EVA&LOGOS EVA-0X Vacuum Double Structure Tumbler

evangelion tumblerNERV property of nerv cap insideSo this is what it looks like. As you can see, I chose the pink one c: And it’s Mari( Makinami Illustrious)’s, an original character from the You Can (Not) Advance movies!

MariMakinami weirdplugsuitlarge

I haven’t seen the movies… until today! :D I’m watching the first one right now and I plan to see all three in a row. It might be strange that I chose hers since I don’t know the character yet but she seems cool and her name is awesome.

I like the tumbler but it’s more of a thermos than anything. So if you’re looking for a tumbler this will be a bit disappointing. It’s a shame that it doesn’t come with one of these: NEOGDS-64170_4or one of those push mechanisms. It feels a little cheap of them to not include a “mouth piece”, especially since this one wasn’t cheap.

What I like about it:


  • is slim and tall.
  • keeps the beverage warm. (I’ve had hot chocolate in it for 4 hours now and it’s still warm)
  • seals tight so you won’t worry about it leaking. (I guess you sacrificed the “mouth piece” for the white rubber seal that really seals it tight.)
  • holds up to 320 ml. Or two Tassimo capsules of Suchard chocolate *oh yeah, I checked hehe* c:

A good thing to know if you’re considering to get one is that it has a white plastic line on the bottom. It’s really easy to scrape off and I did it because I thought it was residue from some foam that had been stuck to it, turns out it’s the plastic the letters are stuck to. No visible harm done though but keep that in mind.

That was the EVA&LOGOS EVA-05 Mari Vacuum Double Structure Tumbler, ladies and gents~ A good thing to have when it starts to get cold outside.
// Nancy


Two black holes.

Hi guys. I’ve been sick with winter vomit flu since Friday evening so that’s why I’ve been so inactive.

What I noticed just now is that I am really dark under my eyes. Which to be honest, I never have dark circles under my eyes (ever) :'< It actually scared me haha…

6edfb37430782022439cb54a911f10c3-70161194I… look like a ghost.

When I feel better, I’ll show you things I’ve gotten (a.k.a shoes and Aussie 3 minute miracle). I still have a headache and my stomach growls (don’t know if because of too little food or if something’s actually up °_° … I really can’t tell.)

I should sleep now guys! Q_Q Oh and no Art Sunday this week because I’ve drawn absolutely nothing. D’: Not even a doodle. I’ve studied (kinda…) and read Demon Flowers (<- now thaaat’s what I’ve done). It ended horribly. I couldn’t understand a word (okay, maybe two or so because they were similar to Swedish) in the German volume 5 but the pictures showed me a really sad but painless ending so… I was fine with it I cried. Not going to lie. I cried my eyes out. HAKASE MIZUKI KILLS ME EYERY TIME. And I still love her to death. I found another of her comics:

813-MIZ-16054aAsian beat is a collection of short stories. As Demon flowers (but worse) I can’t find this in Sweden (at all). So I’ll probably have to order it online *all the cries*.

No, now I should really sleep. (Got to think about my dark circles D:) Gooood night!

// Nyancy

I don’t regret anything! :D

HEY GUYS! Do you remember this post: D E M O N FLOWERS?

Well, yesterday I saw that Arashi‘s friend Sandra was selling vol. 3 and 4 of Demon flowers (in english) for a really good price so, I begged Arashi to tell her friend that I’m buying them (no, I never went through with translating them… it was a lot more difficult that I thought that it would be)! She was also buying (two MUCC cd’s) so the idea was that I would give her the money and she would meet her friend without me and me and Robin would work out but Robin didn’t come to school so instead this happened:

After school me, Arashi and Meriel ate some Yakiniku at ‘health sushi’. It was so good! o(≧w≦)o

DSC00312DSC00313First miso soup and then Yakinikuuuu~

Then we walked into both of the Gamestop’s in Gothenburg to find games to Arashi’s siblings. She found some good child friendly DS games~

And after that, we met Sandra, her boyfriend, Alice and Sofia in the middle of the mall (it felt like a Friday because of all of the people but let’s be honest, near Christmas time, every day is Friday!), people came and went though. Talking to everybody was exiting haha~ It was good that I went with Arashi! Meeting Sandra was really fun. She’s so cool and sweet-looking~ They both said that we’re similar (and I agree) but she’s prettier~

Now to the pretty books. TADAAA:Bild 2012-12-04 kl. 19.36They are a lot bigger than the German ones and a different shade of pink. I read a little on my second bus home (the first one was crammed the whole way!) but I only sit there for 6 minutes so I couldn’t read much. I’m going to bed early so I can read them :3

Another fun thing about today is that I bought a Hello Kitty drink with the flavor ‘multi fruit’ and it tastes just like my favorite mixed juice:

mixx_jordgubb__drakfrukt_jpg500pbob095Strawberry + dragon fruit

They stopped making it and I don’t know why(??!) but now I found something similar, the Hello Kitty drink does have an aftertaste of orange but I’m fine with that! It’s in the freezer right now so I’m going to have one hell of a delicious slushy soon! *w*/ The HK bottle is so cute too, and you get a hologram card inside the outer plastic!

fdacb806ef4ea4e0e17cd43877b13d40-483051988Hehe, I ripped the plastic before thinking so the pictures are kind of ugly but the hologram card is so cute! It’s on my black book now~ It gives a too springy feeling but maybe I can find one with a wintery motive *w*

That was all I had to share today! See you tomorrow and continue to have a nice day~

// Nyancy

B&W 2 countdown: 5 days (and US release)

Hi guys! The lucky bastards in America gets Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 today so I thought that we in Europe should support that and celebrate with them (minus the game…)!

My Tumblr addicted friend Char-char linked this awesome comic that’s celebrating the release day!:

Really good right? :D

The last page shows the ones drawing each page, so I really want to thank those people for this little comic and of course Char-char for showing it to me!
// Nyancy


I thought that I would scan everything I’ve done through-out the week on Sundays and show them to you. Would that be something? :D

Making people react to things you’ve made must be one of the greatest feelings in my opinion 

Doing pieces for a little display when my school is having a culture day the 15th November so those I won’t upload before (I’ll show them the same day hehe!) but everything else will pop up on Sundays

// Nyancy 


When it was a sale on manga a few monthes ago (I’ve been talking about sales alot lately… I DON’T KNOW WHYY. Sorry! X’D) i bought Demon Flowers 1 & 2. It has the same author and mangaka as The Devil Ororon (one of my favorite manga books).

It got some artwork that you either hate or love. It’s sort of minimalistic but with just the right amount of detail. The characters are thin and Mizuki got a very personal style. But they are lovable (except the ones that aren’t suppose to be)! I honestly love the manga because of the story.

Anyway so after reading them I reseached and I found out that there are 3 more books in the series. I checked if I could read it online… but no, nothing. You can’t read it anywhere. And the worst part was that you can’t even buy the books anymore (not to Sweden anyway without it being expensive as hell) because the publishers went bankrupt! D: Looking through Adlibris.se I found them but only in german… so I bought them in german >w<‘ I don’t know it at all but I’ve still made it my summer goal translating it fairly accurate for myself to understand.

I need to know the fate of the characters! And if it’s anything like Ororon I’m probably going to cry my eyes out. ;w;

This is not the version I have (it’s more neon pink-ish), this one from Tokyopop can’t be bought here anymore. :<

So… why am I telling you this? Well I just started translating the third book! And I have a feeling that it’s going to take some time and missunderstandings but it’s worth it!

I can’t do this especially long today because I start at 8.00 tomorrow but yeah. I’ve atleast finally started.

Good night(/evening/day/morning) people! ^^

// Nyancy ❤