave it to me a few Christmases ago (so hush)! xD
Prototype is technically my brother’s since I bought it to him in Edinburgh as a present but there wasn’t any room for it in the other box.

I’m planning on getting Alice Madness returns, Lollipop chainsaw, Beyond two souls and Batman Arkham Origins. If you have any tips on good & fun games, give it to me! :D I prefer RPG’s, platform and games with good stories.

And the controllers I have:
LRLRSANDSTARTANDBBABHere we have (from the left):
A Blu-ray Disc Remote
My brother’s Dualshock 3 controller (we should have another one + the one I got today)
An Afterglow Ap.2 controller
A Playstation Move Motion controller

Right now I’m updating the system and it was the first thing I did so I haven’t played anything yet Q_Q It has taken it about an hour to get to 40%… so sloooowww!

I’m going to watch Buffy while it loads, have a great day!
I’ll see you tomorrow with some stuff I’ve drawn. Don’t expect anything fancy (as usual), I was bored when I did them >wÖ
// Nancy

Blue Tuesday.

Feeling a bit down this week but what makes everything better if not a Buffy marathon! So far I’ve seen a season each day (from Sunday) so I’m in the middle of season 3. I really love Buffy the vampire slayer. I remember seeing it on TV3 when I was around ten. My grandmother wanted me to change the channel but I refused. I was totally enchanted by Spike!

Drusilla and Spike are great villains c: I’m in love with them both.
Their personalities are lovely and inspiring (not in the sense of a way to be but creatively for me!). The Brittish accent they both have, but especially Drusilla’s, are perfect. ♥ spike-drusillaCan’t wait for Spike to be in the show more regularly and maybe another visit from Dru (please?)!

Another thing! Remember when I said that I didn’t get the preorder gift for Disney Infinity? Well yesterday when my parents came home at 1 AM (after work), my mom gave me the usual Electroworld package:Bild 2013-08-27 kl. 16.48 #2About A4 format (which feels huge for ⇣).

And there it was inside! >w< IMG_1864A tiny Power disc pack.IMG_1866 IMG_1868A holographic Merlin Summon power disc. It’ll make “in-game economy pickup area times two”. I’ll come in handy c:IMG_1870And my surprise power disc is Cinderella’s Coach. I’ll be able to ride the carriage in Toy Box mode.

It feels weird that they sent it like this and not together with the game… but I assume that they did it because they didn’t have them when the game came out(? maybe).

I didn’t get my PS3 today because I’m feeling sick but tomorrow my mom is going to the optician so I’ll tag along and buy it then! See you tomorrow~

// Nancy

A vampire slayer’s life and games in the mail~

Happy Caturdaay everyone! kittyMy lovely cat maxi dress from Asos :3

Picked up a package from and one from today.
From Electroworld I got my preordered Disney Infinity starter pack (didn’t get the preorder bonus and I’m going to ask why).
And Cdon had really good offers on games a few days ago. They had 20% off all games (preorders not included) and 3 for 2 on selected assortment!
I’ll show you what I got from there first:

IMG_0984The whole order!IMG_0985The Last Of Us (a really good bargain since I got it for cheaper than the cheapest price I’ve found) and Journey (+ Flow, Flower and the OST)IMG_0995Self explanatory >wÖ
IMG_0987 IMG_0993I got this Afterglow AP.2 wireless controller that’s see-through and it also has lights that you can have on all the time, off all the time or (what probably will be my favorite) have them light up when the controller vibrates!

The Last Of Us, Mario & Luigi: DT and the controller was on the 3 for 2 offer. I didn’t pay anything for the 400 SEK controller~ c:IMG_0999Last but not least I got aaaaall the seasons of my favorite series ever (cat not included) :D It was 50% off but still expensive… but I couldn’t not get it since it’s been forever since I saw it and I love it QwQ Physical copies is the way I like it haha.

And now to the Disney Infinity unboxing!IMG_1002The usual box you see everywhere =w=bIMG_1010The webcode card and the PS3-game.IMG_1006The Disney Infinity base and the random power disc.IMG_1012The DI playset piece in the front and the three starter figurines in the back.IMG_1013The Jack Sparrow Figure
IMG_1017The Sulley figureIMG_1015The Mr. Incredible figureIMG_1007I got Alice in Worderland (Tulgey forrest) power disc! ♥ I’m so happy because I’ll be able to run around Wonderland as I please :D kitteehAs an end to this Caturday, enjoy my Tora in the DI box right after I took the plastic “mold” out of it >w< So cute~

I’ll try to blog more often (fo’ reals) but because we only have one computer and my brother has started to play LOL which gives me little time with it. But it should get better now since he starts school again (freakin’ 10th grade aah!).

My brother comes home today so I’ll upload the DIY japanese candy I got last week! He has the pictures on his phone :’3
// Nancy

AC:NL DLC – Firework table

Attention all Animal Crossing: New Leaf players!HNI_0057

It’s the month of August and that means Fireworks every Sunday in Animal Crossing :D By a mere coincidence I went to the post office this morning (it was actually around two but it felt like morning…) and tried to receive a gift, and it worked! ♥

You’ll get this table:


It’s very pretty and the firework details glow in the dark! :DHNI_0058

Don’t miss out! You have all of August to collect it but it’s always better to play it safe right? ^^

My first firework show has already started and I’m trying my luck on Redd’s cookies. I have a lot of roman candles but actually a few prizes :3
See you!
// Nancy

Pokemon X&Y mini reveals

Guys there’s a new trailer out! And at the end you can see the Pokemon X&Y 3DS XL :D

Also, the Nintendo 3DS UK FB-page revealed GAME’s X&Y preorder gift:1094974_667396499956830_230434273_nA Pokéball card game case. I don’t know if it applies to all the GAME-stores in Europe but yeah, good for ya UK >w<b
I have not preordered at GAME so I don’t know what the preorder gift will be… I should look into it since I’m getting very curious *_*

I need to check my little AC:NL town now since it’s already 17:23 and I haven’t touched my 3DS! See ya~
// Nancy