99 D A Y S left.

Good evening everybody~ I haven’t had the drive to post anything for three days now *sorry*!
The Mr. Aconitum post will get uploaded when I’m in the mood to finish writing it. But let us put that aside for now!

Today marks 99 days until I graduate high school and I had my first day at school in nine days… wasn’t as horrible as it could’ve been.
English was chill, I do have a major test on Wednesday though (on some stuff I probably won’t remember).
Religion was fine. The two-hour-lesson usually is a drag but today everything just flowed. The jokes also made everything funnier.


After some okay school food, Anna revealed that she’d made some cookies (in the shape of graduation caps and cats, she also made meringue) to celebrate the day and also her birthday (she turned 19 on the 16th). She brought coffee and squash (+ plastic cups, we just had to get water from the bathroom :3) to drink.

In the middle, Anna reminded me and Marcus that we hadn’t done our presentation. So I freaked out… turns out the teacher didn’t even remember everybody’s name(!!) so it’s cool. If he wants us to do it tomorrow we’ll just ask him to do it next week or something. I really don’t want to prepare a speech right now since I have to write a book report on a book I haven’t read all the way through. (TT_TT)b
Wish me good luck.. I’m going to need it.

Procrastination… it only feels good at the moment.

Skärmavbild 2013-02-18 kl. 21.16.43

See you tomorrow or so~


// Nyancy



I should be sleeping… but I don’t want to. So I’ll make this post now and get it over with (you will understand later, I promise) and when I’m done, read a little until I am so sleepy that I won’t even realize that I’m falling asleep~ =w=b

So this weekend only has one day left and unfortunately I have a hell of a lot to do!

An English presentation to write, assemble the work I should’ve done for the Art video class but was to lazy to do (to be fair almost no one has done anything in that class because it’s so boring), write a schedule for the last project that we’re doing and I should read preparation texts for the Swedish national tests but I forgot them in school :C. Besides that I need to clean my room and maybe take down my laundry to the bathroom (I haven’t taken down my used clothes basket from my room for months… I wish that I was exaggerating).

Aaaall that ↑ means that I will not post anything tomorrow (if I slip it wouldn’t be the first time but I can’t postpone those things anymore). I couldn’t do an Art Sunday-post anyway because I have been too stressed to draw anything.


On happier notes, today is Robin’s birthday! Our second youngest classmate is finally 18 ^^ Here comes some lovely memory recalling photos:

From top left:

Halloween last year, when we were at the convenient store! X’3 We were at my house then and this year we’re going to our friend Madeleine. Can’t wait! Robin zipping on a cappuccino when we + Emma and Char-char had coffee. I made a “brush” on PS of Robins face last year when we had Digital content creation. We laughed so hard at it. Also from last halloween! Robin was a fairy ❤ At the Science Fiction Fair earlier this year, Edward and Jacob just stood there so he had to take a picture with them… TwT’ The encounter that made Robin’s year/life complete. Meeting Emilie Autumn when she was in Gothenburg.

// Nyancy


Really I do. I’m suppose to go to my friends birthday celebration today but no one I know is going, Robin is sick and Charles doesn’t feel like it…. and now I don’t feel like going anywhere either. :c So I won’t. I’m going to make it up for her though! Next time we’re going to the cinema, it’s my treat! c:

So the reason I don’t want to go anywhere is because it’s pouring outside. I just want to stay inside and watch movies or something so I think that I’m finally going to watch Casanova (Heath Ledger ♡). ^^

I’ll be cozing down now. Bye people.

// Nyancy ❤