Background change and header table flips!

Happy Caturday everyone! :D1429881-1440x900-[]I decided to change my background and header yesterday to something more summery(ish) sooo… have Ho-oh in dawn! I like Lugia more but this picture is so pretty :3 You can’t even see Ho-oh anyway but I inserted the full picture down below.1462816-1440x900-[]I almost took a Zekrom Night picture instead but that wouldn’t be much of a change from my previous night sky picture!

I’ve been playing with my header for quite some time now… it got deleted yesterday which made ragequit :C I finished it earlier and I’m pretty satisfied~ I’ve redone it about 10 times now so I hope you like it hehe >w<‘pikachuu-header.jpgPikachu with his chubby cheeks ❤ and Jigglypuff and Maril in the background!

Stay awesome~  ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

// Nancy


Hi guys! Thought of doing a post before this one about a look change but hell I believe it’s officially fall now soooo why not! ^^

I made this header first but I wanted the picture of the sunset  as the background so I scrapped the idea and went with just changing the colors to orange on the header I had before! Hehe.

I’m very satisfied!



I’m off continuing reading Nemi~ See ya later!