Working Class Hero.

Work yesterday was good compared to every time I’ve worked at the “belt”, there were no stress at all. We were four people unpacking material that the trucks drop off at your stations. It’s heavy (like all the jobs in the Volvo factory) but I can manage that. Stress on the other hand and the fact that if you fail, it stops the whole belt you’re working at… it’s awful.

Working in a factory with bad air circulation, dust flying everywhere and oil getting all over your arms and clothes isn’t really what I want to be stuck doing every time I need money. It does pay the best though. If I take the summer job as for example a helper for the elderly, I’ll have to work three weeks instead of six days.

That said, I like working where I worked now and it pays well but I can’t help feeling like a piece of me is dying every time. I want to try working with different things. Something as basic as in a store would be awesome… and scary since I don’t like talking to new people. But I have to get rid of that fear. Because living with a “no, I don’t want to talk to him/her because I’m afraid what they’ll think of me”-attitude isn’t good. At all.

Conclusion: I’ll try to apply for other jobs too but I’m happy with my new job.

They won’t be needing me until about two weeks before the summer holiday so I’m not working for a few weeks…
MY SUMMER BREAK CAN CONTINUE :Dtumblr_mnp49frWeB1rj0yrio1_500 // Nancy

Ps. I wrote this last night so I’m probably sleeping when you read this~

The last 42+ hours in pictures.


The last Swedish-lesson. DSC00466My fairytale loving English A&B/Swedish B teacher! I like her and it was a pleasure having her all three years.DSC00467Home-made cinnamon buns… so yummy c:
DSC00468On the last lesson we watched the end of Midnight in Paris (we saw the first part on the lesson before) and “fikade”!  DSC00465Marcus… so pretty with my glasses and his hair parted in the middle!

Evidence that Inuyasha can be super cute.DSC00469 DSC00470 DSC00471Taken while I was waiting for my mother to buy milk. :’3 He can be cute when he wants to, haha.

Bridge malfunction 
DSC00472 DSC00473 DSC00474On my way to a livenight at a music high school, the bridge had some difficulties closing… so people (including me) started walking instead!

Rytmus livenight DSC00477Picture: Experimetal
Me and Marcus saw a lot of cool bands. Experimetal’s guitarists were, so, cool (and super talented)! One of them looks like Jason Segel and the other one looked like a combination of two of my male friends (Marcus and I were amazed)!
Strangely enough… the guitarists I’m talking about are the only ones not present on the picture above .__.


Art class
DSC00482 DSC00483 DSC00484 DSC00480DSC00479
DSC00478 Picture above: Merielle dropped her palette and when she made the first wipe, I thought it was so pretty that I had to take a picture. ART ON THE FLOOOR!
We painted the view from school today. I really like the view from our atalié on the forth floor so I decided to sit there ^_^ Merielle, Marcus, Lovisa and Miss Anon also sat there. I forgot to take a picture of my painting though… DSC00485DSC00486Gothenburg, where rainwater flows over and comes up from the sidewalk… ö__ö

Tomorrow is “Kristi himmelsfärds”-day so no school tomorrow or on Friday… WOHO!
See you tomorrow~
// Nancy

First of the year-tag

Why not take advantage of the new year and make a tag out of it! ^_^ LEEEET’S GET STARTED! :D

First clothes worn:

828d950036da2c65220701abf4782b1e-621455078-1Bild 2013-01-01 kl. 11.06I just felt like putting on the Kigurumi I haven’t worn for 2 year now! It’s a winter one so it suuuuper warm!

First video watched:

First song:

First of the year… by Skrillex.

I’m being honest, haha. I curiously clicked on it while looking up if someone’s done this tag before… I only found a New Year’s-tag about the past year. I wish I’d chosen a song that didn’t get me a headache though.

First nails:

Bild 2013-01-01 kl. 12.21 #2Alll the patches. I should do something about this…

First TV-Series: ghetto72024_472488496125495_183433645_nI almost said 2 1/2 men (watched a minute haha) but then I remembered that I watched Ink masters at 3 in the morning.

First painting: Bild 2013-01-01 kl. 12.47Did this one in the dark with a single candle for lighting. I’ll scan this one when I make my Art Sunday post! :3

I just randomly rattled off things I could think of so you can to the same, because I tag eeeeverybody who read this! :D So do the same if you want to~


Hiii guys… it’s been a while~ >w<‘ I’ve written posts but they haven’t published (I have no idea why) but now they aren’t relevant anymore so it doesn’t matter.

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for! Seether is in Gothenburg tonight! (and I don’t have English early Monday morning so I won’t die of sleeplessness) :D

To finally meet and listen to the band (live) that inspire me the most makes me so happy I can die. My mom is a fan too so she’s also coming. I’m going to give them things I’ve done (that I haven’t showed you guys) but it isn’t as much as I wanted it to be because I haven’t had time/desire to paint anything. It was supposed to be something for our culture day but it’s on Thursday and I have almost nothing… so I’ve scrapped the idea.

I’m bringing my dads iPhone tonight so it’ll be loaded with pictures at the end of tonight! ;w; Woho!

What I’m doing right now. While the smell of bread in the oven is taking over the air *yum*.

I’m going to go now! Paper boy came a while ago so the newspaper is waiting for me.

See ya guys later!

// Nyancy

My fangirl material.

Hellooooo there people! ^^ Right now I’m watching a Bioshock walkthrough with my brother. I though that I would tell you what I’m having euphoria over right now~ They are not in any order. Just the order that they popped up in my head!

Miyavi: If you’ve heard him sing and especially play the guitar… you know what I’m talking about! Seeing teasers that he puts up on his YT is so exiting and little lovely videos of him performing live is great. ;w;

An cafe/Miku: An cafe took a break 2010 but came back this spring/summer. I knew that they officially came back on April 1st. but I didn’t know that they had released an album “Amazing Blue” and their single with the same name has a PV (promotion video)! It’s so cute and Yu-ki raps in the background *mind blown*.

Seether/Shaun Morgan: Been replaying “Karma and Effect” and “Holding onto stings better left to fray” for weeks now, hyping seeing Seether on the November 11th… IT’S ONLY 19 DAYS LEFT!

I’m a little tired of this song right now because the radio butchered it before I got the cd (thanks a lot Bandit…) but when I heard the story behind the song, I got so happy and filled with faith. The faith to turn things around. Shaun had written the song, intending it to be a depressing song but one early morning, before recording he changed the whole tone of the lyrics! So. cool. ❤

Halestorm: I’m a new fan but already hooked~ “I miss the misery”, “Love bites (and so do I)” and the whole “Hello, it’s mz. Hyde” EP are favorites. Lzzy is such an awesome singer and front woman!

Green Day: Their new album Uno is out and it’s pretty good, been playing it over and over on YT haha (can’t afford buying it right now :c). The song “Kill the DJ” sticks so badly in my brain. I sang it throughout Saturday, I couldn’t stop! I’m linking you the explicit version because… censoring is a sin (no but really, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, it just pisses me off!). Ö^Ö

Linkin Park: I’m a little late with “Living things” didn’t start listening to it until… 2 weeks ago (don’t remember exactly). It’s beautiful and all but some songs I kinda… block out X’D Sounds horrible but it’s the truth! Castle of glass and the first song, Lost in the echo are favorites but almost everyone sticks to my mind :3

Mmm ~

// Nyancy

Leave me to heal on my own.

Leave me to heal on my own
With those empty cool promises
You stole my dreams
Yeah all my dreams
I’m dead inside
Please let me feel my way home
Without reason or compromise
You stole my dreams
Now all I believe is dead inside

Be quick now child
And soil my bed with all your dirt
Just keep me suffering
All these promises
Lectures and bold face lies
All these promises
Born of a shameless mind

Master of disaster – Seether


3 days of horror. Monday: Hell, Tuesday: Hell, Wednesday: Hell. And I’m not just talking about school.

But now I’m positive that there’s nothing boring/ I need to study for the rest of the week (I’m so relieved).

Enough about the past! Tomorrow I’ll be going to a town called Borås with Marcus, it’s also called the sculpture town. Lots and lots of sculptures everywhere! :D So we’ll be walking around and he needs some books from the museum~ ^^ And on Friday I’ll be watching a swedish band play called Eldrimner. It’s actually an age-limit of 20 y. but because me and my friends have signed up on an event on Facebook, we’re allowed to go too~ Feels good man.

So yeah, my week. Uh. I can finally start reading the books I bought on the book fair (don’t really have a desire to read right now though).

// Nyancy


I really am nervious. I remember the first day at Volvo. No one talked to me… only stared (just because I’ve never been there before) :c But then I had my dad and the people at his table that I’ve seen before at some point but tomorrow, I know no one exept an old workbuddy to my dad :c. And I haven’t seen him in a long time (actually that isn’t exactly true! One time not too long ago that I had to open the door and it was him and his wife asking if my parent were home but they weren’t… that was kind of akward… because I was dyeing my hair brown! X’D I wouldn’t count that though because he backed away when he saw how uncomfortable I was… haha. TwT’)

Trying to calm my nerves with finding new awsome music.

And I found D, a visual kei band. They are pretty amazing!

This song is really calming ^^ And yes that is a man on the picture ♡ His voice is stunning!

So I’m going to try sleeping now. I want atleast some sleep before tomorrow comes… don’t know if I will succeed *_* It feels really early to me!

Anyway good night people!

// Nyancy


I’m in that kind of mood right now…. like my heart is dying because of  my hatred.

YOU make me like this.

And I CAN’T throw you away because “you” won’t let me.

But when I’m gone. That’s when I can start breathing again.

Diru what would I do without you?

Good night. // Nyancy ❤


Marilyn Manson

He has some opinions that I totally agree on and some I don’t. But that has never stopped me from liking an artist for their art (but I suppose it can happen).

Going to continue reading Dissecting Marilyn Manson now. Read it, it’s very interesting! Along with A Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

// Nyancy ❤


I am not a pattern to be followed
The pill that I’m on
Is a tough one to swallow
I’m not a criminal
Not a role model
Not a born leader
I’m a tough act to follow

I am not the fortune and the fame
Nor the same person telling you to forfeit the game
I came in the ring like a dog on a chain
And I found out the underbelly is sicker than it seems
And it’s seems ugly, but it can get worse,
Cos’ even a blueprint is a gift and a curse
Cos’ once you got the theory of how the thing works
Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first

This one might be my favorite from A Thousand Suns, because of the meaning behind those words ♡

Looking forward to the new album. Even if I didn’t really fall in love with the released single BURN IT DOWN…. I think that it’ll grow on me :3

// Nyancy