Nintendo 3DS XL silicone case – Pokemon Yveltal

When I got my pay I decided that I’m finally going to get a new case for my 3DS. The first one I had broke a few months ago. It was a red flip n’ play and I had it almost as long as I’ve had my hand-held (which I bought on the 3DS XL release day). :c

I originally wanted to buy a Animal Crossing case but realized that they are all see-through so it wouldn’t look nice with my red 3DS as the background. The Yveltal case I laid my eyes on was perfect though! It’s also see-through and the details (Yveltal, name and framing) are in gold.

I ordered it from Ebay and the seller lifesize777. He is really nice, very polite and helpful! It took less than 24 h. after I had made my order before he had shipped it off. Ö_Öb IMG_1089

I got it on the 30th (5 days after making the order). Wrapped in bubble plastic and encased in newspaper.IMG_1090I got two stickers as a bonus! :D And while lifting out the newspaper from the bottom I noticed this little folded note:IMG_1091sBest seller EVER. I really do recommend him!

So what does the case look like? IMG_1103

Tadaa! It’s so pretty~ The case changes the color of the system slightly.
It also has a protective back-side but there’s nothing on it (and that’s why I didn’t bother taking a picture haha).IMG_1107I took off everything I had hanging and exchanged them for the things I have on the picture.

I’m so happy and now I don’t have to worry about my 3DS getting all scratched up anymore~
// Nancy


A vampire slayer’s life and games in the mail~

Happy Caturdaay everyone! kittyMy lovely cat maxi dress from Asos :3

Picked up a package from and one from today.
From Electroworld I got my preordered Disney Infinity starter pack (didn’t get the preorder bonus and I’m going to ask why).
And Cdon had really good offers on games a few days ago. They had 20% off all games (preorders not included) and 3 for 2 on selected assortment!
I’ll show you what I got from there first:

IMG_0984The whole order!IMG_0985The Last Of Us (a really good bargain since I got it for cheaper than the cheapest price I’ve found) and Journey (+ Flow, Flower and the OST)IMG_0995Self explanatory >wÖ
IMG_0987 IMG_0993I got this Afterglow AP.2 wireless controller that’s see-through and it also has lights that you can have on all the time, off all the time or (what probably will be my favorite) have them light up when the controller vibrates!

The Last Of Us, Mario & Luigi: DT and the controller was on the 3 for 2 offer. I didn’t pay anything for the 400 SEK controller~ c:IMG_0999Last but not least I got aaaaall the seasons of my favorite series ever (cat not included) :D It was 50% off but still expensive… but I couldn’t not get it since it’s been forever since I saw it and I love it QwQ Physical copies is the way I like it haha.

And now to the Disney Infinity unboxing!IMG_1002The usual box you see everywhere =w=bIMG_1010The webcode card and the PS3-game.IMG_1006The Disney Infinity base and the random power disc.IMG_1012The DI playset piece in the front and the three starter figurines in the back.IMG_1013The Jack Sparrow Figure
IMG_1017The Sulley figureIMG_1015The Mr. Incredible figureIMG_1007I got Alice in Worderland (Tulgey forrest) power disc! ♥ I’m so happy because I’ll be able to run around Wonderland as I please :D kitteehAs an end to this Caturday, enjoy my Tora in the DI box right after I took the plastic “mold” out of it >w< So cute~

I’ll try to blog more often (fo’ reals) but because we only have one computer and my brother has started to play LOL which gives me little time with it. But it should get better now since he starts school again (freakin’ 10th grade aah!).

My brother comes home today so I’ll upload the DIY japanese candy I got last week! He has the pictures on his phone :’3
// Nancy

What I’ve gotten in the mail the past week!

I’ve gotten everything I ordered… in the same week! :D I’m so happy~♥

First thing that arrived was Learn With Pokemon Typing Adventure (I had to pick it up though and that took me two days since I had to work)^^
Such a different game and a really fun way to pass time… getting all the medals and Pokémon in the courses is addicting!DSC_0160DSC_0161

[The fire skin ♡]

The next package that arrived was my ear stretching set from the seller Never86 on Amazon!DSC_0163Stainless steel tunnels from 1.6mm to 10mm (16g to 00g).DSC_0167Stainless steel tapers, also from 1.6mm to 10mm!DSC_0168They came like this, in ziplock bags!

The shipping was faster with more than a week but unfortunately I got three 1.6mm tunnels and just one 2.1mm tunnel so I have to contact him and see if he will do something about it… I hope he can just ship another 2.1mm tunnel but we’ll see, haha. (I have no idea how it works.)

DSC_0172Aww ;w; You see the little tree you planted at the major ceremony in the middle!DSC_0174Loving the DS stand you got with Pokemon Typing Adventure (you can also get it with Kid Icarus Uprising *don’t have that one though… yet*). I can browse through internet and run around with one hand at the same time haha! x’D Tommy at Nookling Junction and Reese at Re-Tail are so cute. My villagers are also freakin’ adorable!
I have to do a post on my Animal Crossing experience when I’ve settled in and such :3 Hope you’re looking forward to it as much as me!

That’s all people~ I have to sent a mail and continue playing now! I’ll see you tomorrow/later :DBild 2013-06-14 kl kopia(A+ in Photoshop… just sayin’ ;D)

// Nancy

Valentine’s day update!

Hellooo there sugar coated candy hearts!

I hope you’re having a pleasant Valentine’s day! Mine haven’t gone according to plan but it’s aaaall good~

I took the bus and met up with Robin… he bought the shoes he wanted (and they turned out to be cheaper than he expected them to be!) and then I bought caviar manicure-esque candy pearls that I will put on Robin’s lips.

Bild 2013-02-14 kl. 18.10I know that it’s silly but this is way cheaper than actual manicure pearls, haha!

I thought that it would be too little time until the sun went down for me to do his makeup today so we’ll do it on Monday instead!

We took a bus to Robin’s apartment (so he could leave his shoes at home) and then took another bus to a busstop near me. I got off the bus but Robin stayed because his Valentine’s date lives a few busstops from there *hehehe*~

I picked up my package and walked back to the busstop. As stupid as I was, I didn’t realize that the bus stops at a different location than before… so instead of waiting 30 minutes for the next one, I took the bus to the supermarket and waited for my mother!

Pictures from the bus ride:DSC00386The sky was beautiful… unfortunately it doesn’t show with the camera on my phone! DSC00387Checked Streetpass and I’d met this purple hero~ DSC00388He helped me poison this stubborn ghost (haven’t met anyone with a yellow shirt lately so the shield hasn’t disappeared ,urgh)DSC00389Inside the package! I got a surprise~ A yummy box of Twister-gum! Now to the games I picked!:DSC00391First up, Professor Layton and Pandora’s box.
Not going to start playing this one before I’m done with curious village though!
Next is:
DSC00393Harvest moon DS, The Tale of Towns! :D As you can see it’s all wrapped in plastic! A.k.a it hasn’t been opened before (I bought these from Retrospelbutiken, which means that all the games are previously owned by someone)! I was really surprised~ DSC00394Pretty sky again and it doesn’t show… again. :c

I bought a new Festis flavor. To be honest, I chose it because of the beautiful bottle!url-3I took REMIX:B, it tastes like orange and papaya! The other one is apple, kiwi and cucumber… I want to try it but just not today~ The plastic was really weak and wobbly though!

The bottle art are made by Carolina Falkholt.

Last but not least, my valentine’s makeup!

Skärmavbild 2013-02-14 kl. 18.52.21
Skärmavbild 2013-02-14 kl. 12.03.34I went all pastel pink (and black glitter liner)! I feel like Sebastian Simon when he wears his St. Germain lipstick! o(≧▽≦)o Faaabulous~

I’m going to continue tweeting, play Streetpass quest (then start on Harvest Moon) and listen to The pretty reckless now! See you later (but probably tomorrow)!

// Nyancy

Professor Layton Package!

I’ve been wanting to play Professor Layton and the curious village for a really long time but since I couldn’t find it anywhere, I couldn’t. That changed when I turned 18 and discovered! DSC_0112The package was so small that the lady fetching it had to look in the computer twice! (it’s not that tiny though… a little smaller than A4) DSC_0113I really like this cover type the most~ (compared to the NA one)
DSC_0114The pretty menu~ The artwork is so pretty and antic!
DSC_0117“Ahoo hoo hoo” Silly Ramon~

DSC_0119Oh no, he didn’t! Doubting Professor is a no-no if Luke is near~

So far the game is great~ And the puzzles are so much fun!

I have to prepare for my party now but I’ll upload the pictures from it tomorrow! See you then~

// Nyancy

Happiness just smacked me in the face!

I just got a major feeling of euphoria… why? I just feel like this week will be wonderful! And it’s just Monday (I’m pretty sure this have not happened to me… ever)


  • It started with my Budget Beauty Blogger Swapper telling me that she has received her package. And she loves them both 
  • So now I’m really looking forward to receive my package!
  • Then I remembered that Glossybox will also arrive this week~
  • I’ve finally gotten the drive to continue on my final project. Done Robin today and I probably will do Lovisa too! (I’m doing makeup-looks inspired of flowers and nature)
  • I’m going to the cinema to see Django Unchained with dear friends tomorrow + buy a Hobbit menu.
  • Decided to be in a Pocky-contest! More information tomorrow or the day after~
  • Wednesday’s my birthday and I’m bringing chocolate cake to school. Marcus and Emilia will eat it with me! AND I HAVEN’T SEEN EMILIA IN FOREVER! QwQ
  • On Thursday I’m seeing Chess on Gothenburg’s Opera (never seen anything/been inside before) with the class!
  • I got the confirmation email that Professor Layton and the curious village has been dispatched today. Estimated date of arrival is February 6th… but I don’t believe that for a second~ I’m pretty sure I’ll get it this week.
  • And last but not least, I’m having a birthday party… á la children’s party. Yep, turning 19 and having a childishly awesome birthday party!

So yeah, I think that this is it. Sounds great doesn’t it?

893a82397daa8b34417032f9c7049505-382232535This GIF is so ugly, but it discribes me on the inside right now!

// Nyancy