Water marble nails: Rorange + Make-up of the day: Santa’s little helper!

Red + Orange = Rorange

GOOD MORNING GUYS! :3 Last night I decided to do some water marbling with the nordic cap of Sweden-polishes I bought. They dried so fast that my pinkie and thumb looked really weird when I did it the first time so I had to redo them… the original idea was to have a base of red and then water marble with with black (sally hansen black diamond) and the see through polish. I failed miserably ;_;

So I just re-did it with orange and red, which almost doesn’t show on the red base unfortunately. The other three fingers look fine though =w= I tried swirling it a lot but it didn’t come out that swirly. I only did my right hand so I’ll try making circles later! :D


I chose red and orange because it matches my Santa hat, “Ho ho ho” doggy/kitty-collar and scarf!

Bild 2012-12-18 kl. 08.05 Bild 2012-12-18 kl. 08.05 #3 Bild 2012-12-18 kl. 08.06 Bild 2012-12-18 kl. 08.06 #2Bild 2012-12-18 kl. 08.15

I have to go now so I’ll see you later!

// Nyancy


Hi guys~

It’s been a while but I’m back now (or maybe not, going to a friend for 5 days tomorrow c: but after that I’m really back and with an update!) and I’m here with water marbling! :D
So I rediscovered it yesterday while watching bautifulfreak on youtube. I got nail varnishes and long nails so I thought “finally”! When I actually discovered it I didn’t have any nails or colors and I was watching a rainbow tutorial. It was torture! D:

I used these nail varnishes:

Since last time I’ve gotten a new one! The Sally Hansen Diamond strength nail varnish in No 94 Black diamond. It’s a really pretty sparkling black. The rest are: OPI Just spotted the lizard, Kicks Lady blue and Depend nr. 049.

Now this is the first time I’ve done it so I’m not exactly satisfied but hey: practice makes perfect~ ^^

This is the first hand I hade. I used everything except OPI. I used tape on three of my fingers but I liked how the colors turned out on my skin so I just stopped using it! xD This hand screams “fun” while the other one’s “royal”.

I didn’t bother to remove the varnish from my hands before taking the photos and I apologize for that (it’s not like I’m going to go out with my hands covered in paint haha! I was just really fascinated in the beginning). But it’s pretty late and I wanted to do this as quickly as possible. :)

Next hand!

I like this hand more. The gold, black and purple make me think of royalty… and Alois Trancy from Black butler:

This was really fun and I highly recommend it. But I got a tip for you! :D Don’t skip the tape because it will get alot stickier than necessary.

Want to know how to do it? Watch one of the thousand tutorials on youtube. ;D

See ya next week!

// Nyancy ❤