Kawaiibox September & October

Hi guys! I know I said that I wouldn’t backtrack but since I just started blogging again you guys might not know about this subscription box and I want to tell you about it! 😊

Since it’s a subscription box you get a box every month with 10-12 cute products for between 17.30$ – 18.90$. I have the one month plan so I get it for 18.90$, the other ones are lump sums and I haven’t made that investment yet but maybe I will when I have money left some month ^^

Now to the boxes themselves! This is the September Box:


And this is the October Box:CUMR2533

Both pictures are from my instagram when the boxes just came home to me!

These are the only boxes I’ve gotten but they have similar categories of stuff in them:

  • a small pouch of some sort (the mumin one and the cat one)
  • a bigger bag (the adorable alpaca makeupbag and the bunny pencase)
  • something to eat (caplico icecream, goldfish gummies & candy sushi)
  • charms (toasted bread, eggyolk & cat)
  • a pen (a bunny inkpen & a lollipop ballpoint pen) these are my favorite in the boxes haha
  • 3D stickers (food & farm ones)
  • DIY stuff (bracelet kit, nail bling & gems)
  • some kind of paper item (a cute animal card & cute printed mini paperbags)
  • lastly, misc. things: fragrance balls in a plastic jar & a stamp set)

In conclusion I think it’s a very fun box to get every month! Until next time have a good time 😁

// Nancy

New cute stuff hanging from my 3DS.

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was feeling down. Almost slept through the whole day.

Anyway, I’ve hung some new things to my 3DS! I like keychains and mobile jewelry but I don’t use everything I have since I’m afraid of losing them (like pins when you put them on bags :c). I haven’t lost anything in a long time though :D Probably because I always put everything back in my bag instead of letting them hang outside.

These are the ones I’ve had hanging for a few months (without changing them at all):current ones

All worn out and stuff haha. HK and Black widow were the latest ones but as you can see, Black widow’s eyes has faded a lot! >_<

Now to the new ones! Two of them I got as surprise gifts from Puccho candies and the third one is from a Puccho case.

This one’s from Puccho One Piece: img_0956
I’m not a One Piece fan (haven’t read the manga in 6 years or so) but the Puccho tastes really different and I really liked it when my brother got it so I bought one for myself.
I got Zoro and from what I remember I though that he was really cool haha.
You can hang it with the string but you also get an earphone jack plug so I went with that instead!

The second one’s from Kumamon Puccho: IMG_1059
As you can see on the picture below, I got the one where he’s wearing a sash xD I love the tiny Puccho piece at the bottom of it.
new ones

The last one is the Hello Kitty in a Masaru suit. It’s the top piece on the blue Nameko Saibai Kit x Hello Kitty Puccho case I got: MLS234_e

I haven’t broken the case btw! On the back it shows that you can screw it off haha >w<
This item has sold out on Jlist/Jbox so I’m not absolutely certain but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to get a Puccho pack in it… and I didn’t receive one :c I’ve mailed them so we’ll see what happens.

Urgh, this weekend was no fun. I do like my 3DS XL a bit more now ;D I want to buy a hard case for it too… maybe next month. It’s a shame that shipping from the US is so damn expensive, I’d already have one if it wasn’t.
// Nancy

My fangirl material.

Hellooooo there people! ^^ Right now I’m watching a Bioshock walkthrough with my brother. I though that I would tell you what I’m having euphoria over right now~ They are not in any order. Just the order that they popped up in my head!

Miyavi: If you’ve heard him sing and especially play the guitar… you know what I’m talking about! Seeing teasers that he puts up on his YT is so exiting and little lovely videos of him performing live is great. ;w;

An cafe/Miku: An cafe took a break 2010 but came back this spring/summer. I knew that they officially came back on April 1st. but I didn’t know that they had released an album “Amazing Blue” and their single with the same name has a PV (promotion video)! It’s so cute and Yu-ki raps in the background *mind blown*.

Seether/Shaun Morgan: Been replaying “Karma and Effect” and “Holding onto stings better left to fray” for weeks now, hyping seeing Seether on the November 11th… IT’S ONLY 19 DAYS LEFT!

I’m a little tired of this song right now because the radio butchered it before I got the cd (thanks a lot Bandit…) but when I heard the story behind the song, I got so happy and filled with faith. The faith to turn things around. Shaun had written the song, intending it to be a depressing song but one early morning, before recording he changed the whole tone of the lyrics! So. cool. ❤

Halestorm: I’m a new fan but already hooked~ “I miss the misery”, “Love bites (and so do I)” and the whole “Hello, it’s mz. Hyde” EP are favorites. Lzzy is such an awesome singer and front woman!

Green Day: Their new album Uno is out and it’s pretty good, been playing it over and over on YT haha (can’t afford buying it right now :c). The song “Kill the DJ” sticks so badly in my brain. I sang it throughout Saturday, I couldn’t stop! I’m linking you the explicit version because… censoring is a sin (no but really, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, it just pisses me off!). Ö^Ö

Linkin Park: I’m a little late with “Living things” didn’t start listening to it until… 2 weeks ago (don’t remember exactly). It’s beautiful and all but some songs I kinda… block out X’D Sounds horrible but it’s the truth! Castle of glass and the first song, Lost in the echo are favorites but almost everyone sticks to my mind :3

Mmm ~

// Nyancy


I made a Twitter! Haven’t had an active account for a few years but I decided that I could always write tiny (140 words to be exact) thoughts there, so why not make one again~ ^^

I came up with my Twitter name when I thought about the first video I saw by Snakebitesparkles (she’s so funny and looks like Helena Boham Carter!). She said FLATFORMS (instead of platforms) ❤ It was the first time I heard the term and it made so much sense!

When I search for platform shoes this is what I get: 

They are pretty but me and heels will never be. Flatforms in my ❤ 

So what is my Twitter username?



Want to know something else? Miku from An cafe and Lc5 is following me *__* (he follows so many people but still, I feel somewhat special! >w<‘)

Promotion picture from An cafe’s newest album. Captain Miku is so cute haha ^^

From when he was in the band Lc5 during the An cafe break during 2010-2012 :3 His image was much more mature (aaand I like it ehehe >///>).

I’m just going to sleep now, too much fangirling for my sleepless brain. Miku/All members of An Cafe, Miyavi, Halestorm, Billie Joe Armstrong and Shaun Morgan. I’ll tell you why tomorrow. Good night!

// Nyancy