I’m going to follow Onmislashed example and share something a little embarrassing. I don’t think that the event itself is embarrassing, just funny but what I have to admit to for you guys to get it~

So earlier I really had to go to the bathroom and… do a nr. 2 >_> So I brought the laptop with me. <- the confession haha…

Now when I sat down I clicked on the video that was the highest one on my Youtube subscriptions, which was this:

“How does your butt feel. Mm, that’s cool”

I started laughing so hard.

It must’ve been faith. Just sayin’.

// Nyancy


Damn it!

Uh hi guys. So I didn’t update the blog last saturday because the laptop broke down before I was able to. No computer for four days but today my father went to the shop and they’ll figure out if it can get fixed. Now we’re stuck with a “emachines” laptop:

It’s heavy and it doesn’t have a battery. Fantastic. But I know. Better than nothing.

I’m worried about the computer because I have music and pictures that isn’t stored anywhere else than on that computer :c I really don’t want to lose them. If I hadn’t dropped my external harddrive this wouldn’t have been a problem… ;_;

This sucks so bad.
I don’t think that I will post that often before we get the computer back (this one’s just too slow) but till next time, be great!