Rapunzel by the window.

rapunzel at the windowA sketch from last year. We acted as models for each other while we drew and this is Lovisa (our dear Rapunzel) by the windows at the stairs between the third and forth floor of Schillerska.
When we were done sketching we went back to the classroom and we could do whatever we wanted with the sketch… obviously I picked up watercolors. :D

This is on A3 paper and unfortunately the biggest my scanner can take is A4, so it’s a bit cropped.

// Nancy

Being awake 27 hours straight must mean: GRADUATION!

Hi guys. Believe it or not but I woke up at 20.00 :’D
Being awake 27 hours straight might be the longest I’ve been awake in one go
I woke up at 4 yesterday and was at Madeleine’s an hour early.
The champaign breakfast was really nice. We had champaign, sandwiches, strawberries, alcohol-free cider and mudcake!DSC_0016 DSC_0019 DSC_0021DSC_0024 DSC_0025 DSC_0026DSC_0033DSC_0038Then we were in school a few hours:DSC_0044 DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0048 DSC_0049 DSC_0053DSC_0056 943385_530130483710656_1569824671_n DSC_0059DSC_0066 DSC_0067 DSC_0068And then… it was time to run out of the school!DSC_0078 DSC_0077 971181_530131697043868_861863239_nMarcus, Linus, Carolin, Robin, Charles and I had a graduation picnic after that… the pictures from there looks creepy so I won’t add them but it was fun haha! >w<

Then I went home to change to the graduation party. We danced from about 23.00 to 03.00 but I wasn’t home until 07.00 because I had to wait for Robin’s buss with him. So I was awake from 4.00 to 07.00 the next day. Awesome time!
I’ll add the pictures from the party when the fb-event has uploaded them (since I didn’t take any myself).

I have to eat something now! I’m starving haha. See you tomorrow!

// Nancy


The kick-out of love was… different. Not at all what I imagined. But still entertaining c: A 28-year-old woman talked about her experience of HIV and that anyone can get it. She also played the piano and sang. A lot of people were touched by her songs and what she said.

Then we moved from the assembly hall to the sports hall where we saw people singing, dancing and cite poems. The theme was love so you would draw a symbol of love, take a quiz and other activities.


Everyone got a sandwich, the pastry called ‘kärleksmums’ and juice.


Everything ended with a heart-shaped group photo of everyone that will graduate on Wednesday! I hope we can see the photo somewhere Found it on facebook! :3

We went to the sushi place Mamaya after that and then to the theatre to see which movies are worth watching and finally me and Marcus got the West(rainbow)pride wristband in the middle of the mall.


Fun day c: I don’t have school tomorrow but I’m still going to empty my locker, buy a graduation party ticket and watch The place beyond the pines.

See you tomorrow ladies and gentlemen (this was written on my crappy phone so if something looks weird, now you know why hehe) //Nancy

Cozy art studio visit!

This morning my illustration-class got the opportunity to visit an art studio.
15 people works in an apartment which they all share the rent on (and it makes it really cheap but cramped, they don’t work at the same time so it’s fine).
It’s decorated with both their work and other comic works. It was very cozy!
And the people working there has a lot of different styles. Some studies/have other work on the side and some works with it full time!
Max Gustafson and Jenny Karlsson are two artists I recognized the work from and they are both super talented! :D
The coolest thing must be that Max shares his desk with a guy that draws for DC comics! °w° So jelly! He works at night though so he wasn’t there.

They told us that they would sell comic books cheaply at a market because the publisher went bankrupt. It’s on Sunday and I’ll definitely be going! ^^

I’m not going to school tomorrow because it’s not necessary sooooo… IT’S OFFICIALLY THE WEEKEND! ;D
// Nancy

From starving to too much food!

Today has been a long day… even though I started 12.15!
We hanged around the atalié on the forth floor because most of us didn’t have anything to finish in art structure-class. We also got to know our grades though! I’m satisfied because I was stuck between two grades and I got the better one. I’m not that experienced with oil or acrylic paint but planning on getting better!

Afterwards we met up with our homeroom teacher Rafíc and looked through pictures of the class throughout the past tree years. We made a PowerPoint to show on graduation day! So much fun, the last picture is the best one~
By the time we were done, it was around 15.40 and we still waited for Marcus to finish his lesson. We waited till 16.00 but everyone’s hunger was unbearable so we went to a nearby Sushi place (Marcus arrived later though)!
My bowl with noodle soup could make two people pretty full, I couldn’t even finish it all! >w<


And we got dessert ♥DSC00496

We took the tram to Sega Gubben (a candy store) to celebrate that we don’t have any more real lessons! I didn’t eat any because I was too full haha.DSC00498Saving it for tomorrow!

Then I came home to even more food! :O My brother is getting work experience at a Thai restaurant nearby this week and every day this week he’s brought food home but today beats everything! Look at all the food we got!! ÖAÖ They are so generous. I’m not going to eat this though. I’m still stuffed!


Now I’m sitting here with tired eyes, looking through letters in Swapnotes/ Nintendo letterbox.
Have a lovely continuation of this fabulous Wednesday!
// Nancy

Pokemon fusion highlights!

Yo! Lovely Tuesday right? ^^

I didn’t have school today. The courses today are already finished (and our grades must be set on Friday so our teachers are busy setting them now).
I’ve been chilling, playing Pokemon Black 2 and drinking lovely Earl Grey!
My mother bought a pod coffee machine so I tried making tea with it, it wasn’t hot enough for me but I’m sure it’ll make a nice cup of hot chocolate (when I can buy those capsules)!

Chilling included pressing the random button on here and see hilarious Pokemon fusions unfold. I thought I would share some of them:
65.80 119.79 28.10880.40

The pink squad! It’s hard to not make funny fusions if either Slowpoke, Slowbro or Wigglypuff is one of the Pokémon! :’D
82.57 52.98 113.10915.9

Primeton (Primeape + Magneton) looks so wrong! >w<‘ And the other’s faces are priceless!

It’s so much fun making different combinations, I almost feel like a Team Plasma scientist. I’m not though… I’m obviously Team Magma’s shadow king~Skärmavbild 2013-05-21 kl. 17.50.26If I could, I would definitely order someone to make me this one!⤵109.113







So cute! We’d cover Karos in pink, toxic gas *moahahaha* >:D

If you want to make your own fusions, do so!
And show me your favorite/favorites.
See you tomorrow~

// Nancy



“Runin’ down town with a friend I like and be like Gaaatsbyy!”

Good noon! :D
It’s already Saturday, wa-wa-waam~ Yesterday I didn’t have any lessons but I had made plans to see The Great Gatsby with Marcus, so I still had to go to the city.
Before actually taking the bus to central Gothenburg, my parents and I ate ice cream at an ice cream parlour fairly close by! I took the usual, a scoop of polka in a wafer *yummy* ♥
Then I took the fauna-hot bus for 40 minutes and I came in to Gothenburg at the same time Marcus did.
We picked up the tickets and then decided to walk across Gothenburg to The English Shop (awesome store with expensive imported goods from England). There I got a big pack RAINBOW NERDS! :D

DSC00490We walked past really cozy houses in Haga.

After we were done at The English Shop, Marcus and I decided to eat at Burger King because we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Friday’s “King of the day” is Chicken Royale… mmm.
DSC00492We were on the premiere of The Great Gatsby so there were a quiz to win stuff before the movie started. I only knew  the first question and people were so fast haha!
The movie was great! I whimpered through the last 30 minutes.
Words to discribe this movie: Surreal, Fäncy, Party Hard, Unfair, Pretty People, Unexpected Music (I kinda like it), Feels, ASSHOLES EVERYWHERE.
Good, so good.
DSC00494The busride home wasn’t as much fun. Rude and creepy drunk people speaking their mind because they think you can’t hear anything since you have headphones on…
Too bad there isn’t any Great white/Tiger sharks in Sweden… I wouldn’t mind if they would pay them a visit in the dark water. C:

Besides the last part of my day I really enjoyed it! Marcus and I have already decided that we will go on the pre-premiere of Man Of Steel! I hope more people will join us! I’m not a huge fan of the Superman movies but I think that this movie will be very different from all the other ones since Goyer and Zimmer are awesome! (And Snyder, totally forgot Snyder! Ö^Ö’)

// Nancy

The last 42+ hours in pictures.


The last Swedish-lesson. DSC00466My fairytale loving English A&B/Swedish B teacher! I like her and it was a pleasure having her all three years.DSC00467Home-made cinnamon buns… so yummy c:
DSC00468On the last lesson we watched the end of Midnight in Paris (we saw the first part on the lesson before) and “fikade”!  DSC00465Marcus… so pretty with my glasses and his hair parted in the middle!

Evidence that Inuyasha can be super cute.DSC00469 DSC00470 DSC00471Taken while I was waiting for my mother to buy milk. :’3 He can be cute when he wants to, haha.

Bridge malfunction 
DSC00472 DSC00473 DSC00474On my way to a livenight at a music high school, the bridge had some difficulties closing… so people (including me) started walking instead!

Rytmus livenight DSC00477Picture: Experimetal
Me and Marcus saw a lot of cool bands. Experimetal’s guitarists were, so, cool (and super talented)! One of them looks like Jason Segel and the other one looked like a combination of two of my male friends (Marcus and I were amazed)!
Strangely enough… the guitarists I’m talking about are the only ones not present on the picture above .__.


Art class
DSC00482 DSC00483 DSC00484 DSC00480DSC00479
DSC00478 Picture above: Merielle dropped her palette and when she made the first wipe, I thought it was so pretty that I had to take a picture. ART ON THE FLOOOR!
We painted the view from school today. I really like the view from our atalié on the forth floor so I decided to sit there ^_^ Merielle, Marcus, Lovisa and Miss Anon also sat there. I forgot to take a picture of my painting though… DSC00485DSC00486Gothenburg, where rainwater flows over and comes up from the sidewalk… ö__ö

Tomorrow is “Kristi himmelsfärds”-day so no school tomorrow or on Friday… WOHO!
See you tomorrow~
// Nancy

Marzipan and ghost hunting!

Having a nice monday? Mine’s been pretty fab!

English was fine, a bit awkward since we were supposed to sit in random groups discussing grammar assignments and we just sat there looking at each other, haha. No one wanted to talk, I’m blaming it on the early morning!
Religion-class was also fine, we talked about Buddhism and we have to write a paper till next week!

After lunch we sat on the fire escape on the third floor, eating Marabou Premium Marzipan.
We’re not allowed to sit there but no one saw us until our Social studies-teacher Thomas did… and he would’ve let us sit there if it weren’t for the damn janitor seeing us! >_<

wpid-DSC00459.jpgMmm… Marabou.image

imageFun time!

imageThe weather was really nice! The sun wasn’t too strong and the wind was blowing~

imageRobin dropped the iPad pen and walked down the normal stairs to get it but Marcus took the fire escape and picked it up. It was supposed to be a prank but Robin saw him before walking all the way down… dang!

When I came home, my brother had picked up the mail and the second package from Electroworld had arrived!77110b106371efb15cfc0c8d7471de44-521409360They’ve spoiled me with the artwork in Super Mario 3D land & NSMB2!
I was slightly disappointed that there weren’t anything on the inside… but it’s okay, it’s just a fun touch!
I haven’t started playing yet but when this is up, I’ll be starting my journey as a ghost hunter! :D

See you tomorrow! ^_^/
// Nancy

Art exhibitions everywhere!

Good evening!
My school had culture day today and my class (the ones who dragged their ass to school) had an art exhibition! It was… nice. I think that it would’ve been more fun if more came and pinned their things to the cardboard wall! Nevertheless I was surprised that there were a lot of people stopping by (even though we weren’t there the whole time)… the fact that the art teacher’s had their beautiful work in the next room might’ve been the reason! >w<

DSC_0945Our room while we prepared!
DSC_0943 DSC_0946DSC_0949Rapunzel’s work! The illustrations later got their rhymes and the bracelet’s she made got a bid on them.
DSC_0944DSC_0955Miss Anon aka Mashimoshi on fb (check her out! She even said so on the little note ^^). She is so good with everything she does!DSC_0950Anna’s work. She set up the work she’s done in graphics lesson and a model study. I really love her dry point-work!DSC_0951This is Ida’s photography / linoleum prints! Kitty ❤DSC_0954Marcus and his triangles~
DSC_0952DSC_0953What I showed! First my project work (the finished photos, as I promised!) and then the Metro fatshion illustrations, I’ve added one though (the first one). :D

And here’s some pictures from other exhibitions:DSC_0959Second year’s showing their stuff!DSC_0962Some art by teachers… I forgot to take a picture of the whole room. :cDSC_0961Made by a teacher called Thomas… so cool!
DSC_0965Another class of 2nd year’s showing what they’ve done!
DSC_0966Alice’s project work and her friend’s pictures of her.

You could do a lot more things besides looking at exhibitions, some of them being watching movies (both regular ones or ones made by students), listen to live music, make a garden gnome or go on a treasure hunt or two! :D

// Nancy

When I was bored in class.

As I said yesterday (here), this is what I made last week in illustration-class. Now, it isn’t that good because I wasn’t feeling creative! I still like a few of them, hehe >w< They are made with water color and oil pastel.face face 1 face 2 face 3 face 4I’m going to eat breakfast now :3 I might upload a MOTD later! See you then!

// Nancy

Back to black.

Hola muchachas y muchachos! I’m back~
This week was awful and should get the Hell week of the year – award. But now it’s behind me and I’ll just try to forget it. I hope your week’s been good though.

I can’t remember if I have anything to show you guys but it doesn’t matter because I’ll be bringing out my watercolors ect. today! :D
I’m pretty sure school won’t be too busy next week so you’ll see me around.
I’ll upload something later, see you then!083832711a18add3c7570588045dda71-816773555

// Nancy