Mr. Edelweiss.

Good evening everyone!
I met up with Robin today. He had other plans yesterday so we postponed it till today! I finally did a flower inspired makeup on him~ I decided to make him an edelweiss because he lives in an apartment on the 5th floor. The view of the sky from his balcony is beautiful and I really wanted the view as the background. It’s been sunny these past few days so I’m lucky~
Ederweiss-flowers are unique because they live high up in the mountains. They felt like a very good participant amongst the other flowers I’ve chosen. Ederweiss looks like this:edelweissRobin took a snapshot while I was putting foundation on him!479782_10200198222872200_1584382952_nTo be honest, he probably is the most difficult model I’ve had! >w< Cancels on me, rubs his eyes when I’m finally done with the makeup on his eyes and he can’t sit still. I should probably thank Emilie Autumn for the fact that he actually sat down for about 40 minutes! He listened to her the whole time~
He made the end result look amazing though + I don’t think anyone would stand on a chair (in a tanktop with bold makeup), on a balcony on the 5th floor while the possibility of neighbors peaking through their windows.
Viking points: +30! ÒAÓ/

Here’s the result:72402_10200198381196158_62205380_nThe other pictures are too similar for me to show you, so you get the webcam picture Robin took after everything was done!

Afterwards we walked to Sushi Delux and we ate yummy food, sushi for Robin and chicken salad for me~DSC00447I also received the Maria Nila products from Glossybox today! A post on them will be up tomorrow :3 See you then!

// Nyancy


Mr. Aconitum.

Went to Joel with Madeleine last Friday. It was really nice~ We walked to the highest spot on Brännö (he lives on the island), saw 3 cute and super cuddly cats (two being Joel’s and the last one we encountered on our way to the boat! He/she really wanted to cuddle~ We got followed until we had to take the boat… I WANT TO SEE THAT CAT AGAIN!) and I made Joel into a aconitum (for my project)!

DSC_0429On the way to the top~DSC_0435… she just wanted the good hay!DSC_0437That eating face, haha!

DSC_0438The view at the top! So pretty~DSC_0440“Bitch, I’m fabulous”DSC_0446Madeleine tried to peak inside… I don’t know what she saw, but it probably wasn’t anything intriguing :c DSC_0450Mysterious Madeleine… almost looked like regular Joel! :’D DSC_0464Mr. cool~DSC_0466Aww~ DSC_0467You can’t handle this much fabulous!
DSC_0468We ate som major food when we got back.DSC_0469Enough messing around. Business time! 8DDSC_0472You wish… it took longer than it probably could’ve taken but to be fair, my shaking eyeliner hand was hard to control!DSC_0475Makeup and cat hair everywhere! Little Skruttan in the background~DSC_0477The looks-nothing-like-Joel-picture! When we were done… he was kind of unrecognizable! DSC_0478In the middle of the woods taking pictures while the snow was falling ❤DSC_0481Finished Joel. As I said on the o†her flower project-models, this is (completely unedited and) not the best picture! ^_^ Here’s the Aconitum-flower that inspired the look: ACONITUM

I had a lot of fun that day! Looking forward to do everyone else~

// Nyancy