Good evening!

Today we had our class photographed for the year and it’s the last time with my current class (a bit sad but we made it fun, I dressed up as a panda! Sadly I don’t have any pictures~ you’ll just have to wait ;D).

Tomorrow I only got one lesson (social studies) and then Lovisa and I will go to the big book fair in Gothenburg! I’ll bring my camera so pictures from there will pop up here :D

And I’ve got some news…


✭ Our computer is back (finally after more than a month pending) which means more updates!


✭ I forgot my 3DS’s SD-card in the library right after my last post. Everything on my 3DS is (hopefully temporarily) gone: “apps”, pictures, videos and downloaded games… I’m literarily praying to find it tomorrow, I don’t know what I’ll do without it! Q_Q

✭ When we got the computer back it was completely restored. Everything gone… all my music, pictures ect. I was totally broken down by this. 2012 hasn’t been a good year for memory related things.

Oh well, time to prepare for bed. Want to catch up to my internet reading of manga haha. Good night~

// Nyancy ❤