AC:NL Nintendo “Halloween” surprise!

Sorry for not blogging, I haven’t been in the mood even though I’ve gotten some things in the mail (all the season of Angel, Lollipop Chainsaw and Catherine)… pretty sure it’s because everything seems to break at the same time (my iPod, bed, computer and phone) :c Urgh. Let’s continue the post!

Today when I was ready to checked on my town, the first face I saw was Pete outside my house! And that usually meaaans: A LETTER FROM NINTENDO HAS ARRIVED!HNI_0062 HNI_0063“So… what is it?”, you’re asking, well this was what the letter said:

Dear Nyancy,
Not feeling so creepy this
year? You can still have fun
with your friends with some
ghoulishly good pumpkin pie!
Just don’t forget to save 
yourself a slice!
         From NintendooOoooOO

HNI_0065Yep, Pumpkin pie~

I think it’s a nice little October gift! Too bad it isn’t steaming (it would’ve been pretty cool) :3
// Nancy


After 2 AM update~

Finally home from work :’D (Aaah, so pleased)

At least getting two days pay at the end of next month~ Doesn’t feel great right now because I missed out on playing the day away with Pokemon Y…
But hey, kinda glad I didn’t. The feeling of ecstasy stays longer that way >wÖ

It’s crazy that we got the game a day before the release date, didn’t expect it at all!pokemon YHaven’t started it up yet. I might do it later but I don’t want to fall asleep in the middle of playing >w<‘

I picked up another thing yesterday! A package containiiiiiiiing:batman

The Dark knight triology Ultimate Collector’s Edition

I’m making an unboxing post tomorrow but I can tell you now, it’s an absolutely stunning set. I don’t previously own any of the movies (my brother got Batman begins for Christmas -06, so we have it here… still isn’t mine though c;) so it’s so worth the 600 SEK I payed for it.

I’m going to play some Catherine with my brother now. He has been nagging about it all day (even when I was at work). But first! *dun dun dun* … I have to vacuum my bedroom floor xD It’s filthy. Damn cat hair everywhere!

Good night~ I’ll be back after the sun has been up a few hours!
// Nancy

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

1379386_709340849095728_143720061_n-1Out on November 8th in Europe, exactly a month away folks!
Are you as stoked as I am? :D1376357_709340625762417_289432176_n1383566_709340639095749_2103856275_n 1379640_709340635762416_962280003_n

“After receiving a mysterious letter claiming that a living mummy has been discovered, Professor Layton and his team head to a city in the Arctic. There, the group find a girl encased in ice and, after releasing her from her icy prison, they embark together on a grand adventure in an airship that will take them to spectacular places as they solve the mysteries of ancient civilizations. Hershel Layton’s final adventure begins.”1374257_709340702429076_624611012_n 1385072_709340712429075_1736588404_n 1375265_709340722429074_1300991611_n

These pictures (among a few others) were uploaded today on Nintendo 3DS UK’s FB-page, see them all (here).

You can tell that the series is going out with a bang!

// Nancy


Animal Crossing: New Leaf DLC September!

It’s a new month and the beginning of Autumn. I’ve definitely seen some signs in-game anyway! The grass is lighter and the fruit trees too (don’t have any regular trees). Reality is another story though… it’s around 20-25°c and sunny outside :cHNI_0002Since I realized that it is September I went to the postoffice today to see if there’s something new to download this month… and there is!HNI_0003 HNI_0004So happy that they’ve been giving out new furniture every month so far! :D This vanity is really pretty and it fits perfectly in a room that is a bit chaotic right now but will be a gold room!

This is what the vanity looks like:HNI_0006The backHNI_0005The front.HNI_0007And from the side.

The vanity will be available throughout September!
If it’s to your liking or you want to sell it (you get 1090 Bells for it at Re-tail), go get it~ ^^
// Nancy

Pikmin3 in AC:NLs HHS

Got the Pikmin inspired house in my Happy Homes Showcase yesterday! It’s probably because the Pikmin3 game releases tomorrow ^^ I think that it is pretty cool so I’ll show it for you guys :3

Spaceship main room

HNI_0017 HNI_0018 HNI_0019 HNI_0020

Blue Pikmin room to the leftHNI_0021Red Pikmin room to the northHNI_0022Yellow Pikmin room to the rightHNI_0023Winged Pikmin room on the second floorHNI_0024Aaaand the Stone Pikmin room in the basment!HNI_0025

The furniture in all the rooms except the main room is stuff I own but I see some Lovely furniture that I will order tomorrow or the day after that since I will buy everything in the main room *urgh… my precious bells ;w;’*. The Cupid bench is so pretty too!

// Nancy

On my pre-order list!

Ahhhh… having a cozy Saturday? It’s been a really grey day and my mom tells me that it was non-stop thundering this morning! And the news are overflowing with rain disasters :c Since I don’t have anything to do and I got my salary yesterday I decided to look what I want to preorder :D And this is what I’ll get (and the bonuses)

1. Disney Infinity for Playstation 3

DisneyInfinityLargeI will get a Merlins Summon Power Disc Pack with the pre-order

2. Kingdom Hearts HD ReMIX 1.5 Limited Edition Kingdom-Hearts-HD-1-5-Remix-out-September-13-1098119As you can see on the picture, an artbook will be included!

3. Pokemon X & Ypokemon_boxartI pre-ordered both in a bundle c: I don’t know what the pre-order bonus will be but hopefully it’ll be similar to when SS/HG came out: figurines of Xerneas and Yveltal. In Japan you’ll get them if you have a special ticket from Corocoro. (source: Bulbanews) *Crossing my fingers*800px-CoroCoro_August_2013_p49-50

That’s that for now! There’s lots of releases that I’m looking forward to but I have to restrain myself…
With my next paycheck, I’ll buy my long anticipated PS3! I have so many games on my to-buy-list , I’ll have to get myself a “real” job soon >w<‘

Have a great weekend! //Nancy

Wow… really? (includes a mini AC:NL update)

I’M SO STUPID. I thought my package would come today but surprise, surprise: IT’S SUNDAY D:
I was so sure it was Monday since my brother told me to hush last night when I talked to Merielle via Skype.

“Right… parents are going to work tomorrow, better be a little more quiet”

Aaah… oh well, maybe I should come up with something to post~

Animal Crossing progress has been going smoothly ^^b I just realized I’ve gotten my first HHS visitor and he has some pretty cool stuff! I’ve also been on the island a few times. Gardening shop opened a few days ago and the Nookling Junction will be closed tomorrow for renovation which means that I will get Club101 in just a few days! I also got a Retro stereo from Genji today when I gave him a balloon table which means that I will be able to have music in my house *woho!*.
AC:NL life has been good~

tumblr_momk6xisW41qkjv68o1_500All the credit to the awesome tumblr who drew this~
(It’s your cutie secretary Isabelle on the day of the solar solstice, she gave you the “ladder shades” she’s wearing here)

Eating: Toast
Drinking: Ramlösa Citrus
Playing: Animal Crossing 
Listening to: Jet's album Get Born
Weather: Cloudy and grey
In-game weather: Same but with rain... WAIT. NOPE. I HAVE A 

// Nancy

The AC:NL experience so far.

It’s been a lot fun playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, both by myself and with other people! I haven’t been able to visit the towns of the people on my Friendlist, either it’s been full or they don’t have their gates open ;w;
I have visit Arashi, Omejikat and Yunie though.

HNI_0011 HNI_0015HNI_0019First day. Paid the down payment on my house and teached Genji a new catchfrase c:

HNI_0029 HNI_0032 HNI_0035 HNI_0037 HNI_0038HNI_0043
Second day. Visited Omejikat for the first time (we played music beautifully. Arashi laughed at my face when I got stung by bees two times. She visited my room. I had done my room all sky-y (with double rainbows, a ballon bed and ballon lamp) and I got my Pikmin. I won the bug-catching competition. And I hanged out at Arashi’s place.

HNI_0046 HNI_0053 HNI_0055Yesterday it rained, both in reality and in the game, Arashi & Omejikat visited at the same time. On the evening I went over to Yunie and got to see her awesome town (she’s done a lot in three days!). Club101 is so nice *dancing*!

HNI_0061 HNI_0062
Aaaand today I got my permit and payed off a campsite (with a little help from Arashi ♥). Tortimer also told me that I can visit the island tomorrow! :D

When I get new shops and flowers and fruit, everything will be so awesome! :D This game is super addicting because it’s so slow paced (if you don’t sell all your fruit and fish/pick up stuff from the beach all the time the first few days).

If you’re playing, give me your FC so we can visit each other! *w*b

// Nancy

What I’ve gotten in the mail the past week!

I’ve gotten everything I ordered… in the same week! :D I’m so happy~♥

First thing that arrived was Learn With Pokemon Typing Adventure (I had to pick it up though and that took me two days since I had to work)^^
Such a different game and a really fun way to pass time… getting all the medals and Pokémon in the courses is addicting!DSC_0160DSC_0161

[The fire skin ♡]

The next package that arrived was my ear stretching set from the seller Never86 on Amazon!DSC_0163Stainless steel tunnels from 1.6mm to 10mm (16g to 00g).DSC_0167Stainless steel tapers, also from 1.6mm to 10mm!DSC_0168They came like this, in ziplock bags!

The shipping was faster with more than a week but unfortunately I got three 1.6mm tunnels and just one 2.1mm tunnel so I have to contact him and see if he will do something about it… I hope he can just ship another 2.1mm tunnel but we’ll see, haha. (I have no idea how it works.)

DSC_0172Aww ;w; You see the little tree you planted at the major ceremony in the middle!DSC_0174Loving the DS stand you got with Pokemon Typing Adventure (you can also get it with Kid Icarus Uprising *don’t have that one though… yet*). I can browse through internet and run around with one hand at the same time haha! x’D Tommy at Nookling Junction and Reese at Re-Tail are so cute. My villagers are also freakin’ adorable!
I have to do a post on my Animal Crossing experience when I’ve settled in and such :3 Hope you’re looking forward to it as much as me!

That’s all people~ I have to sent a mail and continue playing now! I’ll see you tomorrow/later :DBild 2013-06-14 kl kopia(A+ in Photoshop… just sayin’ ;D)

// Nancy

What do you do when you’re feeling down?

Well, order games of course.

75084-forside pikachu2 _-Learn-With-Pokemon-Typing-Adventure-DS-_I might not be super fun but I’ve wanted it since I first saw it before the release soooo… I’ll get it sometime next week! ^^
(I’m so bad with 5th gen. and this might make me better)

I also preordered:animal_crossing_new_leaf_box_art_north_americaExiting!tumblr_mno6ovqb081sro76bo1_1280This is what it feels like though:tumblr_mnqu04ZJXX1qc24uvo1_500Can’t wait! I will probably get it after the release though Q_Q

// Nancy

Pokemon X & Y: Four New Pokemon + General Game News!

Happy Slakoth Sunday everyone! :3287_slakoth_by_hilson_o-d4il388
I have some awesomely exiting news to share with you!
The Japanese magazine Corocoro has been released and 4 new Pokemon and some cool details are out.
This is on the cover of the magazine:Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 09.16.38As you can see, there’s Mewtwo’s “awaked” form along with Pikachu, Ash and the four new Pokemon.
Right beside Ash’s head you can also see what seems to be the box art!

Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 09.16.21 To the right you have Gogoat (grass-type and 1.7 m/91.0 kg). On the picture below it you can see the male trainer riding it. It can learn the move Horn Leech.
The panda Pokemon is Yancham (fighting-type and 0.6 m/8.0 kg). It has a new move called Parting Remark which lowers the opponents stats and causes the user to switch out.
The robin Pokemon is Yayakoma (normal/flying-type and 0.3 m/1.7 kg). It announces itself with a beautiful voice and it can use the move Flame Charge.
The lizard Pokemon is Ellkiteru (electric/normal-type and 0.5 m/ 6.0 kg). It has a new move called Parabola Charge which heals the user while damaging opponents. It uses solar rays to generate electricity.

Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 09.16.30We’ve already seen how you will look in-game but now they also showed the art!
Maybe you’ve already noticed but I’ll give you a zoom on the coolest thing about the characters~ :DSkärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 09.16.52Yes… we will be able to customize the skin and hair color! *w*

Some extra information:

  • The new region will be called Karos and it appears to be based on France.
    Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 09.16.30
  • The “main” city is Miare City (the city where you can ride Gogoat).
  • The Pokédex:Skärmavbild 2013-05-12 kl. 09.16.21
The information is from and the admin’s friend Gin was the one who translated~

That’s all for now people! I’m getting super exited, how about you? *w*

// Nancy

Super Mario 3D Land has arrived!

Skärmavbild 2013-05-03 kl. 16.59.45I’m sick and it was sunny… so don’t mind the face!

Finally I own Super Mario 3D land~ I’ve been wanting this game before I actually got my Nintendo 3DS XL (you might remember *hahahaha… no. probably not* the post I made about it: here)!
I really like what they do design-wise for the Mario games! I remember thinking that the NSMB2 case was really cool because of the art on the inside of the cover (and you could see details through the squares)… turns out that they had done it for this game too~IMG_0823 IMG_0824It’s a bit different from the NSMB2 one but still!
The fact that there’s a close up of Mario’s face on the card is also really funny because it looked like he was looking at the instruction manual (that also has a close-up of his face on it)!IMG_0822

I took the opportunity to order both Super Mario 3DS Land and Luigi’s Mansion (2): Dark Moon on because it was the last day of their offer: all orders over 100 SEK will get 50 SEK off if you used a code!
I ordered them separately so I got a total off 100 SEK of them both which made them cheaper than if I would ordered them on Amazon~
I should get Luigi’s Mansion on Monday because I suspect that they couldn’t squeeze both the packages down the mailbox so they just pressed down one and took the other one with them…

I thought that I would list things I thought while playing first world!

  • The courses are simple but effective.
  • It’s freakin’ weird playing Super Mario in 3D (I’ve played galaxy but the controls are different so it isn’t the same thing).
  • The dandelion seeds that fly at you when you spin with the tanooki suit is a really cute detail!
  • I can’t do the canon ball on boxes… D:
  • I’m getting vertigo when they zoom out and show how high you’re going to jump >w< AND I’M NOT EVEN AFRAID OF HIGHTS IRL!
  • In regards to the above… if you’re not wearing a tanooki suit, you will jump. And die.
  • Bowser had a tanooki tail ♥
  • When you get ink on your screen because of ink spitting Piranha plants! :’3 So cool~
  • …Why do they have monoculars for you to see the goal when you will get there eventually? .__.’
  • I really suck at this game! >w< I miscalculate where the edge is all the time and I’m really slow because the    run button shouldn’t be Y but B!

That’s what I have to say! I’ll continue to play a few more courses until I need to sleep. ^^

I’ll see you tomorrow! // Nancy