Selfridge’s beautiful window display

I took a picture of all the window displays outside of Selfridge while we walked through Oxford street. They were so beautiful and planetary themed. My favorite is what seems to be Mars, the god of war. And the one with feathers behind it is my least favorite… it felt very strange. For example: why is he holding the bow like that? And the overall pose too, is very strange.











Planets and stars are some of my faves and this was very aesthetically pleasing to me.

// Nancy


Bubblegum bitch going blond and flamingo pink!

[↑ PLAY ↑]

Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 20.54.47❪Stage 0❫Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 20.54.53❪Stage 1, bleached❫
 Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 21.08.41
Stage 2, dyed roots with Pretty Flamingo❫kkdmkdmfkbubbler kopia❪Stage 3, framed and touched up roots with Cotton Candy Pink❫

〖BLEACH〗MOOD Ultrablond Extra
【HAIR COLOR】MANIC PANIC Cotton Candy Pink & Petty Flamingo

Psst, sorry for the bad lighting… it’s a grey day again!
// Nancy

MOTD and first ever OOTD on Sunday-Funday!

4-bildsserie 2013-05-05 kl. 15.07 (kompilerad)Caturday is behind me and now it’s Sunday-Funday! ;DSkärmavbild 2013-05-05 kl. 15.49.38I’m wearing
Pullover: Lindex
Leggins: Cubus (bought a long time ago), I made the cuts myself though.
Shoes: Asos (Vancouver Flatforms)

Bild 2013-05-05 kl. 14.57Bild 2013-05-05 kl. 14.56 #3Bild 2013-05-05 kl. 14.55 #2See you tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

// Nancy

When I was bored in class.

As I said yesterday (here), this is what I made last week in illustration-class. Now, it isn’t that good because I wasn’t feeling creative! I still like a few of them, hehe >w< They are made with water color and oil pastel.face face 1 face 2 face 3 face 4I’m going to eat breakfast now :3 I might upload a MOTD later! See you then!

// Nancy

Fatshion illustrations.

Stayed up until four because I was in the mood to bring out my art supplies. I made these with a water-soluble fineliner, an old Metro-newspaper and homemade wallpaper paste. I did two more but they have nothing with these so I’ll show them some other time~fashion 1fashion 2 1fashion 3fashion 3 1fashion 4I really like working like this!
Next week I’ll be crazy busy so no blogging at all (I’ve been bad this week too, I know…). I’ll be tweeting as usual though, hehe. It’s not as time consuming as making posts. See you when hell week is over! QwQ

// Nancy

Asos Vancouver Flatforms.

Good afternoon, having a good Friday? ^_^
I’ve had a pleasant one, nothing majorly annoying (just a printer failing on me, that’s about it)~ :D

Yesterday I got a mail notifier saying that I had a package to pick up~ So I picked it up today and as I suspected, it was my shoes! I ordered the ASOS Vancouver Flatforms with the black and white bird-pattern from their OUTLET Up to 70%-sale almost two weeks ago. It took 10 days for them to come from the UK to Sweden~ Which is totally fine with me, I’m not much of an “I want them fast”-type of girl. I’ll be happy if they just arrive in good condition!
DSC_0837This model comes in five different colors: white, black, black/white birds, metallic blue and rose gold. This “color” is 100% textile on the outside, has a 50% polyurethane/50% textile lining socket and the sole is 100% rubber.
The flatform is 7 cm.
DSC_0836They are creeper-styled but with a pointed toe (and a more feminine-shaped flatform).DSC_0840I really like these shoes~ They are pretty and comfortable to walk in. I only walked in them a bit but they are already dirty-looking (sorry for that~). For close-ups it looks pretty bad but in real life it isn’t that noticeable! They are a bit taller than my old ones but aren’t harder to walk in. Speaking of old ones, I showed my Twitter followers this a few weeks ago and this is also the reason I bought a new pair:DSC_0844One day they just decided to split in two. I love these shoes but when I’ve bought a pair, I use them until they are torn to pieces so I wasn’t surprised. I bought them in the middle of last summer and used them everyday until today. I’m taking these with me to Scotland though. I won’t get the new shoes soft enough before the trip in three days and I really don’t want to have chafed feet with the amount of walking we’ll do in Edinburgh!

You can still find these on the website. Only in size 8 though. If you’re looking for clothes I really recommend you to check out the sale, they have some pretty awesome deals. ^_^ They also ship worldwide!

(btw… fitting first post after the blog announcement, right? The timing is perfect! :’D)

// Nyancy

I’m Miss Hellebore herself.

Good morning! ^_^/

As I said yesterday, I modelled for the Hellebore-design, I made originally for Robin, this Saturday. The hellebore flower, also called the Christmas rose, blooms during the winter so I felt that I needed ice in the background!
This is what it looks like:

Skärmavbild 2013-01-28 kl. 19.19.47I used this picture as my reference.

And here are the pictures from Saturday:Skärmavbild 2013-03-11 kl. 09.16.51Skärmavbild 2013-03-11 kl. 09.24.36These are edited. Tora walked around while I took the pictures! He was so cute that I just had to have him in them when I saw that he walked behind me!DSC_0758I never say no to some kitty-kompany~ ^_Ö

As I’ve said before in the other project-posts (Flower Power! and Mr. Aconitum): I’m not showing you the best picture or the sketches yet! When I’ve done everybody, a post including all the sketches and final results will be uploaded. c:

Even though Robin couldn’t make it to this one, I’m actually heading to his apartment today! He promised me cookies and the latest episodes of Once Upon a Time/The Walking Dead~ ;D I asked if he still wanted to be a model and he said yes so his design is a secret, both to you guys and to him!

I’m going to scan all my doodles now so the Class doodles-post should be up in an hour or so! See you guys later~

// Miss Hellebore

Flower power!

I’m been too lazy today! D: I haven’t uploaded the pictures from yesterday, which are of the makeup’s I did and the photo shoots afterwards~

I did both Merielle and Marcus yesterday and they were Showy Honey Myrtle and Attenborough’s pitcher plant.

Here’s some process-pictures:

DSC_0305 DSC_0308 DSC_0312DSC_0314 DSC_0318 DSC_0334DSC_0368 DSC_0377 DSC_0384The end results!

Showy Honey Myrtle

urlThis flower is unique because it’s able to grow near salt water!DSC_0353Merielle stood in -2 degrees celsius in a tanktop. She’s awesome! And I’m so happy she said yes to be one of my models~ QwQ

Attenborough’s pitcher plant

url-2A carnivorous plant from the Philippines. It’s known to eat rats… *shiver*DSC_0408
Marcus fought through the long waiting (I did his foundation but then we realized that Merielle had to be done first because she has a longer way home) and tickling from brushes… but the pictures came out great! Unfortunately they’re not taken outside. And I’m not satisfied with his makeup so I will be redoing this one… when it gets warmer and I can get the eyeliners I need! >w< He’s (kind of) willing to do it again so it’s just a matter of waiting~

That was all from yesterday. I haven’t uploaded the best pictures of the end results because I want to wait until I’ve done everything!
Tomorrow is Robins turn! I’ll probably upload the pictures the same day. ^_^ See you tomorrow!


So I started out wanting to buy some shoes… and I ended up browsing through all the corners of Amazon! I’ve deleted things and added them for 2-3 hours now. But I think that I’ve finally made the perfect shopping basket, it is perfect because everything becomes the amount of money that my mother owes me :D.

 So I’m buying (from the top right) 1. a gray layered, shirred t-shirt with skulls. 2. Blue/purple/pink cosmic leggings 3. Black Paul Jones hoodie (chose to include the grey one because you can see the details better) 4. Gray roses and skulls printed leggings 5. Red, studded creeper flatforms.

The PJ hoodie is a men’s hoodie but I don’t really care (want to buy another one but I can’t right now). People care to much about gender specifics >3> I say:

Now I just need the money. Aaaand mother gets her money tomorrow soooo… I’m crossing my fingers! >w<

*sight* I should be writing the manuscript to the art video that we’re recording tomorrow… but I really don’t want to :c I’m doing


Don’t have Swedish tomorrow anyway~ ;w;/ So I start after lunch. That means that I will probably write tomorrow ha.ha.ha *I suck*.

I’m tired :c

OH I JUST REMEMBERED! Going to take some pictures in the city tomorrow (if it’s not raining) :D There’s lights everywhere and it’s all Christmas pretty~ So look forward to Gothenburg pictures! ^^

I should head to bed now so see you tomorrow!

Nighty, nighty~

// Nyancy

New clothes will arrive within a month!

I took the opportunity to buy clothes that was on sale with a 20% discount on top of that!


Today was the last day for it too so it was pure luck that I wanted to check the site last night. It took many ifs and buts but I finally decided on these two:

Two fabulous long sleeved t-shirts ❤ The black one is an “off-shoulder” one (a hole on each shoulder) and the pink one has studs and cutting! ^^

So, so satisfied and I payed 61.58$ in the end (without the 20% discount it would’ve been 76.98$). They should be here in 15-29 days according to the site. CAN’T WAIT!!!

Haven’t told my mom yet because she went out before I woke up but I’m sure she’ll freak out (in a good way haha)!

Now… I should start cleaning. Bye guys~

// Nyancy

Make up of the day: purple wolf.

I didn’t feel like smiling on the pictures. But how often do you see a wolf smile?

Compensation >wÖ

I went with the colors of the sky today, blue and a grayish purple. I’m starting to get fond of mascara (I’ve absolutely hated them for 5 years because people said that they didn’t make a difference on me *and it made me loose lashes when washing it off* but it does when applying only eyeshadows)!

Hope you enjoyed today’s make up.

// Nyancy

Jewelry from Crazy Factory!

This is my second order to crazy factory that I submitted yesterday! I am really satisfied with the site but I was really misjudging the measurement of my lip so now I want new spirals and I also want to buy new (bigger) balls and studs: 

These are all to me exept the last ball closure ring, which is a birthday present to Robin (he knows about it so no secret haha).

And these are all to my friend Emilia (awesome stuff right there!). She also got a blog here~ She talks about her life, games and clothes so if you want, check it out: Onmislashed! :D

I really recommend this site! It says that it’ll take no more than a week and it came after 5 days + the package was so small that it fit through my mailbox . Can’t wait for the things to arrive~

// Nyancy