Swedish Glossybox March 2013 – The Red Carpet Box.

Hi ladies (and maybe some guys)!

The March box is a little late but it’s fine… it’s fine. Easter messed everything up I guess.
IMG_0780Anyway! As you can tell from the title, this box is dedicated to the red carpet look a.k.a. beauty in the moment. They’ve focused on mouth, lips and skin.
Let’s see what I got in my box! :D

1. Smile lab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips SensitiveIMG_0791

“Take care of your smile and get white, fresh teeth! These newly launched, gentle whitening strips also give you better oral hygiene by removing bacteria and plaque.”
I’ve never used anything like this so I’m curious to try it! ^_^ There’s three strips in the card.
The original product contains 15 strips for 499 SEK.

2. Da Vinci Cosmetics Mineral Shimmer in 08 LavaIMG_0784

“This mineral eyeshadow from Da Vinci sparkles as beautiful as Mona Lisa’s smile! Wet the applicator for added intensity or use a thinner one to applicate the eyeshadow as an eyeliner.”
When I saw ColourIt‘s Glossybox, I really hoped that I would get this products because I love products you can wet  to get a more intense color (like the So Susan-palette in the December Glossybox)!
This is the original product and it costs 169 SEK.

3. Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Activate 2-in-1 Make-up Remover GelIMG_0792

“Effectively cleans your skin gently while all traces of makeup are removed. Can be used by all skin types (even sensitive) and prevents blackheads and shiny skin.”
This is a product I’m looking forward to try! ^_^ It seems perfect for teenage skin (so I’m also going to make my brother try it) and 2-in-1 products are perfect for someone like me, that breaks habits all the time.
This is the original product (200 ml) and it’s worth 85 SEK.

4. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream + Nourishing Night CreamIMG_0794

“Lightweight day cream that hydrates and protects as well as a rich night cream that softens and nurture, an unbeatable duo for beautiful skin! The secret is the powerful antioxidant vitamin E.”
I really like The Body Shop as a company (their way of thinking is awesome)! The creams doesn’t smell amazing but I’m sure they’ll do their job.
They are not original product (only 15 ml compared to the original product’s 50 ml) but the day cream costs 129 SEK and the night cream costs 175 SEK in the store.

5. Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush in red(?)IMG_0798

“Newly launched lip blush with beeswax that gives your lips a nice color while moisturizing and softens. Apply generously and let the light texture melt on your lips.”
Never going to get tired of getting lip products in my Glossybox ❤
Jelly Pong Pong has the two bunnies-logo on their products, which means that they are cruelty free *wooh*!
This is the original product and it’s worth 129 SEK.

Skärmavbild 2013-04-04 kl. 18.37.26Me and my brother, both wearing the lip blush, haha! :D

I’m very satisfied with the March box, like everybody else it seems. I’ve seen many state that this is their best box so far. I can’t really decide though! I’ve liked almost all of them (and those I haven’t liked that much has had at least one amazing product).

One positive thing with getting the boxes late is that we won’t need to wait as long as we usually do till this month’s Glossybox! See you next time~

// Nancy

Maria Nila products from Glossybox!

Good afternoon, people! ^__^/

I announced on my Twitter a week ago that I was one of the first 50 to buy from GlossyBox.se’s Facebook shop and therefor would be getting two full-sized products from Maria Nila! They arrived yesterday and I was very exited~

Skärmavbild 2013-03-13 kl. 11.58.07They came in the usual outer Glossybox-box. And the products we got are Maria Nila’s finishing spray and instant shine.Skärmavbild 2013-03-13 kl. 12.03.19

The finishing spray is discribed as “a spray that keeps the hairstyle in place after drying and gives lasting hold. Easy to brush out and doesn’t leave any residue. Contains UVA-UVB filters.”
I tried it when I got home and it really does keep its promise! I sprayed my bangs upwards and to the side (and they stayed there, which is an achievement in itself), waited for the spray to be completely dry and then brushed the product out. You wouldn’t have guessed that I had had anything in my hair. I’m loving this product already! It also protects the hair from UV-light, which is really important, especially when summer comes.

On the back of the shine spray it says: “Gives hair intense shine. Can be used as a leave-in conditioner (do not rinse  product from hair) after shampooing or as a finishing product after blow-drying for shine.”
I was a little skeptical to this one before receiving the products because Glossybox described it as a product used after blow-drying and I don’t blow-dry my hair! But as it said on the back, I’ll just use it when I’ve washed my hair instead. ^_^ I haven’t tried this one yet but I need to wash my hair today so I’ll do it later!

If you received the hair oils in your February Glossybox and love the smell, these products smell the same! I would really like a dry shampoo that smells the same and after using trustful Google, I found the Maria Nila Kolorit Dry Shampoo:maria nila kolorit dry shampooIt sounds promising since it’s a dry–shampoo for colored hair and I’m planning to color mine soon but I have a question, has anyone tried this one? Is it good and does it smell like all the other products? I’m wondering this because the bottle looks different from the ones I got.

Well, that’s all I got to say~
Thank you Glossybox and Maria Nila for the products.
Looking forward to March’s Glossybox, it’s a few weeks until then through.

See you later!
// Nyancy

Preview of February Glossybox!

I got an email from Glossybox today, revealing this month’s Swedish Glossybox! Appearance only of course:

Skärmavbild 2013-02-06 kl. 23.00.10It’s special because of Valentine’s day, I love the colors and bow! Last month was the usual pale pink box and I already have one of those so it’s really nice to get another “special” looking box!

Since I’ve only received Glossyboxes for three months, I’m not familiar with the previous ones but I hope that there will be more custom ones than pale!

// Nyancy

Swedish Glossybox: Golden New Year!

Happy end of the world-day guys! Thought that I would celebrate by writing this Glossybox post! ;D I received this one at the same time as the December box. I was so exited (and with a good reason), five full sized products worth over 1000 SEK and I payed (or my mother payed) 229 SEK! It is a perfect Christmas gift~ Wouldn’t have gotten it without my mom. I’m truly grateful! ;w; Let’s begin the unboxing!

IMG_0417It’s of course a gold box .IMG_0420The style is different from the usual ones. You can’t take of the lid, instead there’s magnets that closes the box. The card is in another style, you’ve got a glittery black ribbon (which is fabulous!) and the box is slightly bigger.

Now to the products:

1. BM Beauty Lash Thickening Mascara IMG_0435 IMG_0439 Bild 2012-12-21 kl. 17.55

BM Beauty’s Lash Thickening Mascara is a popular mineral mascara without parabens. According to the card it also both strengthens your lashes and protects them. When I first tried it, I didn’t really like it. It didn’t feel like it did anything but I applied it on top of a coat of my usual mascara and the wand is really thick so it couldn’t grab onto my lashes. Using this one as a first coat and then build with another mascara is the way to go!

The product is worth 179 SEK and contains 8 ml.

2. Kryolan Professional Make-up High Gloss

IMG_0432Bild 2012-12-21 kl. 18.55This gloss is a very opaque dark red and it’s called Catwalk. I love the design, it smells like strawberries and the color is amazing. The formula is sooo sticky but when it’s on your lips it doesn’t feel like your lips are sticking together. Which surprised me considering the stickiness. It’s also super shiny and according to the card, it’s because of the pearl pigments in it!

The product is worth 139 SEK and contains 4 ml.

3. Nails Inc. Nail Polish

IMG_0441Liquid silver. That’s what this product is. It’s both shiny and sparkly and all the colors are named after classic locations in London, this one is Cambridge Terrace! It’s easy to put on and two coats are very opaque while one coat gives you the glitter and shine with the hint of your own nail under. I want more colors already!

The product is worth 149 SEK and contains 10 ml.

4. NYX Cosmetics One Night in Marocco

IMG_0426 IMG_0428A really handy palette consisting of 8 eyeshadows (4 slightly glittery and 4 matt ones), eyeshadow base and four discrete lip colors! The Lip colors look really dark here but not in reality. The right ones isn’t that brown either. They also claim that the eyeshadow will last all night with the primer. I haven’t used this one yet but I’ll try it the first chance I get!

This is the most expensive product in the box. It’s worth 390 SEK.

5. ModelCo Cheek + Lip Tint

IMG_0430This was the most exiting thing when I first opened the box. I’ve wanted to try a lip tint since a year back. And finally (+ totally unexpected) I got to try it. It’s small but it does make a difference! I’ve only used it on my lips (in the Santa Devil-look) but next time I put on blush I’ll put this one on instead~ As a last thing, I noticed that it smells really good too! Like berries.

The product is worth 155 SEK for 10 ml.


I forgot to take a proper picture but do you see the gold thing under the products? x’3 Well it’s the bonus in this box! It’s a pretty vanity case!Bild 2012-12-21 kl. 20.15 Bild 2012-12-21 kl. 20.15 #2Took some pictures now, haha. All the things are in it and it’s not over-stuffed. Perfect.

That was all folks! Everyone that ordered this box got the same thing so if you’ve seen this post you’ve seen them all. ;D

I hope that it was helpful and a nice read. No more Glossybox posts until the end of next month! Bye, bye~

// Nyancy

Swedish Glossybox December!

Hi guys, I felt that I couldn’t postpone this post any longer even though I haven’t made an video yet (I’ll make it when I can).

This month’s theme is “Glossy Anniversary” because Glossybox Sweden has existed in a year now. To celebrate they have products that are from brands that people have liked though-out the year. It’s exiting to see, especially since I have received only one box before this one! ^_^ Let’s start!

IMG_0393The box is silver and my box is really scratched. I have no idea what it went through but I’m glad it’s not me C; IMG_0395The usual card, grey ribbon, black tissue-paper with silverstars and a sticker with an art-deco diamond.

Let’s start with the products:

1. La Sultane de Saba Ginger Green Tea Body Lotion


La sultane de Saba is a company from France that makes products inspired by oriental beauty rituals. This luxury lotion contains green tea and ginger. It has a light formula that the skin picks up fast. The bottle I got is 40 ml. and the full-sized product is 150 ml and costs 269 sek in Sweden. What I’ve picked up so far is that it has a very citrusy smell to it and that it isn’t sticky to your hands and gets absorbed really quick. I like scents that smell sweet and rich so this isn’t really something for me. It makes me think of dish soap. The formula is really great though! C:

2. Anatomicals The Showering inferno Hot And Fiery B-Movie Body Cleanser

IMG_0402This is the product that made the Glossybox smell good (just like the Aquolina body mousse in the previous box). Not noticeably if you didn’t think about it though. I only realized later haha! This is the yummiest shower gel I’ve ever smelled, it smells just like Coke! It seems like it gets quite a lot of praise and according to the GB card, it says that it’s one of the most appreciated brands during the year. The product I got is 150 ml. and the full-sized one is 300 ml. for 79 sek.

3. So Susan Micronized 8-Hour Eye Shadow Palette

IMG_0404IMG_0406This is a tiny eyeshadow palette that contains a highlighter, base and conture. So Susan is a newly launched brand and is cruelty-free (says so on the backside with two bunnies as proof! ;D). I’ve actually used this one and it stayed on the whole day. It’s really smooth to the touch and very pigmented. It’s the original product and it costs 129 sek.

4. Zoya nailpolish in Storm

IMG_0408Never tried a Zoya polish before and I had watched SimpleLittlePleasures on Youtube the day before so I was exited to try it. This color is called Storm and the first thing I thought when I saw the color was that it is similar to the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polish in Black diamond. Now in retrospect the Sally Hansen one looks a little more grayish and the glitter in Storm looks bigger. Zoya also dries quicker. This is also a full-sized product and costs 149 sek. for 15 ml. I really like this product and would like to buy it in some other color!

5. ImPRESS fake nails

IMG_0411This product was the first thing I saw, it was peeking though the tissue paper so I pulled it out. I’ve heard Bunny (Grav3yardgirl on YT) talking about these type of press-on’s before but I’ve never tried them! The color is gorgeous but I can’t find the name anywhere! :c Looking through the tiny pamphlet I guess that it it “Message Me” but I’m not 100 % sure. Also worth mentioning is the variation of designs and colors! 24 designs are listed but it says that you can see all 36 styles on their website impressmanicure.com. They have plain ones, animal-inspired ones and flower ones ect. I will most likely make a review on these! I’m a little afraid of putting them on though. Just trying them on without taking of the plastic gives me the impression that they are huge! (Thinking about it… that was not intended as a pun haha!) They are really long and wide. xD I will try them on Christmas Eve anyway! ^_^

EDIT. I almost forgot! You also got a ‘little’ bonus in the box, that I’m really exited about! It’s a ViaPlay trial during two months. :D ViaPlay is a site you can stream movies, sport and tv-series on…it’s a less awesome Netflix. From what I’ve heard they don’t have that much in their movie/archive and are slow with updating movies. Still exited to activate my code! x3

So that was this month’s Glossybox. I hope you enjoyed! :D The Golden New Year Glossybox that I received simultaneously will also get a post but I will post it tomorrow! It’s getting late and I’m looking forward to some reading.

Good night guys and I’ll see you tomorrow!

// Nyancy

Pre-ordered the swedish Golden New Year Glossybox!

Forgot to mention that I preordered the Golden New Year Glossybox yesterday!

For you that don’t read swedish, this box includes 5 full-sized products from BM beauty, Kryolan, NYX, Model co and Nails inc to make you new year’s look! :D

Really, really exited! This is going to be the high-light every month from now on, haha!

The November box should arrive next week (but you never know about the post office… I’ve heard of people getting them late) but when it comes I’ll do an unboxing-video, that’ll be uploaded on Youtube!

I mixed up the day so no Revenge today (it’s tomorrow…) but fo’ reals, good night!

// Nyancy