The kick-out of love was… different. Not at all what I imagined. But still entertaining c: A 28-year-old woman talked about her experience of HIV and that anyone can get it. She also played the piano and sang. A lot of people were touched by her songs and what she said.

Then we moved from the assembly hall to the sports hall where we saw people singing, dancing and cite poems. The theme was love so you would draw a symbol of love, take a quiz and other activities.


Everyone got a sandwich, the pastry called ‘kärleksmums’ and juice.


Everything ended with a heart-shaped group photo of everyone that will graduate on Wednesday! I hope we can see the photo somewhere Found it on facebook! :3

We went to the sushi place Mamaya after that and then to the theatre to see which movies are worth watching and finally me and Marcus got the West(rainbow)pride wristband in the middle of the mall.


Fun day c: I don’t have school tomorrow but I’m still going to empty my locker, buy a graduation party ticket and watch The place beyond the pines.

See you tomorrow ladies and gentlemen (this was written on my crappy phone so if something looks weird, now you know why hehe) //Nancy

The last 42+ hours in pictures.


The last Swedish-lesson. DSC00466My fairytale loving English A&B/Swedish B teacher! I like her and it was a pleasure having her all three years.DSC00467Home-made cinnamon buns… so yummy c:
DSC00468On the last lesson we watched the end of Midnight in Paris (we saw the first part on the lesson before) and “fikade”!  DSC00465Marcus… so pretty with my glasses and his hair parted in the middle!

Evidence that Inuyasha can be super cute.DSC00469 DSC00470 DSC00471Taken while I was waiting for my mother to buy milk. :’3 He can be cute when he wants to, haha.

Bridge malfunction 
DSC00472 DSC00473 DSC00474On my way to a livenight at a music high school, the bridge had some difficulties closing… so people (including me) started walking instead!

Rytmus livenight DSC00477Picture: Experimetal
Me and Marcus saw a lot of cool bands. Experimetal’s guitarists were, so, cool (and super talented)! One of them looks like Jason Segel and the other one looked like a combination of two of my male friends (Marcus and I were amazed)!
Strangely enough… the guitarists I’m talking about are the only ones not present on the picture above .__.


Art class
DSC00482 DSC00483 DSC00484 DSC00480DSC00479
DSC00478 Picture above: Merielle dropped her palette and when she made the first wipe, I thought it was so pretty that I had to take a picture. ART ON THE FLOOOR!
We painted the view from school today. I really like the view from our atalié on the forth floor so I decided to sit there ^_^ Merielle, Marcus, Lovisa and Miss Anon also sat there. I forgot to take a picture of my painting though… DSC00485DSC00486Gothenburg, where rainwater flows over and comes up from the sidewalk… ö__ö

Tomorrow is “Kristi himmelsfärds”-day so no school tomorrow or on Friday… WOHO!
See you tomorrow~
// Nancy

Dear Anna.

Dear Anna.

This is what you missed out on Saturday night.

IMG_0401IMG_0403A snowstorm around 10 PM – 1 AM1! Ö_ÖIMG_0402A shivering Nancy walking around Central Station.
IMG_0408Two men peeing on the Femman building… classy. <3
IMG_0409A pretty, cloudy gray/green night sky.

I hope you’re having a great time in Edinburgh!

(Yes she actually booked in a trip to Edinburgh three days before I’m going, crazy-crazy! ^^)

//Really, really tired Nyancy that will sleep soundly now because her eyes are dying from the lowest laptop lighting. Good night. 02:42.

Happiness just smacked me in the face!

I just got a major feeling of euphoria… why? I just feel like this week will be wonderful! And it’s just Monday (I’m pretty sure this have not happened to me… ever)


  • It started with my Budget Beauty Blogger Swapper telling me that she has received her package. And she loves them both 
  • So now I’m really looking forward to receive my package!
  • Then I remembered that Glossybox will also arrive this week~
  • I’ve finally gotten the drive to continue on my final project. Done Robin today and I probably will do Lovisa too! (I’m doing makeup-looks inspired of flowers and nature)
  • I’m going to the cinema to see Django Unchained with dear friends tomorrow + buy a Hobbit menu.
  • Decided to be in a Pocky-contest! More information tomorrow or the day after~
  • Wednesday’s my birthday and I’m bringing chocolate cake to school. Marcus and Emilia will eat it with me! AND I HAVEN’T SEEN EMILIA IN FOREVER! QwQ
  • On Thursday I’m seeing Chess on Gothenburg’s Opera (never seen anything/been inside before) with the class!
  • I got the confirmation email that Professor Layton and the curious village has been dispatched today. Estimated date of arrival is February 6th… but I don’t believe that for a second~ I’m pretty sure I’ll get it this week.
  • And last but not least, I’m having a birthday party… á la children’s party. Yep, turning 19 and having a childishly awesome birthday party!

So yeah, I think that this is it. Sounds great doesn’t it?

893a82397daa8b34417032f9c7049505-382232535This GIF is so ugly, but it discribes me on the inside right now!

// Nyancy

Been gone, too long.

Yeah, hi guys~ It’s been a while now hasn’t it? >w<


I was sick last weekend and this week, lots of things has happened and I thought that I would share them now!

  • On Monday I got to know that I failed the Bible-test *surprise, surprise…* and I didn’t have English.
  • On Tuesday there was no Swedish, instead we started a half-hour later to get guided in Gothenburg’s museum of art. The guide talked about occult things and symbols, i.e. this one:

Bild 2012-12-16 kl. 20.04 #2

Masonic symbolism2It appears in a lot of paintings! It’s a desecrate way to say “Hey, I’m one of you!” (apparently haha).

  • Wednesday: I started of meeting Emma on the buss which was fun. After that I met Marcus on the gym and we worked out. On sculpture I smashed my bean-stalk and made a dinosaur thingie instead. We also got to take our stuff home (which I forgot… I don’t remember where I left them now that I think about it! D:).
  • Thursday, we celebrated St. Lucia in school.12039_10151343754389467_567668573_n

And in the evening me and some more from the class was part of the crowd on Debatt, where they argue about current questions.

598371_4522380671515_1649600016_nThis is before the program. They rolled in a tray with coffee, cookies, fruit, caramels and water that we could take from. We’re known for loving free food so… it was nice! X’3 We were there two hours early so… thank god.

Skärmavbild 2012-12-16 kl. 19.55.52Skärmavbild 2012-12-16 kl. 19.57.04Skärmavbild 2012-12-16 kl. 20.06.43These screenshots are from the actual program. I put ovals on everybody from my class and there’s three people that are out of frame on the second picture. On the last one I’m sitting on the third row, beside the man with a grey long-sleeved shirt. It was a really fun experience but some things that were said were so stupid, I wanted to smack my head against something. I.e. the woman in black beside the woman in a pink blazer is Katrin Zytomierska (famous for provoking people on her blog). She was a factory of idiocy. She and the man that thought that the Swedish television’s Advent calendar was making children do “anden i glaset” (a ritual where you’re supposedly calling upon spirits), took the price in stupidity.

After that, me and Robin went home, watched the show to see if we could be seen and then went to bed.

  • On Friday we ate breakfast while watching the first episode of the Advent calendar (because he insisted that I would see it) and then took the buss to eat lunch in the cafeteria.

20726_4525039697989_1150088893_nOn the first buss. We look totally high haha! Oh lack of sleep ♡

When Social studies was done, some people wanted to eat so I went with them without ordering anything. After that Joel and I followed Marcus to his P.E. class and jumped around, layer on soft gymnastics mats and went to the candy store across the street + ate candy. We went with Marcus because in the evening there was a Christmas party at Anna’s apartment! It was so much fun. I begged Miss Anon to bring her camera so I took a lot of pictures with it. I’ll make sure she brings it tomorrow so I can upload them!

When we decided that it was time to go home, we took the tram in to central city. I slept over at Meriel’s house because she didn’t want to go home alone and I didn’t want to go home (we decided it the day before). We woke up at noon and I came home at five. The weather that day was strange. First giant snowflakes and then rain!

Well this took a while to write… =A= I really should sleep now, I start at 8 again tomorrow. And I haven’t done my homework D’: Good night.

// Nyancy

White prettyness makes trouble BUT.

It’s been beautiful outside since it started snowing three days ago but it’s also troublesome. You hear about traffic chaos everywhere. Trains, busses and trams not working the way they should and some… ‘special’ ones making everything worse. For example, on my way home a truck driver could not turn on a crossing and my bus was right in front of him so we got delayed with 15 minutes. Vasttrafik didn’t make it better when two busses (the one I was on and the one behind us) that drives the exact same way are in a row.

Yadayadayada enough of that!

I (as promised) did take some pictures of the snow covered Gothenburg today! Enjoy~

DSC_0084DSC_0085DSC_0089Taken while walking to the gym! ^^DSC_0094

DSC_0093The view from the gym locker room! Advent candlesticks in the windows ❤DSC_0095On the way back to school/to lunch!

DSC_0121DSC_0122DSC_0125DSC_0128DSC_0129DSC_0130DSC_0131DSC_0133 DSC_0134And these are all pictures from the market I talked about a few days ago! Cozy right? They had some pretty strange Christmas music though! It made me laugh a few times.

I’m sorry that the horizontal pictures are really tiny :c I tried finding a better theme but I couldn’t find a perfect one, so I just had to stick with the one I have right now! Hope you liked it anyway~

// Nyancy


Hiii guys… it’s been a while~ >w<‘ I’ve written posts but they haven’t published (I have no idea why) but now they aren’t relevant anymore so it doesn’t matter.

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for! Seether is in Gothenburg tonight! (and I don’t have English early Monday morning so I won’t die of sleeplessness) :D

To finally meet and listen to the band (live) that inspire me the most makes me so happy I can die. My mom is a fan too so she’s also coming. I’m going to give them things I’ve done (that I haven’t showed you guys) but it isn’t as much as I wanted it to be because I haven’t had time/desire to paint anything. It was supposed to be something for our culture day but it’s on Thursday and I have almost nothing… so I’ve scrapped the idea.

I’m bringing my dads iPhone tonight so it’ll be loaded with pictures at the end of tonight! ;w; Woho!

What I’m doing right now. While the smell of bread in the oven is taking over the air *yum*.

I’m going to go now! Paper boy came a while ago so the newspaper is waiting for me.

See ya guys later!

// Nyancy


My day… was a real roller coaster. No memory card. Lovisa was late. I was hungry. I saw the longest book fair line ever. Then Lovisa arrived, we bought food and ultimately bought a ticket each to the fair. c:


The book fair in Gothenburg is held at “Svenska mässan”.
Pretty, pretty building~

Lovisa feeling like an elf with her mothers sweater and santa’s hat :D

Haha ❤ In one booth we played a game called “brain ball”.
We put on straps with sensors on our foreheads and then the one with the least brain-activity won… and that would be me!
The ball in the middle rolled to the one with the most on it’s mind hehe

An armchair made of paperbacks!


What I brought home:
☆ Nemi book no. 9 from the publisher Kartago.
☆ “Askungar” by Kristina Ohlsson, “Monster” by Micael Dahlen and “Låt de gamla drömmarna dö” by John Ajvide Lindqvist from the bookstore chain Bokia.
☆ Elvis “Tillsammans sedan 2000” from the publisher Egmont kärnan.

I’m satisfied with today and now I’m sleepy as hell so… TIME TO GO TO BED! ;w;

Good night everybody. See ya tomorrow~

// Nyancy 

Magical forest and Trains.

So here comes the pictures from when I stayed at Robin. ^^ Hope you will enjoy! I did anyway.

Robin wanted me to take pictures of him so here’s one ^^ Isn’t he pretty?

These are from when we walked into a nature reserv with beech trees. The trees looked really old and they were so tall. It felt like pure magic!

The two pictures above are from today, it was almost 5 in the morning. We saw the sun rising so we went up from our beds and walked outside. The first thing I saw was the rainbow… then I noticed that it was raining. >w< The second picture shows clouds that like northern lights. It was so beautiful. After this we finally went to bed.

I was bored while waiting for the train so I took some pictures. Lovisa and Joel was reading so I didn’t want to bother them (too much ;D).

The train ride back was nice. ^^ My friends continued reading and I rested my eyes and listened to Dir en Grey.

This was the sky on my final bus ride home. I’ve heard that it’s going to be a storm tonight… I can tell.

Sidenote: I just wanted to add that all these pictures are not edited (exept the copyright of course c:).

// Nyancy ❤

The city of metal? Myes, I believe it is.

It’s not everyday that the city of Gothenburg are overflow with metal lovers in all their forms (band t-shirt wearers, bikers, obvious fangirls, scene-kids and so on), even if we normally don’t exactly have a shortage ♡.

This is all thanks to Metaltown.

Anyway so that’s why today’s city life was kind of crazy∼

The math class was totally fine (didn’t feel like 2 hours haha) and there was this one guy that had the awsomest of tanktops, I’m just going to say that it was covered in:


So after we got the hell out of there (even though the teacher recommended that we should go to the study hall and she tried to trick us into going there with saying that it was obligatory *which we knew that it was not…*), we bought stuff (Robin bought guyliner a lá Viva La Diva ♡ :’D Now that I think about it, maaybe I should teach him how to apply it °__°’…).

Now some pictures:

Sat in from of the central station with Miss Anon for hours today, it came a lot of beggers asking us for money and one of them wanted my crisps and she wouldn’t go away… so I opened the bag and gave some to her. Uh. Oh well.

The weather was really nice, warming sun but not so much that you sweat and there were breezes once in a while∼

So I bought these fruit toffees to my mother  because she bought me the chocolate. (Ehehehe now I don’t have to buy anything for monthes, last time I got one of those chocolates it lasted for a month… not that I have any money left >∩>)

I was told that I looked like candy today.

Nicest compliment ever! : D

This was my day dearies, see you tomorrow∼

// Nyancy ❤