Swedish Glossybox: Golden New Year!

Happy end of the world-day guys! Thought that I would celebrate by writing this Glossybox post! ;D I received this one at the same time as the December box. I was so exited (and with a good reason), five full sized products worth over 1000 SEK and I payed (or my mother payed) 229 SEK! It is a perfect Christmas gift~ Wouldn’t have gotten it without my mom. I’m truly grateful! ;w; Let’s begin the unboxing!

IMG_0417It’s of course a gold box .IMG_0420The style is different from the usual ones. You can’t take of the lid, instead there’s magnets that closes the box. The card is in another style, you’ve got a glittery black ribbon (which is fabulous!) and the box is slightly bigger.

Now to the products:

1. BM Beauty Lash Thickening Mascara IMG_0435 IMG_0439 Bild 2012-12-21 kl. 17.55

BM Beauty’s Lash Thickening Mascara is a popular mineral mascara without parabens. According to the card it also both strengthens your lashes and protects them. When I first tried it, I didn’t really like it. It didn’t feel like it did anything but I applied it on top of a coat of my usual mascara and the wand is really thick so it couldn’t grab onto my lashes. Using this one as a first coat and then build with another mascara is the way to go!

The product is worth 179 SEK and contains 8 ml.

2. Kryolan Professional Make-up High Gloss

IMG_0432Bild 2012-12-21 kl. 18.55This gloss is a very opaque dark red and it’s called Catwalk. I love the design, it smells like strawberries and the color is amazing. The formula is sooo sticky but when it’s on your lips it doesn’t feel like your lips are sticking together. Which surprised me considering the stickiness. It’s also super shiny and according to the card, it’s because of the pearl pigments in it!

The product is worth 139 SEK and contains 4 ml.

3. Nails Inc. Nail Polish

IMG_0441Liquid silver. That’s what this product is. It’s both shiny and sparkly and all the colors are named after classic locations in London, this one is Cambridge Terrace! It’s easy to put on and two coats are very opaque while one coat gives you the glitter and shine with the hint of your own nail under. I want more colors already!

The product is worth 149 SEK and contains 10 ml.

4. NYX Cosmetics One Night in Marocco

IMG_0426 IMG_0428A really handy palette consisting of 8 eyeshadows (4 slightly glittery and 4 matt ones), eyeshadow base and four discrete lip colors! The Lip colors look really dark here but not in reality. The right ones isn’t that brown either. They also claim that the eyeshadow will last all night with the primer. I haven’t used this one yet but I’ll try it the first chance I get!

This is the most expensive product in the box. It’s worth 390 SEK.

5. ModelCo Cheek + Lip Tint

IMG_0430This was the most exiting thing when I first opened the box. I’ve wanted to try a lip tint since a year back. And finally (+ totally unexpected) I got to try it. It’s small but it does make a difference! I’ve only used it on my lips (in the Santa Devil-look) but next time I put on blush I’ll put this one on instead~ As a last thing, I noticed that it smells really good too! Like berries.

The product is worth 155 SEK for 10 ml.


I forgot to take a proper picture but do you see the gold thing under the products? x’3 Well it’s the bonus in this box! It’s a pretty vanity case!Bild 2012-12-21 kl. 20.15 Bild 2012-12-21 kl. 20.15 #2Took some pictures now, haha. All the things are in it and it’s not over-stuffed. Perfect.

That was all folks! Everyone that ordered this box got the same thing so if you’ve seen this post you’ve seen them all. ;D

I hope that it was helpful and a nice read. No more Glossybox posts until the end of next month! Bye, bye~

// Nyancy