The Dark Knight Triology – Ultimate Collector’s Edition Unboxing

IMG_2284Aaaand here comes the slightly late unboxing I told you that I would do. ^^b I’m showing the content in the same order as they came in the box! IMG_2285

These are the first things you see when you open the box. A letter from Christopher Nolan and the reproductions of the Tumbler (from Batman Begins), Bat (from The Dark Knight Rises) and Bat-Pod (from The Dark Knight).


Next comes the villain prints from Mondo in a sturdy envelope. They are gorgeous~ I want to frame and put them on my wall! Sadly I don’t have any room (or a frame for that matter). D: The prints are 25.5×17.3 cm.IMG_2288

IMG_2289This is the large 48-page photo book of the trilogy. It’s beautiful and the inside combines both matt and shiny finishes. The photos are shiny while the background is matt (and the batman logos, not on the picture above though haha).IMG_2290IMG_2291 IMG_2292And the finale is the disc book. A thick, hard-cover with 6 Blu-rays. Batman Begins has one disc, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises has two each (one being special features, nothing new for those that already have the movies on blu-ray) and the final disc has over 90 minutes of new special features.

Like I said on my last post: it was worth the 600 SEK i gave for this TDK: UC edition. I’m in love with it~
// Nancy

After 2 AM update~

Finally home from work :’D (Aaah, so pleased)

At least getting two days pay at the end of next month~ Doesn’t feel great right now because I missed out on playing the day away with Pokemon Y…
But hey, kinda glad I didn’t. The feeling of ecstasy stays longer that way >wÖ

It’s crazy that we got the game a day before the release date, didn’t expect it at all!pokemon YHaven’t started it up yet. I might do it later but I don’t want to fall asleep in the middle of playing >w<‘

I picked up another thing yesterday! A package containiiiiiiiing:batman

The Dark knight triology Ultimate Collector’s Edition

I’m making an unboxing post tomorrow but I can tell you now, it’s an absolutely stunning set. I don’t previously own any of the movies (my brother got Batman begins for Christmas -06, so we have it here… still isn’t mine though c;) so it’s so worth the 600 SEK I payed for it.

I’m going to play some Catherine with my brother now. He has been nagging about it all day (even when I was at work). But first! *dun dun dun* … I have to vacuum my bedroom floor xD It’s filthy. Damn cat hair everywhere!

Good night~ I’ll be back after the sun has been up a few hours!
// Nancy

Monsters University premiere

IMG_1572After the movie~

IMG_1586IMG_1587 And SF’s Monsters University menu! *w*b

Popcorn in a cute (hard paper) box, a plastic mug (you could choose either a Mike, Sully or Art figurine to have on top) and the memory game-cards.

This one is far better than the Wreck-it Ralph menu… didn’t expect to get the card game (but I love to collect stuff so it’s a pleasant surprise) :3

monsters_university_2013-wideI liked Monsters University. It was a worthy prequel and to see tiny Mike was *AHHHH*… he was adorable °u° I laughed and almost covered my eyes when they almost lost the scare games (twice Ö^Ö)!
MonstersUniversityDean1Ps. Dean Hardscrabble is awesome *gay monster crush :DDD*… oh and she reminded me of the Grand Councilwoman in Lilo & Stitch!

// Nancy

Ps2. Look at all the SP hits i got today (been a while since I got this many in one go)! x’D IMG_0875

Ahahaha… hi there *awkward smile*.

Missed me?851582_144885319019068_2087531931_n

I’ve been so lazy! Because I’m addicted to Animal Crossing…  I don’t do anything else if I don’t go out to meet friends, *cough*Merielle*cough*. QwQ’

We’ve tried to make plans to meet up with Miss Anon all weekend but it didn’t work so well. We also tried to meet today but that didn’t happen either so I’ve been watching horror movies all day. My stomach was turning from the horror OD so right now I’m watching Madagascar 3!

Sonja the bear is so precious.

mad3_character_large_332x363_sonyaking-julian-sonia-ourse“Hey, gorgeous. Has anyone ever told you that you look like a super model? Albeit a fat hairy one who smells.” – King Julian

I didn’t see this one when it came out because I thought that it would be lame but I actually like it a lot :3 The circus is so shiny and sparkly and the Russian animals are so… special.

Oh this Saturday is Skara Sommarland (the amusement park)! :D I’ve actually bought something so you guys will get some pictures on Sunday. I’m not promising anything though since Saturday will be a long day and then I have to work Sunday and Tuesday-Friday. But I should be able to have a post up on at least Monday… if the item arrives before Friday >w< Let’s hope for the best!

I’m scheduling this post to be up at noon today since I’m writing this at 03:49 and… no one reads it when I upload this late/early haha.

I still have 22 minutes left on the movie but after that it’s sleepy-time. See ya!851577_144885229019077_1533674658_n// Nancy

Surprises in the mail and ticket buying!

Good evening! Been out all day today hehehe.
Went to Merielle’s house to just hang out (watch her play Dumb Ways To Die and play some AC:NL) and then we met up with Arashi~ We were both about a half hour late (but either of us knew since everyone’s phones were turned off), it turned out fine in the end!

Then Merielle and I took the tram to the cinema to pay for our Evil Dead tickets :D We’re going to see it on Thursday~ I’ve never seen a horror movie on the big screen… it’s going to be fun and probably creepy as hell!

evil-dead-poster-hi-resYou just have to google it to see how disturbing the movie is *_*b

DSC_0180Afterwards we ate because we were so hungry and we also bought candy! I’m saving mine till Thursday :3

On the way out from the house this noon, we caught the mailman and demanded our mail, he gave them to us (in exchange for a peak at my mom’s id-card) c:DSC_0177Our games were here! I ordered Pokemon Mystery Dungeons Gates to Infinity to my brother (my mother asked me to) but what I didn’t know (until Thursday) was that they had ordered games from my wish list too ♡ DSC_0175

My new games :D

I got a surprise too, the missing tunnels came! Never86 gave me a pair of white plugs too, unfortunately they aren’t the same size but since I got them for free as compensation I won’t complain… it’s just a little ironic haha.DSC_0176

My mom called me not too long ago to tell me that I’ll be working two days this week. And there’s a schedule for the next two weeks *dun-dun-duun*, my boss is actually organized c:
It’ll be really good for my economy… and really bad for my body >w<
But hey, If people have been working there for 25 years, I should be able to handle to work four days in a row… right? °w°’

I’m going to play my lovely games now! See you tomorrow~

// Nancy

Weekend funsies!

I’m going to list what I’m going to do this weekend! :D


  • the movies I borrowed from the library yesterday! I’ve already watched The Flowers of War (highly recommended If you want to both cry floods and smile/laugh) and have Lord of the Flies (1963) left. Kind of read the book in english (didn’t manage to read the end) so it will be interesting to see the movie interpretation.

Lord-of-the-Flies-1963-Hollywood-Movie-Watch-Online 600full-the-flowers-of-war-cover

  • the post-midseason finale episodes of The walking dead and Once Upon a Time.The-Walking-Dead-Season-3-Poster
  • Les Miserables in theater… alone. Everyone else cancelled on me :c Might see something else though, so I can see it with them some other day. The seats available are crappy anyway!les_miserables_french-poster
  • season one of Adventure Time!adventure-time-with-finn-and-jake-3

Play (+ maybies)…

  • large-1Harvest Moon Tale of two towns (The majors are not fighting as much as in the beginning, I’ve got more money. I also have two chickens,  a full grown cow and a lamb. Life in Konohana is goooood~)
  • Pokemon-black-2-white-2-wallpaper-pokemon-black-version-2-and-white-version-2-32031323-900-675Maybe some Pokemon Black 2. Honesty time: I have not come far in the game! Stress made me not want to play it and now I don’t feel like it! Should try tomorrow nonetheless >w<
  • prof-layton-wallpaperMaybe continue Professor Layton and the curious village… been a while now. Got stuck at an area-calculation puzzle. TIME TO PULL MYSELF TOGETHER LIKE A SIR!

I should probably do some have-to-do’s too but I’d rather not think about it right now. Have a great weekend everybody! See you tomorrow~ I still have the surprise-post (that I promised you) left to write. Hint: It’s beauty-related.

// Nyancy

Only hours left of 2012!

I lazied of for a couple of days because writing things down on an iPhone was not ideal… (I hated it! I need buttons to press down). But yesterday my parents went out and bought a charger so the laptop works again *hallelujah choir*.

What I’ve wanted to share with you guys are a couple of things! One was that I ate passion fruit for the first time! Such a strange fruit and it taste almost nothing like the juice. Only a quick after-taste here and there.


Reading to put aside the thought of frog-eggs made just want to put it all aside, haha. But I mixed it with kiwi and banana so it was yummy. The actual fruit was sour and slippery, while the seed was bitter (but not overly so!).

20121231-103801.jpgI want to eat this fruit salad again… but none of these fruits are left! :’c

Now to the next thing:

I bought color B4 Extra to get the nasty red color out of my hair. The color didn’t come out as I wanted from the beginning and when it faded it just turned to an oxblood color! D: My hair felt really bad too, all stiff and greasy. Reading that my hair probably would turn all porous… I thought “fuck it, I’ll do this and then wait a while” which I’m doing >w<‘ I can’t afford buying anything to do with my hair anyway…

But it worked out great. I got back the color I had before the red, which was my bleached hair with faded brown on top of that. I think it’s my favorite color to have when I don’t have jet-black hair or something fun~

20121231-111814.jpgThe same day before the treatment.Bild 2012-12-31 kl. 11.40

And today!

My hair is super soft right now and it doesn’t look as tired so I’m satisfied.

Now to the final thing. Because we got the computer working I could finally redeem my 2 months of free movies and tv-series yesterday! But I’m doubting that it actually got redeemed because it says that it’s only valid for a month… so I’ve contacted the company and we’ll see!

It was quite a movie day yesterday! I watched Rio and Sanctum on the TV. Both were good, Rio in a fun, Pixlar way and Sanctum in a “Omg, it’s The Descent all over again but underwater and without monsters”-way… and I love The Descent!

Later my brother and I watched The Thing (2011), House of wax, Boogeyman and the first part I missed in Paranormal activity 3.

Right now I’m watching Hanna. Half way in and I’m really liking it.

I really need to wash my hair, haha. So I should do that now before grandma arrives.

I hope you’ll have a nice new year. I don’t know yet if it’ll be troubleless but I’m hoping.

See you in the new year!

// Nyancy


Really I do. I’m suppose to go to my friends birthday celebration today but no one I know is going, Robin is sick and Charles doesn’t feel like it…. and now I don’t feel like going anywhere either. :c So I won’t. I’m going to make it up for her though! Next time we’re going to the cinema, it’s my treat! c:

So the reason I don’t want to go anywhere is because it’s pouring outside. I just want to stay inside and watch movies or something so I think that I’m finally going to watch Casanova (Heath Ledger ♡). ^^

I’ll be cozing down now. Bye people.

// Nyancy ❤

M O V I E S.

I met my mother on the way home and she wanted to eat ice cream so we walked into a ice cream parlor, while she ordered ice cream… I looked through movies that were sold very cheaply. This is what I got (the lables on the movies doesn’t match what I paid.)I like when they are in profile and have open mouths on the cover apperently ;D

Sasha Baron Cohen ♡ Haven’t seen Borat yet but soon…. sooooooooon (hopefully)! *∆*

It’s a perfect day for movies (although every day is a good day for movies, if you aren’t stressed) :3

It’s all that possibly can happen with the weather right now. Sun, dark rain clouds, wind, rain, humid. X’D

Bye beautifuls! I’ll start watching now. Haven’t figured out which one I’ll be watching but probably something that my brother want to see too because he’s sitting next to me! ^^

// Nyancy & Little Bro ❤