You stupid hoe…

Watching this even though I start at 8 which means that I have to wake up at 5… and it’s 1 in the fucking morning.

I wasn’t planning on actually watching it but I didn’t want to sleep and the time became 12 o’clock (when they (were suppose to) start broadcasting) and I just thought “fuck it, I’m watching it”. I can’t stop watching now ;A;’

Yep, I’m a stupid hoe.

You know it’s late when you’re “quoting” Nicki Minaj…

// Nyancy


I’m going to follow Onmislashed example and share something a little embarrassing. I don’t think that the event itself is embarrassing, just funny but what I have to admit to for you guys to get it~

So earlier I really had to go to the bathroom and… do a nr. 2 >_> So I brought the laptop with me. <- the confession haha…

Now when I sat down I clicked on the video that was the highest one on my Youtube subscriptions, which was this:

“How does your butt feel. Mm, that’s cool”

I started laughing so hard.

It must’ve been faith. Just sayin’.

// Nyancy

B&W 2 countdown over!

I finally have Pokemon Black 2 in my hands



My face says: “Mine”.

But now that I finally got it… I’m hooked on Resident Evil 6. >w<‘ So typical! Oh well, I’ll start on Pokemon when it gets dark outside~ The cozy-lvl is higher then! :D

   // Nyancy

A bit of a strange day.

I was utterly tired this morning and I felt like an inuit (It was cold and I had my scarf, hood and my ponchoish jacket on which was very cozy).

This little girl ❤

When I arrived at school, I ate my sandwich because I didn’t have time to eat it at home. Marcus finished his lesson and we made our way to the entrance, there we met Alexandra and talked about what we were going to do today.

When we were on our way to the gym, no trams/busses were going so we just walked all the way. It was nice actually so I didn’t mind (I say this a lot about walks).

Now we’ll fast forward to when we had changed clothes~ Marcus forgot to bring a lock so thank god for the lockers being pretty big. That wasn’t the only thing he forgot… the damn member card was still in his pant-pocket so I had to fetch it! uh)

We finished working out right in time for lunch and on the way back to school we met – another Alexandra.

Another strange thing (for being Wednesday) = I ate at school (I usually start at 12).

Now, when my sculpture ended I had english and my teacher was sick so we ended after half the lesson!

On the tram home, I little kid counted to 200. I didn’t have my iPod today so this made me go a little insane but then when I was waiting for the bus a kid was counting too. (WHY??!)

Such a weird day. I didn’t forget to make a sandwich, I met 2 Alexandra’s, the trams/busses didn’t come on the way there but it was perfect timing on the way back, Marcus forgot important thing (note: this is not strange), I ate lunch in school on a day that I start at 12, I ended early from an english lesson and I came across 2 different kids counting.

If I go to bed early, this might be a record!

(Edit: I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! Inuyasha (our little chihuahua) has been happy all day, even this morning… Mind. Blown.)

// Nyancy

Biting of the bad side of the bun!

It’s been a good week so far. But I’ve had a pretty bad attitude, “I’m too lazy, I don’t want to study, this will probably be a bad week” but none of those have been true, I just haven’t made an effort to be positive. Well, screw that! Tomorrow I’ll go to the gym and I’ll study with a positive attitude!

Another thing that I should do, go to sleep when I say that I’ll go to sleep…

Kind of late going to sleep early today so, I’ll do it tomorrow~ ;3

// Nyancy

B&W 2 countdown: 7 days

So being a week until PKM B&W comes out, I thought of refreshing your(and my) memory about  “Poke-problems” you face while playing! :D

These are all taken from the Tumblr Poke-problems.

I can really relate to this when you get the National dex. You just carry around a random Pokemon so you can lower the HP of the desired Pokemon~

I don’t use repel often but when I do… this happens.

I can’t recall doing this but I know people who have… I would freak out and just turn it of and replay to that moment.

You’ve got to admit that you have a dream team before playing so it can be really sad leveling them when you got a lvl 39 female Unfezant.

It would’ve been awesome if they did this feature throughout black and white!

Uh, I don’t  really care for natures but the really hardcore breeders must really relate to this. X3

I always have this problem! I say one and then another and another and another. You’ve got 649 Pokemon to choose from. You can’t tell me you just have one!

Two words: Elite Four. You’re like “Pfft half his/her team has fainted, this is a piece of cake”… and then you loose.

Actually I found a shiny female Unfezant the first time I played Black. I ran around the house all crazy. But there are those unlucky people that can relate I think </3 :c

… Everyone must’ve felt like this at one time or another (even if not with Pokemon)!

So yeah that was today’s countdown post. Hope you enjoyed~

// Nyancy

Facebook page!

Soooo I made a Facebook page for this blog! :D

If you like N Y A N C Y and have a Facebook account, feel free to like the page (I would be really happy if you did hehe :D).

I’ll be uploading the posts when I’ve made them and maybe write little comments.

Besides that, if I find something small that’s funny/interesting that I want to share, that’s the page I’ll share it on. This will all start tomorrow!

Looking forward to see you there~

// Nyancy


Why did I raise my hand again?

English teacher: You’re going to see a documentary next week called “How to boil a frog”. Anyone knows how you do it? How do you boil a frog?

I raised my hand after a few seconds of silence.

Me: You put the frog in cold water and then slowly heat the water.

English teacher: That’s right, Nancy. You know how to boil a frog.

Everyone starts laughing.

Me: *akward smile and a little laughter*

The only reason why I know this is because I think that Al Gore said how in “An inconvenient truth”. But I suspect that I might’ve gotten the freak-who-boils-frogs lable. Great.
Oh well~ Looking back on it now I actually don’t have any anxiety over it. Should’ve would’ve could’ve, right?
// Nyancy