First of the year-tag

Why not take advantage of the new year and make a tag out of it! ^_^ LEEEET’S GET STARTED! :D

First clothes worn:

828d950036da2c65220701abf4782b1e-621455078-1Bild 2013-01-01 kl. 11.06I just felt like putting on the Kigurumi I haven’t worn for 2 year now! It’s a winter one so it suuuuper warm!

First video watched:

First song:

First of the year… by Skrillex.

I’m being honest, haha. I curiously clicked on it while looking up if someone’s done this tag before… I only found a New Year’s-tag about the past year. I wish I’d chosen a song that didn’t get me a headache though.

First nails:

Bild 2013-01-01 kl. 12.21 #2Alll the patches. I should do something about this…

First TV-Series: ghetto72024_472488496125495_183433645_nI almost said 2 1/2 men (watched a minute haha) but then I remembered that I watched Ink masters at 3 in the morning.

First painting: Bild 2013-01-01 kl. 12.47Did this one in the dark with a single candle for lighting. I’ll scan this one when I make my Art Sunday post! :3

I just randomly rattled off things I could think of so you can to the same, because I tag eeeeverybody who read this! :D So do the same if you want to~

Only hours left of 2012!

I lazied of for a couple of days because writing things down on an iPhone was not ideal… (I hated it! I need buttons to press down). But yesterday my parents went out and bought a charger so the laptop works again *hallelujah choir*.

What I’ve wanted to share with you guys are a couple of things! One was that I ate passion fruit for the first time! Such a strange fruit and it taste almost nothing like the juice. Only a quick after-taste here and there.


Reading to put aside the thought of frog-eggs made just want to put it all aside, haha. But I mixed it with kiwi and banana so it was yummy. The actual fruit was sour and slippery, while the seed was bitter (but not overly so!).

20121231-103801.jpgI want to eat this fruit salad again… but none of these fruits are left! :’c

Now to the next thing:

I bought color B4 Extra to get the nasty red color out of my hair. The color didn’t come out as I wanted from the beginning and when it faded it just turned to an oxblood color! D: My hair felt really bad too, all stiff and greasy. Reading that my hair probably would turn all porous… I thought “fuck it, I’ll do this and then wait a while” which I’m doing >w<‘ I can’t afford buying anything to do with my hair anyway…

But it worked out great. I got back the color I had before the red, which was my bleached hair with faded brown on top of that. I think it’s my favorite color to have when I don’t have jet-black hair or something fun~

20121231-111814.jpgThe same day before the treatment.Bild 2012-12-31 kl. 11.40

And today!

My hair is super soft right now and it doesn’t look as tired so I’m satisfied.

Now to the final thing. Because we got the computer working I could finally redeem my 2 months of free movies and tv-series yesterday! But I’m doubting that it actually got redeemed because it says that it’s only valid for a month… so I’ve contacted the company and we’ll see!

It was quite a movie day yesterday! I watched Rio and Sanctum on the TV. Both were good, Rio in a fun, Pixlar way and Sanctum in a “Omg, it’s The Descent all over again but underwater and without monsters”-way… and I love The Descent!

Later my brother and I watched The Thing (2011), House of wax, Boogeyman and the first part I missed in Paranormal activity 3.

Right now I’m watching Hanna. Half way in and I’m really liking it.

I really need to wash my hair, haha. So I should do that now before grandma arrives.

I hope you’ll have a nice new year. I don’t know yet if it’ll be troubleless but I’m hoping.

See you in the new year!

// Nyancy

Pre-ordered the swedish Golden New Year Glossybox!

Forgot to mention that I preordered the Golden New Year Glossybox yesterday!

For you that don’t read swedish, this box includes 5 full-sized products from BM beauty, Kryolan, NYX, Model co and Nails inc to make you new year’s look! :D

Really, really exited! This is going to be the high-light every month from now on, haha!

The November box should arrive next week (but you never know about the post office… I’ve heard of people getting them late) but when it comes I’ll do an unboxing-video, that’ll be uploaded on Youtube!

I mixed up the day so no Revenge today (it’s tomorrow…) but fo’ reals, good night!

// Nyancy