Nintendo 3DS XL silicone case – Pokemon Yveltal

When I got my pay I decided that I’m finally going to get a new case for my 3DS. The first one I had broke a few months ago. It was a red flip n’ play and I had it almost as long as I’ve had my hand-held (which I bought on the 3DS XL release day). :c

I originally wanted to buy a Animal Crossing case but realized that they are all see-through so it wouldn’t look nice with my red 3DS as the background. The Yveltal case I laid my eyes on was perfect though! It’s also see-through and the details (Yveltal, name and framing) are in gold.

I ordered it from Ebay and the seller lifesize777. He is really nice, very polite and helpful! It took less than 24 h. after I had made my order before he had shipped it off. Ö_Öb IMG_1089

I got it on the 30th (5 days after making the order). Wrapped in bubble plastic and encased in newspaper.IMG_1090I got two stickers as a bonus! :D And while lifting out the newspaper from the bottom I noticed this little folded note:IMG_1091sBest seller EVER. I really do recommend him!

So what does the case look like? IMG_1103

Tadaa! It’s so pretty~ The case changes the color of the system slightly.
It also has a protective back-side but there’s nothing on it (and that’s why I didn’t bother taking a picture haha).IMG_1107I took off everything I had hanging and exchanged them for the things I have on the picture.

I’m so happy and now I don’t have to worry about my 3DS getting all scratched up anymore~
// Nancy


Valentine’s day update!

Hellooo there sugar coated candy hearts!

I hope you’re having a pleasant Valentine’s day! Mine haven’t gone according to plan but it’s aaaall good~

I took the bus and met up with Robin… he bought the shoes he wanted (and they turned out to be cheaper than he expected them to be!) and then I bought caviar manicure-esque candy pearls that I will put on Robin’s lips.

Bild 2013-02-14 kl. 18.10I know that it’s silly but this is way cheaper than actual manicure pearls, haha!

I thought that it would be too little time until the sun went down for me to do his makeup today so we’ll do it on Monday instead!

We took a bus to Robin’s apartment (so he could leave his shoes at home) and then took another bus to a busstop near me. I got off the bus but Robin stayed because his Valentine’s date lives a few busstops from there *hehehe*~

I picked up my package and walked back to the busstop. As stupid as I was, I didn’t realize that the bus stops at a different location than before… so instead of waiting 30 minutes for the next one, I took the bus to the supermarket and waited for my mother!

Pictures from the bus ride:DSC00386The sky was beautiful… unfortunately it doesn’t show with the camera on my phone! DSC00387Checked Streetpass and I’d met this purple hero~ DSC00388He helped me poison this stubborn ghost (haven’t met anyone with a yellow shirt lately so the shield hasn’t disappeared ,urgh)DSC00389Inside the package! I got a surprise~ A yummy box of Twister-gum! Now to the games I picked!:DSC00391First up, Professor Layton and Pandora’s box.
Not going to start playing this one before I’m done with curious village though!
Next is:
DSC00393Harvest moon DS, The Tale of Towns! :D As you can see it’s all wrapped in plastic! A.k.a it hasn’t been opened before (I bought these from Retrospelbutiken, which means that all the games are previously owned by someone)! I was really surprised~ DSC00394Pretty sky again and it doesn’t show… again. :c

I bought a new Festis flavor. To be honest, I chose it because of the beautiful bottle!url-3I took REMIX:B, it tastes like orange and papaya! The other one is apple, kiwi and cucumber… I want to try it but just not today~ The plastic was really weak and wobbly though!

The bottle art are made by Carolina Falkholt.

Last but not least, my valentine’s makeup!

Skärmavbild 2013-02-14 kl. 18.52.21
Skärmavbild 2013-02-14 kl. 12.03.34I went all pastel pink (and black glitter liner)! I feel like Sebastian Simon when he wears his St. Germain lipstick! o(≧▽≦)o Faaabulous~

I’m going to continue tweeting, play Streetpass quest (then start on Harvest Moon) and listen to The pretty reckless now! See you later (but probably tomorrow)!

// Nyancy


H-hiiii guys so it’s been a while. The reasons why I haven’t posted anything: too much things going on in school and the most crucial thing: no computer (we had to get it fixed for real this time).

I don’t have much time to write anything because I have an english test this afternoon but here comes some pictures from my morning!

These are taken with my 3DS XL, the quality isn’t great but in 3D it looks really pretty :3

Got to go study now! Until next time~ byeee!



I’m really exited for next week :D

Monday: I’ll be cleaning because I’ve postponed it for waaay to long. My room can now be compared to a battlefield without me exaggerating.

Tuesday: I’m actuallu hoping for sun because me and my friends are going to the sea :D Right now I’m a liiittle worried because it’s been grey all day and it’s raining right now… let’s hope for the best.

Oh and it’s also the 24th on Tuesday and you know what that meaaannss…

I was very sad to hear that James Holmes shot and killed/injured people inside the theater on the premiere in Colorado. But I’m not going to let one man destroy my exitment for the movie that I’ve been exited for monthes. Still my condolences to the victims loved ones.

Wednesday: I’ve ordered a Guns n’ Roses bag to my mother that will hopefully come on Wednesday. Free shipping and all ♡ I’ve told her but what she doesn’t know is that I also bought a cup to her :D It’s really awsome too so I thought: why not!

Okey so while looking up the pictures on the website I noticed that they have a 2 for 1 offer D: AND I DIDN’T NOTICED IT!!!! Now I’ve contacted them and either they will add another cup or I’ll cancel the order and reorder it. We’ll see tomorrow I hope ;_;

Thursday: Nothing special is happening I think but maybe I’ll make it special somehow! :D

Friday: That’s M-O-N-E-Y so sexy eyy *singing along to Lady Gaga’s Money honey”. P-p-payday~ Getting payed for two days -4 hours (because I was in school so I had to start later) so it’s not much buuuut…

Saturday: … enough to pay for my Nintendo 3DS XL! ♡ :3 And maybe a case + screen protectors. I refuse to use it before I get those two things! :c But the screens must be covered in plastic from the start right? so maybe I can test it out either way. °Ö∇Ö° Btw I read this post: Review: Nintendo 3DS XL and I think that his thoughts on the console are very nice! ^^ It’s strange that in the US everybody that get the console also gets a charger but not in Europe. I know that it’s because they protested so much but the reason Nintendo doesn’t include the charger from the start is because people buying probably have a console already. The problem though is that most people will do as me and trade their old console and with that their charger + stylus. I can’t find the logic in this. But I don’t have this problem because Gamestop (where I preordered it) hade the offer: preorder and you’ll get a charger. Poff, problem solved.

So *clears throat* this was Saturday noon (hopefully) and in the evening I’m going to Lollipop with miss Anon! It’s a party with K-pop, house and electro music being held at a club called Lust. Never been there before but I’ve wanted to go a long time, I just haven’t had the money but this time it’s free entery!

Sunday: I would say that this will be my recovery day…

Epic week right? :D

// Nyancy ❤

Great… absolutely awsome! D:

So I went to the piercing shop, only to find out that I have two large blood vessels in the middle and it isn’t worth the risk of hitting them. Great. :c

Oh well, I’ll just have to get the idea out of my head.

Before going to Tribe, me and mom ate at Subway. I hadn’t eaten there for more than a year and my mother hadn’t eaten there before! :D It was a nice change.

On other notes! I preordered my nintendo 3DS XL today ♡

And I became a Gamestop member. :3

THE CARD IS SO PRETTY (the colors and it sparkles in the light and the font is so…. me. lol >w<‘)!

Oh well, got to go now! Food awaits and my dad is yelling for me to come down ^_^’

// Nyancy ❤

So happy I could die.

Seriously I was depressed as fuck yesterday. But today I’m so happy I could die. Don’t know what’s happening… might it be the time of the month? Hope not :c

So I finally talked to my mother about my plan to pierce my tongue (my dad isn’t awake yet so he doesn’t know). She was totally fine with it even though she kind of cringed of the thought of doing it (she did the same when she saw that I had pierced my ears X’D “I’m too old for that” she said).

Telling my dad might ruin my mood but we’ll see.

I will also buy the Nintendo 3DS XL when it comes out! QwQ

I’ve thought of getting the regular 3DS for quite some time so hearing that this version is coming out soon. I took the chans of getting it instead!I will get the R E D one!

So tomorrow is the awsomest day in a long time.

I’ll be heading down town with my mother. When we get there I’ll preorder Nintendo 3DS XL @Gamestop. When I pick up the DS on the 28th of July I’ll be giving them my DSi so that I get it cheaper! ^_^ It’s great because why would I need two? ;3

After that my mother wants to buy a face cream but she doesn’t have any money so I’ll buy it for her haha. When we’ve done all this I have an appointment @ Tribe Bodypiercing :D My mother will come along but she doesn’t want to see it so I guess that she’ll wait outside. Totally fine with me!

I really can’t wait for tomorrow or the end of the month! ASKHBHFN JKJNIS ♥

Going to take a nap now =w= Woke up at 7 today… uhh. Oh yeah, might finish painting my nails lady blue before that! ;D

// Nyancy ❤