Being awake 27 hours straight must mean: GRADUATION!

Hi guys. Believe it or not but I woke up at 20.00 :’D
Being awake 27 hours straight might be the longest I’ve been awake in one go
I woke up at 4 yesterday and was at Madeleine’s an hour early.
The champaign breakfast was really nice. We had champaign, sandwiches, strawberries, alcohol-free cider and mudcake!DSC_0016 DSC_0019 DSC_0021DSC_0024 DSC_0025 DSC_0026DSC_0033DSC_0038Then we were in school a few hours:DSC_0044 DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0048 DSC_0049 DSC_0053DSC_0056 943385_530130483710656_1569824671_n DSC_0059DSC_0066 DSC_0067 DSC_0068And then… it was time to run out of the school!DSC_0078 DSC_0077 971181_530131697043868_861863239_nMarcus, Linus, Carolin, Robin, Charles and I had a graduation picnic after that… the pictures from there looks creepy so I won’t add them but it was fun haha! >w<

Then I went home to change to the graduation party. We danced from about 23.00 to 03.00 but I wasn’t home until 07.00 because I had to wait for Robin’s buss with him. So I was awake from 4.00 to 07.00 the next day. Awesome time!
I’ll add the pictures from the party when the fb-event has uploaded them (since I didn’t take any myself).

I have to eat something now! I’m starving haha. See you tomorrow!

// Nancy

Howl’s moving castle brunch!

910152091_06621933fa480full(I love this movie)

Since I have to stay full until 16.00, I decided to not eat a slice of bread! And my mom joined me while I was frying the bacon so we ate together ^_^ That’s the nice thing with her changing to the evening shift, I can see her in the morning and eat breakfast with her. So cozy!starr kopia

Smoke and stars and diamonds and studs, just the way I want it. Burn, Baby. Burn.

I have to go now :’3 School is going to be nice with just the kick-out of love and after that we’re going to eat at our signature sushi place: Mamaya~ Yum ♥ See you later!

// Nancy

Marzipan and ghost hunting!

Having a nice monday? Mine’s been pretty fab!

English was fine, a bit awkward since we were supposed to sit in random groups discussing grammar assignments and we just sat there looking at each other, haha. No one wanted to talk, I’m blaming it on the early morning!
Religion-class was also fine, we talked about Buddhism and we have to write a paper till next week!

After lunch we sat on the fire escape on the third floor, eating Marabou Premium Marzipan.
We’re not allowed to sit there but no one saw us until our Social studies-teacher Thomas did… and he would’ve let us sit there if it weren’t for the damn janitor seeing us! >_<

wpid-DSC00459.jpgMmm… Marabou.image

imageFun time!

imageThe weather was really nice! The sun wasn’t too strong and the wind was blowing~

imageRobin dropped the iPad pen and walked down the normal stairs to get it but Marcus took the fire escape and picked it up. It was supposed to be a prank but Robin saw him before walking all the way down… dang!

When I came home, my brother had picked up the mail and the second package from Electroworld had arrived!77110b106371efb15cfc0c8d7471de44-521409360They’ve spoiled me with the artwork in Super Mario 3D land & NSMB2!
I was slightly disappointed that there weren’t anything on the inside… but it’s okay, it’s just a fun touch!
I haven’t started playing yet but when this is up, I’ll be starting my journey as a ghost hunter! :D

See you tomorrow! ^_^/
// Nancy

Art exhibitions everywhere!

Good evening!
My school had culture day today and my class (the ones who dragged their ass to school) had an art exhibition! It was… nice. I think that it would’ve been more fun if more came and pinned their things to the cardboard wall! Nevertheless I was surprised that there were a lot of people stopping by (even though we weren’t there the whole time)… the fact that the art teacher’s had their beautiful work in the next room might’ve been the reason! >w<

DSC_0945Our room while we prepared!
DSC_0943 DSC_0946DSC_0949Rapunzel’s work! The illustrations later got their rhymes and the bracelet’s she made got a bid on them.
DSC_0944DSC_0955Miss Anon aka Mashimoshi on fb (check her out! She even said so on the little note ^^). She is so good with everything she does!DSC_0950Anna’s work. She set up the work she’s done in graphics lesson and a model study. I really love her dry point-work!DSC_0951This is Ida’s photography / linoleum prints! Kitty ❤DSC_0954Marcus and his triangles~
DSC_0952DSC_0953What I showed! First my project work (the finished photos, as I promised!) and then the Metro fatshion illustrations, I’ve added one though (the first one). :D

And here’s some pictures from other exhibitions:DSC_0959Second year’s showing their stuff!DSC_0962Some art by teachers… I forgot to take a picture of the whole room. :cDSC_0961Made by a teacher called Thomas… so cool!
DSC_0965Another class of 2nd year’s showing what they’ve done!
DSC_0966Alice’s project work and her friend’s pictures of her.

You could do a lot more things besides looking at exhibitions, some of them being watching movies (both regular ones or ones made by students), listen to live music, make a garden gnome or go on a treasure hunt or two! :D

// Nancy

Makeup of the day: Powder pink

Skärmavbild 2013-04-10 kl. 07.42.27Skärmavbild 2013-04-10 kl. 07.42.15 Skärmavbild 2013-04-10 kl. 07.42.21 Good morning! ^_^/
I chillaxed all morning (because I woke up early) so I could take my time with everything, and still blog *weekday luxury*! c: I start 12 today but I’m heading out soon to sit in school with Marcus and read about Shakespeare.
Have a nice day!

// Nancy

Illustration-class is so much fun!

Took my camera with me today because I wanted to take some pictures of the things we did in illustration-class yesterday! Took some pictures on the way though:

Skärmavbild 2013-01-25 kl. 18.40.39Threw the things I sent today, to the back of the car this morning! One is for Samantha (my beauty swap and the other one contain games I’ve sent to Spelbutiken, in return for points to buy some games!

DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0009 DSC_0010 DSC_0011My mom didn’t work today and she had to help my grandmother at the Chilean embassy (to renew her passport) so she drove to the city and I went along.

When I came to school I headed straight to the forth floor and my drawer. These are the self portraits I did on Wednesday’s “image construction”-class :

DSC_0012DSC_0013 DSC_0014They are all made on A2 paper. Not very satisfied with these charcoal and chalk sketches but that’s why I have to practice! ^^ The “BLIND ART” one, I made with my eyes closed. Everybody was screaming “OMG, AH, IT LOOKS LIKE A CHILD ect.” so I laughed really hard while making it~

Yesterday my school had open house in the evening so that parents and 9th graders could take a look at what we do and what the inside of the school looks like. In preparation for that, my teacher in illustration wanted us to draw faces on three pieces of “fabric”. But before that we had the assignment to do faces with ink and water! (SO MUCH FUN!)

DSC_0015I used a thick and a thin brush with regular ink. And a spray bottle containing water!

I loved doing this! No pre sketching because I just wanted it to flow.DSC_0016Here are the fabrics. I made the middle one in the fabric strip to the left and the closed eyes + nose with a bow on her forehead! The middle one was so hard to do! I had to paint it on from the side, kneeling down. Her lips are super big and crooked :’D

A little summary of the past few days~ ^^ Hope you liked it!

// Nyancy

The sun was up when I woke up.

Hi guys! I overslept with three hours today. Missed my Swedish lesson but as usually, they did nothing. It’s a shame though. That hour and a half is good attendance. :c
Had to hurry though, woke up 30 minutes before I had to go to catch the bus. And then I arrived at school an half hour before science class started. I met Anna in the entrance so we walked up to the third floor together. Eora, Miss anon, Rapuncel, Sofia and Merielle were already outside the classroom.
Science was cool. Our teacher Ola seems like a nice teacher. We had a vote on what subject we should read about… and we could chose between “How much water should our food cost?”, “Scampi or coral reefs?”, “What should we do with the rain forrest?” and “GMO- threat or possibility”. We choose the hardest one (GMO)! QwQ I voted on it so I shouldn’t complain! I just wish that he’d said so earlier, never the less I believe that it will be interesting.


We also did an experiment/competition. Everybody got a paper with the assignment: You and your friends land on the moon but 200 km away from the base. You have your suits on but will need to walk and can’t take everything with you. Rank the items below from 1-15. 1 being the most important.
First we were two in each group to then be four. When we were four, we compared our answers and did the final order. Then: moment of truth. We compared our answers with the choices of actual astronauts . 2 points for the same answer as them and 1 point for a nearby answer. The first group didn’t care to count their points, the second group got 5 points… and the group I was in got 18-20 points (we couldn’t decide on one item)!
When the teacher announced that we won (and said jokingly that we would go to the moon), I cheered but our counter Rapuncel looked terrified :’D I started laughing so hard.

After school I went in to Åhlens and Kicks to find my beauty swap-products. I think I know what to get Samantha soooo I’m exited! ^_^ Probably should bring money with me though… not having money on my bank account is frustrating but atleast I can’t impulse shop! ;D

// Nyancy

Again, really??!

Good morning. I’m tired but not I’d do anything for sleep-tired just that feeling of too little sleep.
Today when I walked to the buss I was surprised to see that the street lights were on on the new road ( the same road that I almost got hit by a truck last week). Very calming! -w-
Anyway let’s fast forward till when I got to school. I was at my locker when Anna’s literary composition teacher walks past me while thinking this out loud: ‘Is it Bianca?’. The only thing I though was “Not again…” (a few weeks ago, three people mistook me for someone else. He was one of them) and right after he said ‘No it isn’t’.
He gets a silver star for realizing himself! X3

Wrote everything above before class started but now I’m home! Really need sleep but… I need my second breakfast!

// Nyancy

Urgh morning (=_=)/

I’m so tired and I woke up with that familiar ache around the uterus-area… WOHOO (it’s not so bad right now but in a couple of hours… hell begins)! D:

I really have to submit a paper to my teacher that she should’ve gotten a week ago (she’ll be pissed). I just didn’t want to do it until the last minute (which is before the first lesson starts)…. I’m so bad with individual work and home work! >_<‘

I really have to start getting ready so I’ll be back after school~

// Nyancy

Crazy start of the week!

I’m already had my lessons for today and it’s 10:53 (actually ended 09.20 but it takes some time to get home)! Feels nice but I’m so, so tired~ Waking up at 5 does tire your eyes. Doesn’t stop me from playing Pokemon though!

Now, I need breakfast! Maybe I can watch something on Youtube while eating hehehehe~

(Oh and the Art Sunday post will be up today instead! I didn’t have the strength to do it yesterday T__T’)

// Nyancy

Oh happy daay!

On Fridays, I only have one lesson and guess what! Canceled~

Woke up early to get it confirmed and to go to the nearest supermarket (my mom is going out anyway). I need a change so I’m going to buy hair color! c: I’ll show you what color as soon as I’ve colored it hehe.

My copy of Pokemon Black 2 should come in the mailbox today too! TwT


// Nyancy