London Day 1

IMG_0570Pre-adventure, bare faced & exited!

IMG_0578We were really early at the airport, an hour before the bagage drop opened so we got some wintery goodness @ Espresso house. I got the Winter frapino cream and Ari had the “tomtelatte”. It was super delicious! 😊

IMG_0602The clouds were laying really thick over Gothenburg but as soon as we ascended this is what we saw, the blazing sun.

IMG_0603One of my favorite things: the sky 😍

IMG_0622Bam! We did our makeup on the plane, a two our flight is plenty of time 😁

IMG_0634The view of the sky while waiting for the bus at Stansted airport 💙

IMG_0646First thing we had to do when we arrived at London Victoria: eat. The food tasted so good, the service… was creepy 😒 The guy behind the counter hit on us in a way that was beyond awkward 😩 We talked about it on the vlog we made so when I’ve uploaded it to YT I’m going to post it at the end!

IMG_0653Basically the only part of London we saw on day 1 but the buildings are very beautiful.

IMG_0658Incredibly boring picture but this was our hotel room, cheap and basic, just like us 😘✌🏽 I jokingly said “I call the big bed” and Ari thought I was serious so I rolled with it 😂 #truebestfriends She complained about the smell of the walls so she got some payback by nagging me to sleep 💞

In pictures, this day doesn’t look very eventful but just wait for the vlog, it was a bit wilder that this haha THE VLOG IS HERE! Watch it by clicking here. It’s really long so don’t expect a professional, short vlog but MWAH thank you if you watch it!

// Nancy 💖


Cabin bag “Classic Air” small.

Hi guys! I’m going to have a busy week, which means that there will be fewer post. Next week is “sport”-break in Sweden so I’ll be free then!

Since I’m going to both Edinburgh and London this year I thought that it was time to buy a cabin bag while I still had money left, so I did buy one today!Classic air cabin bag

I got the smallest cabin bag in the Classic Air-line! Did some searching for a cheap one online yesterday and this was the one that stood out.


Pretty plum color and the design is pretty!

Practical info:

  • Width: 34,5 cm
  • Depth: 20 cm
  • Height: 46 cm
  • Weight: 2,55 kg
  • Volume: 38 litre

The measurements are practically perfect for flying with Ryan Air (which I’m doing with at least my english-class to Edinburgh). The limit for a cabin bag is H: 55 cm, W: 40 cm and D: 20 cm. The bag must also weigh under 10 kg.

This bag was the lightest one I found (for a reasonable price) and walking around with it is easy and it is very light!


DSC_0201On the lowest handle-setting. The small circles are the highest ones.DSC_0202 DSC_0203A little name tag-thingie in the back~DSC_0205Two front-pockets. Handy for my sketch-book I believe~DSC_0207The bottom. 360° rotating-wheels that are handy in quick turns.

The original one I intended to buy was the old edition (it would’ve been 100 SEK cheaper) but they were out-of-stock. So I took this one.

55251350fullThe old one.

A few differences but I like the one I bought more because of the wheels!

It seems sturdy so let’s hope it won’t break!

I payed 299 SEK for mine at RUSTA.